Tesio: In His Own Words

The Russell Meerdink Company Ltd., 2005 - 288 Seiten
Federico Tesio (1869-1954) is the most successful breeder of Thoroughbreds in the history of racing. The horses he bred at his Dormello Stud on the banks of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy continue to have a genetic impact on Thoroughbreds around the world.This new, faithful translation of Tesios 1947 work Puro-Sangue - Animale da Esperimento (The Pure Blood - An Animal of Experimentation) captures every idea and nuance of the original Italian text. In it, the reader will find this great breeders own views on genetics and the Thoroughbred as a hybrid, what he looks for in the first 64 ancestors of a horses pedigree, why heavily-raced horses rarely produce successful offspring, and more. He also shares his Law of Changeable Maximums and Law of Similar but not Identical.Federico Tesio has been the envy of racehorse breeders for generations. Now Tesio: In His Own Words can help unlock the secrets to his success.

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The Problem with Sex
The Racehorses Sight
The Sixth Sense
New Observations on the Transmission of Traits in Reproduction
Freedom from Atavism
Laudatores Temporis Acti In Praise of Times Past
The Law of Changeable Maxims
The Law of Similar But Not Identical
The Horses Intelligence
The Brain
The Brain and the Soul

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Seite 41 - Looking at our school system to learn how it worked that miracle, I must confess that I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer. There is nothing so unusual about our schools, nothing outstandingly democratic to distinguish them from schools in other countries.
Seite 5 - When those of my generation come to be asked by their grandchildren "Who was the greatest breeder, the outstanding sire, the best racehorse of your time ? " - the answer will probably be Tesio, Nearco and Ribot.
Seite 13 - It is clear they were the descendants of the mares sent to Henry VIII by the Duchess of Savoy and the Duke of Mantua.
Seite 22 - Thoroughbred born as a result of artificial insemination has ever succeeded in winning a classic, or...

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