Mr. Hervey's Contemplations on a Flower-garden: Done Into Blank Verse, (after the Manner of Dr. Young) by T. Newcomb, M.A.

J. Rivington and J. Fletcher, 1757 - 80 Seiten

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Seite 27 - Our tended plants, how blows the citron grove, What drops the myrrh, and what the balmy reed, How nature paints her colours, how the bee Sits on the bloom extracting liquid sweet.
Seite 70 - Its merits on the lilly's virgin robe ; The gay and gaudy colours, richly fpread In varied tints, augment the tulip's fame; See in what mix'd profufion, fplendid dyes, Her cups are beautify'd ; her glowing...
Seite 65 - With fome degree of caution were endow'd : If touch'd they tremble, take the firft alarm, Confcious of danger, while her fibres grow Contracted in a moment, and in dread Of violence, from your finger's touch withdraw* Shrinking her head precipitate, in fear Of feeling her pure innocence betray'd, f Th* fcufithrc plant. X Perhap...
Seite 70 - The reigning toaft, that pleafmgly adorn'd The fpring's delightful feafon with its bloom. A while it mines in all the glittering dyes That paint the rainbow's arch amidft a...
Seite 70 - Its beauteous plumage — but, alas ! how foon Are all its glories vanifh'd, each gay ftripe How quickly loft, and fplendid now no more, Each radiant beauty blended with the made.
Seite 5 - What bleffings does this bounteous planet pour 'On the glad heart of man, when rolling round His azure road he fcatters as he flies, To warm his raptur'd bofom, light, and joy.
Seite 71 - More fweetnefs from the odours it exhales. But ah ! this lovely darling of the fair Its balm and native beauties muft refign, Hanging how foon neglefted on its ftem, Or dropping its gay leaves upon the ground.
Seite 71 - Covet its clofe acquaintance where it blooms. How oft have I beheld th...
Seite 66 - Like a coy virgin, with a tim'rous care, To keep at diftance, far from freedom's fnares, Improper oft — too oft pernicious found.
Seite 72 - Each fcnfe with each delight, fhall then appear A ragged defert, a rude wafteful wild, A nurfery of weeds inftead of flowers.

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