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Seite 9 - THE BOYDEN PREMIUM URIAH A. BOYDEN, ESQ., of Boston, Mass., has deposited with THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE the sum of one thousand dollars, to be awarded as a premium to "Any resident of North America who shall determine by experiment whether all rays of light,"1 and other physical rays, are or are not transmitted with the same velocity.
Seite 40 - Drs. Carl Hering, Charles F. Himes, Harry F. Keller, Henry Leffmann, Mr. FN Morton, Miss Peuckert, The Philadelphia Book Company, Messrs. LE Picolet, CW Pike, Mrs. Max Riebenack. The Committee is again indebted to Mr. Joseph A. Arnold, Editor and Chief of the Division of Publications, US Department of Agriculture, for copies of current publications of the Department. BINDING. The work done in the bindery was as follows : Bound Repaired Rebound Recent volumes of periodicals 476 Recent volumes of periodicals...
Seite 2 - Esq., to those workers in physical science or technology, without regard to country, whose efforts, in the opinion of the Institute, acting through its Committee on Science and the Arts, have done most to advance a knowledge of physical science or its applications.
Seite 41 - SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the president or, in his absence, of one of the vice-presidents...
Seite 50 - This medal is awarded for discovery or original research, adding to the sum of human knowledge, irrespective of commercial value ; leading and practical utilizations of discovery; and invention, methods or products embodying substantial elements of leadership in their respective classes, or unusual skill or perfection in workmanship.
Seite 49 - December 28th, 1924, a meeting for the purpose of organizing a linguistic society was held in the American Museum of Natural History, 77th Street and Central Park West, New York City...
Seite 51 - Fund permits, shall be awarded for meritorious work in science or the arts ; including papers relating to such subjects originally read before The Institute, and papers presented to The Institute and published in its Journal. In the event of an accumulation of the fund for medals beyond the sum of one hundred dollars, it...
Seite 116 - By-Laws passed in the year 1887: All Real and Personal Estate of the Institute which may hereafter be acquired by voluntary subscription or devise, bequest, donation, or in any way other than through its own earnings or by investment of its own funds, saving where the donors shall expressly provide to the contrary, shall be taken as acquired upon the condition that the same shall be vested in a Board of Trustees, who shallbe appointed in the manner hereinafter indicated.
Seite 3 - In the event of an accumulation of the fund for medals beyond the sum of one hundred dollars, it is competent for the Committee on Science and the Arts to offer from such surplus a money premium for some special work on any mechanical or scientific subject that is considered of sufficient importance, or for meritorious papers presented to the Insti'ute and published in its JOURNAL.
Seite 48 - Institute and expressing a willingness to further the same may become a member when proposed by a member in good standing and elected by the Board of Managers. Terms. — Resident members pay Fifteen Dollars each year. The payment of Two Hundred Dollars in any one year secures Life Membership, with exemption from annual dues. Stock. — Second-class stockholders pay an annual tax of Twelve Dollars per share, and the holder of one share is entitled by such payment to the privileges of membership....

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