Collection of English Almanacs for the Years 1702-1835


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Seite 3 - Table from the Creation to the Present Time; a Monthly List of all the Fixed Fairs in England and Wales; and, a Table of the Coins of the Various Nations, and their Values in English Money.
Seite 20 - The Dimenfions of that Part of Great-Britain called England. THE Length of that Part of Great-Britain, called England, frem South to North, is.
Seite 5 - Gather fach Seeds as are ripe, as alfo Flowers, and dry them in the Shade, and then in the Sun. , • .' Forbear fuperfluous Drinking.
Seite 131 - Coachmen, and every Proprietor to pay the weekly Sum of 55 to the Receiver at the Office every Month.
Seite 11 - 3 7 34 7 36 7 37 7 39 7 4° 7 41 7 43 7 44 7 45 7 47 7 4...
Seite 107 - Simpfon, official to the archd. of Cant, and to the archd. of Rochefter Dr. Thomas Bever, official of the archdeacon of Oxford *Dr.
Seite 5 - * 5 20 former Year's Grafting. Cut and lay Quick Sets. Vines may be planted the Beginning of thi; Month, and Fruit that grows in Bunches.
Seite 3 - End of this is a Lift of all the Moveable Fairs, fixed to their proper Days for the Year 1774.
Seite 6 - Tropical Sign Capricorn, making the fhorteft Day to all the northern, and the longeft to all the fouthern Inhabitants of the World, Rider ; 1774?
Seite 6 - Morning, the Sun then entering the northern Tropical Sign Cancer, making the longeft Day to all the northern, and the Ihorteft to all the fouthern Parts of the World.

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