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(Lord President of the Council in Wales and Lord Warden of the Marches)


By Photo-lithography from the Original M58. of THOMAS DINELEY, in the possession of his Grace the Eighth

Duke of Beaufort.

With Preface by RICHARD W. BANKS, Esq.

The Edition is limited to 350 copies and 25 Large Paper copies (270 of which have been already taken at the

Subscription prices), and the remaining copies are now being issued.

Price £1 lls. 6d.

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London: BLADES, EAST & BLADES, 23, Abchurch-lane, E.C.
, .

ESTABLISHED 1851. nated Manuscripts-Fine Specimens of Bookbinding-Books BIRK BE OK B A N K. Printed on Vellum-Miniatures - Enamels-Ivories - Fine Old Sèvres,

Southampton-buildings, Ohancery-lane. Dresden, or English China-Old Wedgwood Plaques and Vases - THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repay. Majolica, Arms, Armour, and fine old Steelwork - Bronzes - Early able on demand, TWO per CENT. INTEREST on CURRENT Prints, Etchinge, Engravings, and Drawings. -Rev. J. C. JACKSON, ACCOUNTS, calculated on the minimum monthly balances, when 11, Angel-court, Throgmorton-street, E.C.

Dot drawn below 1001. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and Valuables: the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and

Coupons ; and the Purchase and Sale of Stocks, Shares, and An. of, translated into English Verse by the Rev. John Mawer, Quities. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued. The BIRK and Printed by Thomas Gent, at York, in 1736.- A Great-grandson of BECK ALMANAOK, with full particulars, post free op application. the Translator is very desirous of either borrowing or purchasing a

FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager. Copy of this work. -RICHARD INGLEMAN, East Bridgford, Notts.


begs to PROVIDE AGAINST THEM BY POLICY OF THE inform big numerous customers and the public generally

that RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, he has REMOVED from 55, Charing Cross, to new and extensive premises at 28 and 27, COCKSPUR-STREET, Twenty Doors Westward

64, CORNHILL, LONDON. from his former house. His Geographical and Mounting Departments,

Hon. EVELYN ASHLEY Chairman. formerly at 13 and 14, Long Acre, bave also been removed to the same address. Edward Stanford's stock includes all the Ordnance and


£248,000 Geological Survey Mape, for the sale of which he is the sole Official


£275,000 Agent in England and Wales. All communications should be addressed

COMPENSATION PAID for 126,000 ACCIDENTS £2,500,000 EDWARD STANFORD, 26 and 27, COCKSPUR-STREET, Charing Moderate Premiums, Favourable Conditions, New Concessions, Cross, London, S.W.

Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims.

West-end Office :-8, Grand Hotel Buildings, W.C. Advice given as to the best mode of

Head Office :--64, Cornhill, London, E.C. Publishing. Publishers' Estimates examined on behalf of Authors.

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. Transfer of Literary Property carefully conducted. Safe Opinions obtained. Twenty years' experience. Highest references. Consultation free.-1A, Paternoster-row, E.O.


AGENCY, 859, STRAND, removed from Catherine.street and Southampton-row. A Perfect Supply of Cuttings from the News papers, Periodicals. Magazines, and Reviews of the World guaranteed. YORK and GAME PIES ; also Authors supplied with Criticisms of their works, Statistics, &c. Files searched, and special information on all subjects.- Paris, Berlin, New York, and 359, Strand, London, W.O. Telephone 2662.


'URTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other Second-hand Booksellers, PURCHASE LIBRARIÉS, or smaller Col. lections of Books, in town or country, and give the utmost value in cash; also value for Probate. Experienced valuers promptly sent Removedo without troben expense to see a leitarie SPECIALTIES

for INVALIDS. and Arranged. Established 1816.

