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his flesh, his blessed Son in great agony shed for

sinners. 1046. The sinner that thinks either his sins too great

to be forgiven, or that it is too late to mend, i.e. either despairs of God's grace, or his mercy, is

utterly lost indeed. 1047. God has plac'd truth and felicity in heaven,

consideration and repentance upon earth, but

misery and despair are the portions of hell. 1048. Acknowledge God's sovereignty, wisdom, just

ice, goodness, omniscience, holiness, and purity;

and take care of relapses. 1049.

In sickness continue to call upon God, hope for health, or heaven; believe God wise and just in sending you afflictions, confess your sins, accuse

yourself, and justify God. 1050. Be assiduous and fervent in prayer, for faith

and patience to resist and bear the sharp pains, disturbed fancies, great fears, natural weaknesses and imperfections, and all the temptations of Satan

in the hour of death. 1051. 'Tis presumption in any to think they can con

tinue in a holy course without a continual supply

of grace. Therefore, 1052. Pray still, and still be sorrowful for what you

have done amiss, and for ever watch against it, 1053


that your pardon may be at last perfected in the day of the Lord.

A true penitent must all the days of his life pray for pardon, and never think the work compleated till he dies.

1054. Set your house in order, and dispose of your estate, which God hath given you, if


have not done it before. That secular cares falling off, like Elijah's mantle, you may quietly fix your

mind on those things which are above. 1055 What you leave at your death, let it be with

out controversy, unless you intend the lawyers should be

your heirs. 1056. Die gerust will sterven, laat syn goed aen syn regte

He that will dye in peace leaves his estate to his right heirs. 1057 Account not your self a proprietor of the

temporals you enjoy, but a steward that must be accountable. Therefore bequeath no great matter

out of your family. 1058. 'Tis GOD MAKES Herrs, it becomes us TO SUBMIT

TO HIS DETERMINATION. 1059. The Spirit saith, Blessed are the dead that die

in the Lord, for they rest from their labour.


1060. In which Rest there is perfect TRANQUILITY ;

Tranqutlity, ContenTMENT; Contentment, Joy;
Joy, Variety; Variety, SECURITY; Security,

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Duels, 827.

Conscience, 163, 566, 925.
Contempt, 54, 880.
Contend, 734.
Contradi&tion, 200, 887.
Contrition, 996.
Controversy, 887.
Coveting, 336.
Covetousness, 329.
Crimes, 162.
Critic, 55: 62.
Curiosity, 725.
Custom, 528.

Eating, 583.
Ego-tisms, 151.
Enemies, 859.
Envy, 88, 94.
Erred, 811.
Eternity, 936, 1031.
Evening, 555.
Exercises, 8oo.
Expectations, 620.
Expences, 615.

Damnation, 1036.
Dancing, 792.
Danger, 964.
Death, 359, 906, 1018.
Debates, 754.
Debauches, 284.
Despair, 968, 977, 1040.
Detractor, 68.
Devil, 165.
Die, 907.
Disputes, 739, 823.
Divertisements, 784.
Domineering, 661.
Dotage, 1022.
Doubting, 1034.
Drawing, 799.
Dreams, 779.
Drinking, 492
Drunkard, 476.
Drunkenness, 491, 899.

Faith, 971, 972.
Fasting, 558.
Felicity, 538.
Finery, 579.
Flatter, 967.
Flatterer, 100, 541.
Foresight, 610.
Freedom, 642.
Friend, 834.
Fulness, 586, 952.
Fury, 828.
Future, 780.
Futurity, 567.

Gamester, 114.
Gaming, 119.
Gentleman, 189.
Glutton, 587.
Gluttony, 961.
God, 681.

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