1972 Highway Legislation: Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, Second Session

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1972 - 1050 Seiten
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Seite 428 - Treasury determines that the purchase of other interestbearing obligations of the United States, or of obligations guaranteed as to both principal and interest by the United States on original issue or at the market price, is not in the public interest.
Seite 426 - Treasury of the amounts referred to in paragraph (1) received in the Treasury. Proper adjustments shall be made in the amounts subsequently transferred to the extent prior estimates were in excess of or less than the amounts required to be transferred.
Seite 427 - Treasury to invest such portion of the trust fund as is not, in his judgment, required to meet current withdrawals. Such investments may be made only in interest-bearing obligations...
Seite 433 - Act of 1965 amounts as determined by him in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce equivalent to the taxes received, on or after January 1, 1965, under section 4041 (b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 with respect to special motor fuels used as fuel for the propulsion of motorboats and under section 4081 of such Code with respect to gasoline used as fuel in motorboats.
Seite 198 - The use of alcohol by drivers and pedestrians leads to some 25,000 deaths and a total of at least 800,000 crashes in the United States each year. Especially tragic is the fact that much of the loss in life, limb, and property damage involves completely innocent parties.
Seite 606 - With respect to the suggestion that the President has a constitutional power to decline to spend appropriated funds, we must conclude that existence of such a broad power is supported by neither reason nor precedent.
Seite 263 - Once again I would like to express my appreciation for being given the opportunity to appear before this subcommittee.
Seite 404 - ... organization." The above provision would be substituted for lines 10 through 23, page 3, of HR 2, 89th Congress. Incorporation of the above provision would make unnecessary and call for the deletion of section 511 (e) (2), found at lines 21 through 24, page 9, and lines 1 through 11, page 10, of HR2. Dr. SMITH. If there are any questions, we would be pleased to answer them. With your permission, may Mr. Stetler and Mr. Kelly respond to the questions? I don't pretend to have all the answers. They...
Seite 341 - ... department, discharge his responsibility relative to the plans, specifications, estimates, surveys, contract awards, design, inspection, and construction of all projects on the Federal-aid secondary system by his receiving and approving a certified statement by the State highway department setting forth that the plans, design, and construction for each such project are in accord with those standards and procedures which (1) were adopted by such State highway department, (2) were applicable to...
Seite 371 - System (ERGS) was a proximity-beacon type vehicle navigation system researched in the late 1960s by the US Bureau of Public Roads (now the Federal Highway Administration) as a means of controlig.

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