Caution.-Beware of Imitations. Sole AddressTelegraphio address, Bookmed, London. Code in use, Unicode. 11, LITTLE STANHOPE-STRERT, MAYPAIR, W. TYPE:WRITING: -Authors' MSS. of every de: HOLLOWAYSOINTMENT...Sores, wounds, scription Deatly and quickly COPIED (Reviews, Medical and

ulcerations, other diseases affecting the skin are other Essays, Lectures, Novels, Plays, &c.); Translations. Estimates

by this cooling and healing unguent. It has called forth the loudest free.-South London Type-writing Office, Oautley-avenue, Clapbam

praise from persons who have suffered for years from bad legs, abCommon, S.W.-J. WATSON, Manager.

scesses, and chronic ulcers, after every hope of cure has long passed

away. None but those who have experienced the soothing effect of ng FOREIGN POSTAGE - STAMPS.

this Ointment can form an idea of the comfort it bestows, by restrain. Collectors

ing inflammation and allaying pain. Whenever this Ointment has should write for our new ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST, gratis been once used it has established its own worth, and has again been 70 and post free. Selections of Rare or Cheap Stamps sent on approval at eagerly sought for, as the easiest and safest remedy for all ulcerous

lowest prices. Rare Stamps and Duplicates Bought or taken in Ex. complaints. In neuralgia, rheumatism, and gout the same appliosarachange.--WINCH BROTHERS, Colchester.

tion, properly used, gives wonderful relief. thg

BOOKEN BOUGHT:-Too Executors, Solicitors: &c




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8vo. 61.


Royal 8vo. 15s, per volume in cloth ; or in half-morocco, marbled edges, 20s,


Edited by LESLIE STEPHEN. Sixteen Volumes have been published, and a further Volume will be issued Quarterly until the completion of the work. Robert Elsmere. By Mrs. HumphrY WARD, Poems. By ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING. Author of Miss Bretherton,' &c. Eighteenth Edition. Crown 5 vols. Fourteenth Edition. With Portrait. Crown Syo. 308.

A Selection from the Poetry of Elizabeth Jess, By H. RIDER HAGGARD, Author of 'King

BARRETT BROWNING. First Series Crown 8vo. 38.6d. Solomon's Mines,' 'She: a History of Adventure,' &o. Crown Second Series. Crown 8vo. 3. 6d. 8vo. 28. 6d.

Aurora Leigh. By ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNThe Reign of Queen Victoria : a Survey of ING. With Portrait. Twenty-first Edition. Crown 8vo. 70. 6d.;

Fifty Years of Progress. Edited by T. HUMPHRY WARD. gilt edges, 88. 6d. 2 vols. 8vo. 328.

A Selection from the Poetical Works of A Collection of Letters of W. M. ROBERT BROWNING. First Series. Crown 8vo. 38. 6. Second THACKERAY, 1847-1855. With Portraits and Reproductions of

Series. Crown 8vo. 88, 8d. Letters and Drawings. Second Edition. Imperial 8vo. 129. 64.

The Gamekeeper at Home; or, Sketches of Life of Frank Buckland. By his Brother-in. Natural History, Rural Life, and Poaching. With 41 Illustrations. Jaw. GEORGE C. DOMPAS, Editor of 'Notes and Jottings from

Large crown 8vo. 108. 6d. Cheaper Edition, without Illustrations.

Crown 8vo. 58. Animal Life.' With a Portrait. Crown 8vo. 58.; gilt edges, 68. Notes and Jottings from Animal Life. The Story of Goethe's Life, By GHORGE

HENRY LEWES. Second Edition. Crown 850. cloth, 78. 6ch. ; By the late FRANK BUCKLAND. With Illustrations. Crown

or tree-cali, 148. 6d. 8vo. 58. ; gilt edges, 68.

By GEORGE HENRY The Life of Lord Lawrence. By R. Bos. The Life of Goethe,

LEWES. Third Edition, Revised according to the latest Docu. WORTH SMITH, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. ments. With Portrait. 8vo. 16. Sixth Edition. % vols. large crown 8vo. with 3 Portraits and % Mape, 2'8.

Shakespeare Commentaries, By Dr. G. G.

GERVINUS, Professor at Heidelberg. Translated by F. E. Life of Henry Fawcett. By LESLIE STEPHEN.

