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Aden. Trade. See East India (Statistics).

Adjournment Motions. See House of Commons.

Administration of Estates. See Estates.

Admiralty. See Navy. Admiralty Court. See Courts of Law.

Adoption :
1. Bills

Adoption of Children:
Bill to make further provision for the adoption of children by suit-

.able persons; 1924-5 (29) 1. 127.
Similar Bill (No. 2); 1924-5 (148) 1. 129.

II. Reports of Commissioners :

Adoption of Children Committee:
First Report; 1924-5 [Omd. 2401] ix. 337.
Second Report (Draft Bill); 1924-5 [Cmd. 2469] ix. 349.

Adulteration of Food. See Health, Public (Annual Report).

Advances to Government.

See Bank of England.

Advertisements :

1. Bill :

Advertisements Regulation :
Bill (passed, cap. 52] intituled an Act to amend the law with respect

to the regulation of Advertisements; 1924-5 (130) 1. 137.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (205) 1. 143.

II. Report of Committee :

Advertisements Regulation Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (130) vi. 907.

Aeronautics. See Air.

Aethiopia. See Abyssinia.

Affiliation Orders. See Legitimacy.

Africa :

Report for 1924 on the importation of spirituous beverages in British

Colonies and Protectorates in Africa and the Import Duties levied
thereon; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2467] XXI. 35.

Education Policy:
Memorandum by the Advisory Committee on Native Education in the

British Tropical African Dependencies; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2374] xxi. 27.


East Africa Commission:
Report; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2387] ix. 855.

East Africa (Cotton):
Memorandum, by the Committee on Trade and Industry, on transport

development and cotton growing in East Africa; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2463]
XXI. 39.

E. Africa Boundaries. See Treaties (Bill) (Italy).

Agriculture :

1. Bills :

Agricultural Rates (Additional Grant) Continuance:
Bill (passed, cap. 10] to continue in force for one year the Agricul-

tural Rates Act, 1923, to continue for so long as the said Act
remains in force the charge on the Consolidated Fund of the addi-
tional annual grants payable thereunder, and to amend the said Act
in its application to the Isles of Scilly; 1924-5 (2) 1. 147.

Agricultural Returns:
Bill [passed, cap. 39] to facilitate the preparation of agricultural

statistics; 1924-5 (61) 1. 149.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (102) 1. 153.
Lords ams.; 1924-5 (183) 1. 157.

II. Reports of Committees :

Agricultural Rates (Grant) Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee A; 1924-5 (39) VI. 913.

Agricultural Returns Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee B; 1924-5 (54) vi. 917.

III. Papers :

Agricultural Rates (Grant) Bill:
Memorandum on the Financial resolution; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2298] XXII. 693.
Memorandum showing, as regards each spending Authority in England

and Wales, the amount of the grant paid in respect of 1923-24, and
the reduced assessable value at the commencement of that year of
the area for which the Authority acts, distinguishing the value of
agricultural land; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2290] XXII. 635.

Imported Produce. See Merchandise Marks.

Ministry of Agriculture. See Estimates (2nd Report).
See also Development. Fertilisers. Land. Seeds.

Agriculture (Scotland) :

Annual Report:
Thirteenth Report of the Board of Agriculture for Scotland, being for

1924; 1924–5 [Cmd. 2396] ix. 1.

Air :
1. Bills :

Cattewater Seaplane Station :
Bill to confirm an agreement between the Cattewater Commissioners

and the President of the Air Council in relation to the acquisition of
certain lands in the county of Devon, and for purposes in connec-

tion therewith; 1924-5 (192) 1. 159.
See also Harbours and Piers.

Croydon Aerodrome Extension:
Bill to authorise the President of the Air Council to stop up a portion

of a road known as “ Plough Lane" in the urban district of Bed-
dington and Wallington, in the county of Surrey, and in lieu thereof
to widen an existing road and to construct a new road within the said
district, and to acquire such land and carry out such works as may be
necessary for the purposes aforesaid, and for purposes connected with

the matters aforesaid; 1924-5 (90) 1. 171.
Same (amended by Select Committee); 1924-5 (143) 1. 177.

