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ART. I.-1. Reports of the Commissioners of Pentonville Prison.

1947 and 1848.

2. Second Report of the Surveyor-General on the

Construction of Prisons. 1847.

3. Fourteenth Report of the Prison Inspectors. 1849.

4. The precise present Character of Transportation.

By Ignotus. London : 1849.

5. Correspondence on the subject of Convict Disci-

pline and Conversation. Presented to both Houses

of Parliament, 5th May, 1848.

6. Further Correspondence on the subject of Convict

Discipline and Transportation ; in continuation of

Papers presented 16th February, 15th April, 14th

May, 1847, and 5th May, 1848. Presented to both

Houses of Parliament, February, 1849.

7. Prison Discipline, and the Advantages of the

Separate System of Imprisonment, with a detailed

Account of the Discipline now pursued in the new

County Gaol at Reading. By the Rer. J. Field,

Chaplain : London, 1848,

. 1

II.-1. Lectures on Shakspeare. By H. N. Hudson. 21

Edition. New York, 1848.

2. Macbeth de Shakespeare en 5 actes et en vers.

Par M. Emile Deschamps. Paris, 1848.

3. Shakspeare's Dramatic Art and its relation to

Calderon and Goethe. Translated from the German

of Herman Ulrici. Chapman Brothers, 1846.

4. An Inquiry into the Philosophy and Religion of

Shakspeare. By W. J. Birch, M. A. Mitchell,


5. Études sur le Seizième Siècle. Études sur l’An-

tiquité. Par Phil. Chasles. W. Jeffs, 1847.

6. History of Opinion on the Writings of Shaks-

peare. By Charles Knight. 1847.


III. — Histoire Philosophique du Règne de Louis XV. Par

le Comte de Tocqueville. Paris : 1847,



IV. - The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria. By George

Dennis. 2 vols. London : 1848,


V.-1. A Letter to the Right Honourable Henry Labou-

chere on the Balance of Trade, ascertained from

the Market Value of all Articles imported during

the last Four Years. By C. N. Newdegate, Esq.,

M. P.

2. Fruits of the System called Free-Trade, as shown

in Three Letters to the Operatives of the Manufac-

turing Districts of the United Kingdom. By a

London Merchant,.


VI. -Corpus Ignatianum: a Complete Collection of the

Ignatian Epistles, genuine, interpolated, and spurious;

together with numerous Extracts from them, as

quoted by Ecclesiastical Writers down to the Tenth

Century; in Syriac, Greek, and Latin ; an English

Translation of the Syriac Text, Copious Notes, and

Introduction. By William Cureton, M. A., F.R.S.

London : 1849. 8vo.


VII.-King Arthur. By Sir E. Bulwer Lytton. Second

Edition. 8vo. London: 1849,


VIII. - The Island of Sardinia, including Pictures of the

Manners and Customs of the Sardinians, and Notes

on the Antiquities and Modern Objects of Interest

in the Island. To which is added some Account

of the House of Savoy. By John Wallis Tyndale,

M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Three volumes, 8vo.

London : 1849,


IX.-1. The Cause of Hungary stated. By Count Ladis-

laus Teleki. Translated from the original French,

by William Browne. London : 1849.

2. De l'Intervention Russe. Par le Comte Ladislas

Teleki. Tre et 2nde Feuille. Paris : 1849.

3. De l’Esprit Publique en Hongrie, depuis la Revo-

lution Française. Par A. Degerando. Paris : 1848.

4. A Narrative of Events in Vienna, from Latour

to Windischgrätz. By Berthold Auerbach. Trans-

lated by John Edward Taylor ; with an Introduc-

tion and Appendix. London: 1849.

5. Ludwig Kossuth ; Dictator von Ungarn. Mann-

heim : 1849.

6. Der Krieg in Ungarn. Dargestellt von Oscar

Fódál. Mannheim : 1849, .

X. — The History of England from the Accession of James

the Second. By Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Vols. I. and II. Fourth Edition. London : 1849, 249

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Art. I.-1. Historic Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte.

Eighth edition, pp. 60. 8vo. London.

2. The Nemesis of Faith. By J. A. Froude, M. A.,

Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. 12mo. Lon-

don : pp. 227.

3. Popular Christianity, its Transition State and

Probable Development. By F. J. Foxton, B.A.;

formerly of Pembroke College, Oxford, and Per-

petual Curate of Stoke Prior and Docklow, Here-

fordshire. 12mo. London : pp. 226,


II.-1. Die Chemische Forschungen auf dem Gebiete der

Agricultur und Pflanzenphysiologie. Von Emil

Theodor Wolff. 8vo. pp. 549. Leipzig : 1847.

2. Précis Elémentaire de Chimie Agricole. Par le

Docteur F. Sacc, Professeur à la Faculté des

Sciences de Neufchatel (Suisse). 8vo. pp. 420.

Paris : 1848.

3. Mémoire sur les Terrains Ardennais et Rhénan de

l'Ardenne, du Rhin, du Brabant et du Condros.

Par André Dumont, Professeur de Géologie à

l'Université de Liège - Extrait du tome xx. et du

tome xxii. des Mémoires de l'Académie Royale de

Belgique. 4to. pp. 613.

4. Geological and Agricultural Survey of the State

of Rhode Island, made under a Resolve of Legisla-

ture in the Year 1839. _By Charles T. Jackson,

M.D. 8vo. pp. 312. Providence: 1840.

5. The present State of Agriculture in its Relations

to Chemistry and Geology. A Lecture delivered

before the Royal Agricultural Society, at the Meet-

ing in York. By Professor Johnston. From the

Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of Eng-

land, vol. ix. part 1. London : 1848.

6. Contributions to Scientific Agriculture. By James

F. W. Johnston, M. A., F.R.S.L. L. & E., F.G.S.,

&c. 8vo. pp. 231. London and Edinburgh: 1849.

7. On the Use of Lime in Agriculture. By James

F. W. Johnston, F.R.SS. L. & E. &c. &c. Fcap.

8vo. pp. 282. London and Edinburgh : 1849,


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