BUNNETT. With Preface by F.J. FORNIVALL. 8yo. 148. With 2 Steel Portraits. Fourth Edition. Large crown 8vo. 128, 6d.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. By Sir Hours in a Library. By LESLIE STEPHEN.

JAMES FITZJAMES STÉPHEN, K.C.S.I. Second Edition, First and Second Series. Crown 8vo. each 98.

with a New Preface. Demy 8vo. 148. A History of English Thought in the The Matthew Arnold Birthday Book.

EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. By LESLIE STEPHEN. Second Arranged by his Daughter, ELEANOR ARNOLD. Small 4to. Edition. 2 vols. demy 8vo. 168.

handsomely printed and bound in cloth, gilt edges, with Photo

graph, 108. 8d. The Science of Ethics: an Essay upon Ethical The Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quixote

Theory as Modified by the Doctrine of Evolution. By LESLIE
STEPHEN. Demy 8vo. 168.

of LA MANCHA. A Translation, with Introduction and Notes,

by JOHN ORMSBY. In 4 vols. 870. 21. 108. Renaissance in Italy. By JOHN ADDINGTON Life and Works of Charlotte, Emily, SYMONDS. Comprising: AGE of the DESPOTS. Second Edition.

and ANNIE BRONTE. Library Edition. In 7 vols. each con. Demy 8vo. 168. The REVIVAL of LEARNING. Second Edition.

taining 5 Illustrations, large crown 8vo. 58. each. Demy 8vo. 168. The FINE ARTS. Second Edition. Demy 8vo.

** Also the Popular Editon, in 7 vols. foap. 8vo. limp cloth, 9'. 6d. 168. ITALIAN LITERATURE. vols. demy 8vo. with Portrait, 328. The CATHOLIC REACTION. I vols. demy 8vo. 328.

Uniform Edition. Shakspere's Predecessors in the English Mrs Gaskell's Works.

In 7 vols. each containing 4 Illustrations, 88. 6d. escb, bund in DRAMA. By JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS. Demy sro. 168. cloth.

Also the Popular Edition, in 7 vols. foap. 8vo. limp c'oth, 29. 6d. Studies of the Greek Poets. By JOBN each.

ADDINGTON SYMONDS. Second Series. Scoond Edition. Leigh Hunt's Works. 7 vols. fcap. 8vo. limp Crown 8vo. 108. 6d.

cloth, 20. 6d. each. Sketches and Studies in Italy. By JOHN Sir Arthur Helps' Works. 3 vols. crown ADDINGTON SYMONDS. With a Frontispiece. Crown 8vo.

8vo. 78. ed. each. 109. 6d.

Miss Thackeray's Works. Uniform Edition Sketches in Italy and Greece, By JOHN

of Miss Thackeray's Works. Each Volume illustrated with a ADDINGTON SYMONDS. Second Edition. Orown 8vo. 98.

Vignette Title-Page. 10 Fols. large orowa 880. 63. each. Messrs. SMITH, ELDER & CO. will be happy to forward, post free on application, a CATALOGUE of their PUBLICATIONS, containing Lists of Works by W. M. THACKERAY, ROBERT BROWNING, Mrs. BROWNING. JOHN ADDINGTON SYNONDS, MATTHEW ARNOLD, AUGUSTUS J. C. HARE, LESLIE STEPHEN, Miss TH ACKERAY, Sir A. HELPS, G. H. LEWES, Mrs. GASKELL, the BRONIE SISTERS, the AUTHOR of 'MOLLY BAWN,' the AUTHOR of. JOHN HEKRING,' W. E. NORRIS, HAMILTON AIDE, ANTHONY TROLLOPE, WILKIE COLLINS, HOLME LEE, the AUTHOR of The GAMEKEEPER at HOME,' and other Popular Writers.

London : SMITH, ELDER & CO. 15, Waterloo place.


