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Sanitary Administration.

See Health, Public (Annual Report).

Sandwich Port :
1. Bill :

Sandwich Port and Haven :
Bill to provide for the conservancy, regulation, management and

improvement of the Port and Haven of Sandwich, and for purposes

connected therewith; 1924-5 (114) iv. 497.
Sama (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (190) iv. 551.
Same (amended on re-committal); 1924-5 (228) iv. 607.
Lords' amendments; 1924-5 (284) iv. 663.

II. Report of Committee :

Sandwich Port and Haven Bill:
Report of the Select Committee, with proceedings and evidence; 1924-5

(111) VIII. 677.

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Sedition :

Sedition and Blasphemous Teaching:
Bill to prevent the teaching of seditious and blasphemous doctrines and

methods to children; and for other purposes connected therewith;
1924-5 (41) IV. 667.

Seeds :
1. Bill :

Seeds Act (1920) Amendment:
Bill [passed, cap. 66] to amend the Seeds Act, 1920; 1924-5 (30) iv.

Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (215) iv. 675.

II. Report of Committee :

Seeds Act (1920) Amendment Bill :
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (138) VIII.


Select Committees. See House of Commons.

Separation Orders.

See Marriage

Sera. See Pharmacy. .

Sex Disqualification. See Women.

Sexual Offences :

Sexual Offences:
Report of the Departmental Committee on sexual offences against

young persons; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2561] xv. 905.

Shakespeare Memorial Theatre :

Application received on behalf of the Council of the Shakespeare

Memorial Theatre for the constitution of a body corporate under the
name of “ The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-
Avon," referred by His Majesty in Council for the consideration and
report of a Committee of the Privy Council, with a copy of the Draft
of the Charter applied for; 1924-5 (18) XXIII. 33.

Shale Industry :
Report on the costs of production and financial results in the Shale

Industry carried on by the undertakings associated with Scottish
Oils, Ltd.; 1924-5 (Cmd. 2538] xv. 891.

Shanghai. Child Labour in Shanghai. See China (Labour).

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Shipping :

Imperial Shipping Committee:
Second report on Canadian marine insurance rates; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2447]
XIII. 909.
Income Tax Profits. See Treaties (Denmark) (Finland)

(Norway) (Sweden).
See also Merchant Shipping. Trade.


Shops :

Small Shopkeepers:
Bill to restore the liberty of small shopkeepers and for the preventioli

of profiteering in the retail trade; 1924-5 (195) iv. 817.

Silver. Seignorage. See Finance (Accounts).

Singapore. Prostitution. See Hygiene, Social.

Sinking Funds. See National Debt.

Smoke :

Smoke Abatement:
Bill to amend the law relating to smoke nuisances, and for other pur-

poses connected therewith (not printed]; 1924-5 (265) 11. 843.
Bill to amend the law relating to smoke nuisances and noxious or

offensive gases, and for other purposes connected therewith; 1924-5
(276) III. 845.

Social Services. Expenditure.

Expenditure. See Revenue.

Soudan. See Egypt.

See Egypt. Treaties (Italy).

South Africa. See Africa, South.

Spirits. See Customs. Licensing. Revenue.

Stamps. See Finance. Post Office. Revenue.

Standing Committees. See House of Commons.

Standing Orders. See House of Commons.

Street Accidents. See Accidents.

Suez Canal. See Finance Accounts).

Sugar :
1. Bill :

British Sugar (Subsidy):
Bill (passed, cap. 12] to provide for the payment of a subsidy in

respect of sugar and molasses manufactured in Great Britain during
a period of ten years beginning on the first day of October, nine-
teen hundred and twenty-four, from beet grown in Great Britain,
and to charge a duty of excise on sugar and molasses manufactured
in Great Britain and Northern Ireland from beet grown in those

countries; 1924-5 (18) 1. 305.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (101) 1. 317.

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II. Report of Committee :

British Sugar (Subsidy) Bill :
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee B; 1924-5 (53) vii. 7.
III. Papers :

De Vecchis Process:
Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the De Vecchis beet sugar
process; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2343] ix. 623.

Subsidy Bill:
Memorandum the financial resolutions; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2296]

XXII. 797.
Balance sheets of Companies which manufactured, in Great Britain,

in 1924-25, sugar or molasses from home grown beet, 1924-5 (163)
XXII. 799.


Summer Time :
1. Bill :

Summer Time.
Bill [passed, cap. 64] to provide for the permanent adoption of

Summer time; 1924-5 (26) iv. 837.
II. Report of Committee :

Summer Time Bill :
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (70) vil. 777.
Superannuation. See Pensions.
Superphosphate. See Trade.
Supply. See Army. Civil Services. Finance, &c.

Supreme Court. See Courts of Law. Justice.
Sweden. See Treaties (Sweden).


Tanganyika. See Africa (E.) (Commission).
Taxation. See Customs. Finance. Local Taxation. Rates.


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Telegraphs and Telephones :
1. Bills :

Bill (passed, cap. 65] to provide for raising further money for the
purpose of the Telegraph Acts, 1863 to 1924; 1924-5 (241) v. 63.

Wireless Telegraphy:
Bill to re-enact and amend the law relating to wireless telegraphy, and

to make provision with respect to visual and sound signalling, and
the use of etheric waves for the transmission of energy; 1924-5 (20)
v. 607.

IT ireless Telegraphy (E.cplanation):
Bill [passed, cap. 67] to explain the meaning of transmission” and

“ rent or royalty where used in certain provisions of the Wire-

less Telegraphy Act, 1904; 1924-5 (199) v. 605.
II. Accounts and Papers :

Money Bill:
Memorandum ; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2473] XXIII. 623.

Commercial Accounts and certain returns relating to capital borrowings

for telegraph and telephone purposes for the year ended 31st March,

1924 (in continuation of No. 3 of 1924); 1924-5 (5) xvi. 321.
Accounts and Balance Sheets of the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone

services for the year ended 31st March, 1925, with the report of the
Comptroller and Auditor-General, 1924-5 (175) xvi. 359

Estimates. See Civil Services.

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Thames :

Thames Conservancy:
General Report and Accounts for 1924; 1924-5 (90) xv. 1025.

Theatrical Employers :
1. Bill :

Bill [passed, cap. 50] to provide for the registration of employers of

theatrical performers and for the purposes incidental thereto; 1924-5

(69) v. 65.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (147) v. 77.
Lords' amendments; 1924-5 (235) v. 85.
II. Report of Committee :

Registration Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (77) viII. 811.

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Tithe :
1. Bills :

Tithes :
Bill [passed, cap. 87] to amend the law relating to tithe rentcharge

and other rentcharges, rents and payments in lieu of tithe, and the
payment of rates thereon, and for other matters connected there-

with; 1924-5 (184) v. 101.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (252) v. 121.
Lords' amendments; 1924-5 (282) v. 143.

Tithe rentcharge collection :
Bill to apportion the tithe rentcharge on certain properties 1924-5 (281)

v. 147.

II. Report of Committee :

Tithe Bill :
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee B; 1924-5 (161)

VIII 821.

III. Paper :

Tithe Bill :
Memorandum on the financial resolution; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2446] XXIII. 643.

Tonnage. See Trade.

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