II. Reports of Committees :

Cattewater Seaplane Station Bill :
Report and proceedings of the Select Committee; 1924-5 (144) vi. 923.

Croydon Aerodrome Bill:
Report and proceedings of the Select Committee; 1924-5 (74) vi. 931.

III. Reports of Commissioners :

Report of the formal investigation of the accident to the aircraft

G-EBBX at Croydon on 24th December, 1924; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2351]
IX. 165,

Civil Aviation:
Annual Report on. Progress, 1924-25; 1924-25 [Cmd. 2489] ix. 97.

IV. Estimates :

Air Estimates:
Air Estimates for 1925-26; 1924-5 (25) xvII. 1.
Memorandum by the Secretary of State; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2348] xvII. 143.

For 1925-26; 1924-5 (151) XVII. 151.

Appropriation Account:
Appropriation Account for Air Services for the year ended 31st March,

1924, with the report of the Comptroller and Auditor-General; 1924-5
(50) xvII. 155.

Treasury Minute, 5th February, 1925, authorising the temporary

application of surpluses for the year 1923-24 to meet excesses for the
same year; 1924-5 (29) XVII. 261.


v. Papers :

Cattewater Station Bill:
Memorandum on financial clauses; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2432] xvII. 263.

Croydon Aerodrome Bill:
Memorandum on financial clauses; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2363] XVII. 265.

Air Force Annual Bill. See Army.
Parliamentary Candidature of Officers and Men. See Crown

See also Pensions (Naval and Military). Treaties (General).

[blocks in formation]

1. Bill :

Former Enemy Aliens :
Bill [passed, cap. 43] to repeal certain enactments imposing disa

abilities on former enemy aliens; 1924-5 (64) 1. 1091.

II. Report of Committee :

Former Enemy Aliens Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee A; 1924-5 (79) VII. 775..
III. Papers :

Quarterly Returns:
Return of aliens landed, embarked, and refused leave to land in the

United Kingdom during each quarter of 1924; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2410]
XXII. 737.

Statistics (1924):
Statistics regarding aliens who entered and left the United Kingdom

in 1924; 1924-5 [Cmd. 2407] XXII. 753.
See also Naturalisation. Police (Metropolis).

Allotments :

1. Bill :

Allotments Bill :
Bill (passed, cap. 61] to facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of

permanent allotments, and to make further provision for the

security of tenure of tenants of allotments; 1924-5 (27) 1. 183.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (189) 1. 193.
Lords ams.; 1924-5 (248) 1. 203.

II. Report of Committee :

Allotments Bill :
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (110) vi. 943.
Allotments (Scotland) :

Allotments (S.):
Bill to amend section eighteen of the Land Settlement (Scotland) Act,

1919; 1924-5 (159) 1. 205.

Aluminium Goods. See Trade.


Ancient Monuments.

See Historical Monuments.

Animals :

1. Bills :

Performing Animals (No. 2):
Bill (passed, cap. 38] to regulate the exhibition and training of per-

forming animals; 1924-5 (70) III. 593.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (107) III. 599.
Lords ams.; 1924-5 (187) III. 605.
Similar Bill [Not printed]; 1924-5 (56) III. 591.

Protection of Animahs:
Bill to extend the operation of the Protection of Animals Act, 1911,

in respect of animals kept in captivity or confinement and released

for the purpose of being hunted or coursed; 1924–5 (142) 11. 713.
Same (amended by Committee); 1924-5 (218) III. 717.

II. Reports of Committees :

Performing Animals (No. 2) Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (60) VIII.

Protection of Animals Bill:
Report and proceedings of Standing Committee C; 1924-5 (142) VIII.

See also Cattle. Vivisection.

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Arbitration and Conciliation :

International. See League of Nations. Treaties.
Trade Disputes. See Labour (Annual Report).

&c., and the subject of each dispute.

Trade Boards,

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