Printed by JOHN C. FRANOIS, Athenæum Press, Took's-court, Cursitor gtreet, Ohancery-lane, E.O.; and Published by the mid

JOHN O. FRANCIB, at No. 92, Took's-court, Cursitor-street, Chancery.lane, E.0.-Saturday, December 1, 1888

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320 superb Illustrations (some beautifully band-coloured), K EN

E NS S I N G T 0 0 N:*
By W. J. LOFTIE, B.A. F.S.A.,

Author of A History of London,' &c.

llustrated by W. LUKER, jun., from Original Drawings carefully finished on the spot and engraved in Paris,

£2 5s.

Since the publication of Faulkner's work in 1820, no history of Kensington pretending to accuracy or completeness has been produced. This sumptuous work contains full and descriptive accounts of the parish of Kensington and the adjoining Palace and Gardens, with the changes and improvements of the past half century or more ; notices of Kensing. ton celebrities and of the great national institutions which have sprung up at Kensington Gore and Brompton Park; and a fund of discursive matter of local and historical interest. In regard to the very numerous and absolutely faithful illustrations, two years have been spent by the artist in making for this work original drawings of old and modern Kensington. They include artistic exteriors and interiors; glimpses of Kensington Gardens ; the Palace in which the Queen was born; the park ; the people, streets, houses, churches, and ruins ; and pretty, quaint, and taking “bits ” of Kensington scenery. All the drawings have been engraved in Paris in the finest possible manner, and the paper on which they are printed has been specially manufactured of a quality to ensure the delicacy of the originals being fully retained.

For the curious, a few PROOF copies of 'KENSINGTON: Picturesque and Historical,' at Five Guineas, bound in full morocco, have painted in water colours on the front, under the gilt edges of the leaves, a couple of Kensington views, which, until the leaves are bent back at an angle, are invisible.

London : FIELD & TUER, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.

* "Mr. Loftie's new book, 'Kensington: Picturesque and Historical,' is to have a novel binding. Beyond the title in gold, the round bevel-edged cloth-covered boards are to be devoid of ornament except on the inner edge, which will have a 'roll' in gold of the same character that a good binder puts on morocco and russia."-Athenæum.

7th S. No. 164,


By far the most important publication relating to the University of Oxford."-Oxford Magazine. NOW READY (a continuation of À WOOD'S · FASTI OXONIENSES'), in Four Vols, super-royal 8vo, handsomely

bound in half-roan, gilt top, price Seven Guineas. Odd Volumes price Two Guineas.


JOSEPH FOSTER, Author of the British Peerage and Baronetage,

And many other Genealogical Works.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS, &c. "To genealogists themselves such a register can "It is a splendid piece of work, and I am daily need no commendation-giving as it does the grateful for it.”-F. MADAN, Bodleian Library. parentage, birthplace, and age at admission of I beg to express my admiration of the way in every Oxford man; it will be for them a priceless which the work has been performed.” possession. We can only hope that they will show

R. LODGE, Librarian, Brasenose College. their gratitude by extending a liberal support to its «• Alumni Oxonienses' is admirably done, well enterprising editor."-Athenæum.

printed, and suitably bound. Every success attend “A most valuable addition to our sources of the scheme.”—F, G. LEE, D.D. genealogical and biographical information...... “Its value seems immeasurable, and deserves the Clearly printed and well got up, its accuracy will approbation of all scholars. I trust the book may be taken for granted by all who know the character meet with all the success it merits." of Mr. Foster's earlier publications."-Sat. Rev.

SYDNEY L. LEE, Sub-Editor, Dictionary “ The genealogical value of a work of this kind

of National Biography.' is too obvious to need statement. We trust that “I consider it the most valuable book of reference Mr. Foster, whose unwearied and honest labour in I have."—VERE L. OLIVER. genealogy is well known, will receive a proper “I am very delighted with the book, and conamount of support.”—Spectator.

gratulate you on its production.”—CORMELL PRICE. "A boon to the nonplussed genealogist. A handy “It is a valuable book of reference, and should book of reference of perpetual use...... Everything be in every public library in addition to private is ready at hand, complete, concise, authentic." ones.”_R. S. ARNOLD.

Tablet. “ Allow me to endorse all the praises which To every member of either University, to every others have bestowed on this admirable work." genealogist, and to all engaged in historical or bio- SIR J. R. MOWBRAY, Bart., M.P., Oxford. graphical pursuits, the mere title of the work in- “ Shall always be glad to give it my highest volves its full recommendation, and tells how for- praise whenever an opportunity presents itself.” midable a labour Mr. Foster has undertaken....

ALFRED V. PATON. Mr. Foster's spirited efforts will win him grateful "I thank you very much for having brought out recognition, and we are anxious to give a task such a work so splendidly executed, and at so reasonable as he now undertakes all the publicity in our a price. The arrangement is lucid, the printing power.”—Notes and Queries.

good, and the binding in every way suitable. The “Upon the extraordinary value of this great un- fund of information you give is beyond all concepdertaking for biographical and genealogical pur- tion."—W. G. DIMOCK-FLETCHER. poses it is unnecessary to dwell."-Academy.

* By the publication of these transcripts Mr. “ The book arrived safely. Beautiful and inter. Foster is conferring a great boon on students of esting.”—THE BISHOP OF CHESTER.

recent academic history. However imperfect the “I wish to express my admiration of the manner biographical details and references he has added in which the book has been prepared and edited, may be, and however impossible it may be to keep and my appreciation of its great value and utility.” free from error book which comprehends so many

J. BELLAMY, Vice-Chancellor, &c. myriads of statements, if the book were (as it is “A magnificent book...... The · Alumni' will be not) no more than an alphabetical index of those of priceless service to all future workers at the who have matriculated at the University it would History of Oxford. We shall want the earlier be of inestimable value, and very unlikely to be transcripts badly as soon as the later ones are all ever superseded...... In helping him I felt I w out." - THE PROVOST OF QUEEN'S COLLEGE. helping all future students of the history of Os

“ The accuracy is greater than I am used to find ford."-See Prefatory Note by THE PROVOST OF in books of reference."

QUEEN'S COLLEGE, Oxford Historical Society M. H. GREEN, Trin. Coll. Oxford. Publications, vol. ix. p. xx.

Oxford : PARKER & CO. ; and 6, Southampton-street, Strand,


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words of Sir William Fraser, “I found myself in

a room, the remembrance of which will live so CONTENTS.-No 154.

long as the English language. It is 120 feet long, NOTES :- The Waterloo Ball, 441-Ballads of the West of 54 broad, and about 13 feet high ; the floor smooth England, 442–Robert Burton, 443– Battle of Agincourt enough to be danced on to-night.”

l Surnames, 444 - Verses on Fly-leal - Literary Parallel Kissing-Erratum-Egyptian Hierograms, 445–Walsingham Sir William tells us that this room answers preand the ' Arcana Aulica'—Epigram--Bleisho – Programme, cisely to the description given to him by the lady

who had been present at the ball; that it is immeQUERIES :-Cheese-making. Book of Martyrs, 446-Heraldic diately in the rear of the Duke of Richmond's - The Cross Roads '-"Nièce à la mode de Bretagne"“There's a difference I ween"-Klaus Groth's Lecture in house ; that it stands in the Rue de la Blanch. London-Thos. Dray-- Musical Taste in Birds-Workmen's isserie ; and that in 1815 it belonged to a coachEclogues-Amsterdam Bourse, 447–Bradford Family-Tennyson's J. 8. – Parkin-Liquid Gas –Archbishops of Yorkbuilder. We are further told that this room is Thomas Lawson — Infants never Laugh - Harvest Horn-capable of holding at least four hundred persons. Wyddelin - Mercury - Society of Kabbalists - Alope':

Shortly after the appearance of Sir William
Beans in Leap-year, 448 - Uncle-J. Hackman-Definition of
a Proverb-Judge Best-Biography-Authors Wanted, 449. Fraser's very straightforward and, to my mind,
REPLIES :- Stroud as a Place-name, 449 - The Printer's convincing letter, a lady wrote to the Times, and

Chapel, 450 — American Notes and Queries,' 451-A Forty- pointed out that 'N. & Q.,' 4th S. iii. 261, con-
first child-Lestock, 452 – Parchment Wills - Dictionary tained a note by MR. C. W. BINGHAM, which
Desiderata - English Grammars-Plague of London-Finnish
Folk-tales, 453-Milton-Chaucer's Balade of Gentilnesse' runs as follows:-
- Cromwell and Carlisle Cathedral—“ Bring" and " Take

“I had a recent opportunity of inquiring of a person,
-Leases for 999 Years, 454 -Cherries-Dr. A. Crombie-
Irish House of Commons --Tragedies concerning Mary Stuart than whom none was more likely to be informed, and
--Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock, 455 - Prices of Books - although he could not give me the number of the house,
Charles I.-Belgian Custom-Harleian Society, 456--Arms he appeared to me to identify it with that in the Rue
in Abbotsbury Church--Note in Rogers's Italy'-" In his des Cendres. He said it was in a small street near the
buttons "-Kinsmen-Dicey-Bir S. Connock, 457-Tweenie Jardin Botanique, and leading out of the Rue de la
---Cawsey-Author of Poem--Persian Peacock-Nonjurors- Blanchisserie; and added that the room in which the
Medicean Stars, 458.

ball was given was the gallery of a late coach-builder's NOTES ON BOOKS:-Nutt's Studies on the Holy Grail'- shop, thus rather destroying the illusion of "Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.'

The window'd niche of that high hall.” Notices to Correspondents, &c.

This lady further refers us to Major Cotton's

little book, 'A Voice from Waterloo, where, at Potes.

p. 13, we are told that the Duchess of Richmond's

house was No. 9, Rue des Cendres, Boulevard THE WATERLOO BALL.

Botanique, near the Porte de Cologne. Thus it On Aug. 25 there appeared in the Times a letter, will be seen that we are in possession of corroborwritten by Sir William Fraser, which is worthy of ative evidence, gathered from fields wide apart. attention. Sir_William tells us that, some time But, as might have been expected, grave objections before leaving England, he conversed with a lady were raised against Sir William Fraser's theory, who danced with his father at the Duchess of and, among others, Lord De Ros wrote to the Richmond's ball in June, 1815. From the de- Times to say that his mother, who was present at scriptions given by that lady, Sir William was the Waterloo Ball, assured him that the room in induced to search for the Duke of Richmond's which the ball took place was on the ground floor, house in the Rue de la Blanchisserie at Brussels. and that its size did not by any means correspond After considerable trouble the site of that house with the dimensions of the room which Sir William was found in the Rue des Cendres. It is now Fraser has discovered -a fact which, Lord De Ros covered by a large hospital, one of whose wings says, is further proved by a ground-plan of the formed part of the duke's house. After examining Duke of Richmond's house in the possession of the garden behind this wing in vain for traces of a Lady De Ros. ball-room, Sir William observed, above the wall I think that a moment's consideration will of the hospital, the roof of a high building, which minimize the value of that ground-plan as evihe was told is the brewery of the Rue de la Blanch- dence. Here is no question of the size of the isserie. Oo inquiry at the brewery the proprietor Duke of Richmond's rooms. The ball was held said that he knew nothing anent a ball-room, and in a room belonging to a coach-builder adjacent on being further questioned as to how this brewery to the family residence. All the ground-plans in came into his possession, said that his father had Brussels would not throw light beyond their own purchased it from a coach-builder of the name of immediate spheres. I take it that the coachVan Asch. Here, then, was a clue. “Had the builder lent his room ; that a covering was made coach-builder a depôt ?” inquired the visitor. to connect it with the Duke of Richmond's house ; “ Yes; a very large one. It is now my granary." and that, for one night only, the two edifices were Thereupon Sir William and the proprietor mounted practically joined. to the first floor of this granary, where, in the On Sept. 25 Dr. James Martin, of Woodview,

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