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missaries of the convention deliv-
ered up by Dumouriez to Austria
iii. 102.

Angoumois, insurrection in, i. 209.

Anjou united to France, i. 46. Ceded
to Charles of Valois, brother of
king Philip the Fair, i. 68.

Anjou, duke of, his escape from Eng-
land, i. 88. Regency of, i. 93. In-
vades Naples ; death of, i. 94.

Anjou, duke of, set aside from the
command of the army, i. 248. Pro
claimed count and independent
sovereign of Flanders, i. 261. Death
of, ib.

Annates, or first year's revenues, for
bidden to be paid to the pope i. 111.
Conceded to the pope, i. 158.

Anne of Brittany, married by proxy
to Maximilian king of the Romans,
i. 135. Compelled to marry Charles
VIII. of France, ib. Marriage of,
with Louis XII. of France, i. 140.
Death of; description of her person;
her character, i. 150.

Anne of Austria, marriage of, with
Louis XIII. of France, ii. 18. Pub-
licly reproached by her husband
with having sought a second mar-
riage, ii. 3Q. Several of her com-
panions exiled, ii. 36. Assumes the
name and authority of regent,
55. Issues a declaration promising
to convoke the states-general, ii
77. Her attachment to Mazarin, ii
84. Death of; character of, ii. 90.

Annebaut, admiral d\ i. 195.

Antonio de Leyva, i. 168.

Antraigues, mademoiselle d\ i. 290.

Antraigues, count d', iii. 129.

Antwerp and Brussels surrender to
marshal Saxe, ii. 173.

Aquitaine subdued by the sons of
Clovis, i. 11. Restored to Edward
II. of England, i. 70.

Aretino, i. 190.

Aigenteau, d\ iii. 106.

Aragonese establish themselves in
Calabria, i. 66.

Aries, the city of, reduced by war,
i. 61.

Artes, bishop of, ii. 163.

Armagnac, count, a Gascon noble-
man, i. 99. Leads a little army of
his Gascon followers to Paris, i. 100.
Appointed constable; holds posses-
sion of Paris, ib. Made prisoner
and massacred by the populace,

Armagnac, count, grandson of the
former, assassination of, i. 122.

Arnall, Jordan, iii. 178.

Arnaud, ii. 92.

Arques, battle of, i. 274

Arras, treaty of i. 110, Its stipula-
tions, i. 129.

Artaveldt, i. 79. Death of, i. 81

Arthur of Brittany, i. 44.

Artois, count of, killed in the batth
of Mansourah, i. 59.

Artois, count d\ brother of Louis
XVI., ii. 216. Leader of the anti-
popular party, ii. 228. Takes upon
himself to direct the attack upon
the revolution, ii. 231. Flight of,
from France, ii. 233. Proclaimed
king, iii. 349.

Ascelin, bishop of Laon, forms a con-
spiracy against Charles of Lorraine,
aud his nephew delivers them over
to Hugh Capet, i. 26.

Assas, chevalier d\ death of, ii. 191.

Assemblee constituante, ii. 227. De
clares itself dissolved, ii. 248.

Astolphus yields up the territory
round Rome and the exarchate to
the pope, i. 16.

Augereau, general, iii. 131.

Augustus of Saxony, king of Poland,
death of, ii. 163.

Aumale, duke of, i. 217.

Auray, battle of, i. 89.

Austerlitz, battle of, iii. 198.

Austrasia, a division of the empire
of the Franks, adheres to the Ger-
man habits, language, &c. i. 7.

Auvergne, count d', confined perma-
nently in the Bastile, i. 293.

Babceuf, head of the club called the
Pantheon, iii. 103. Arrest of, 104.

Baden, prince of, lays siege to Ingold-
stadt, ii. 121.

Bailly, president of the constitutional
assembly, ii. 228. Refuses to depart
except by order of the assembly
alone, ii. 229. Chosen to preside
over the municipality as mayor of
Paris, in the place of Hesselles, ii.
233. Presents the keys of the city to
the king, ii. 234. Execution of, iii. 58.

Baird*, general, iii. 228.

Bajazet, i. 98.

Baldwin, count of Flanders, guardian
to Philip I. of France, i. 32. Elected
emperor of the East; taken pris-
oner by the Bulgarians, i. 52. Ap-
pears in Flanders; gives an ac-
count of his captivity and escape
from the Bulgarians; condemned as
a pretender, and hanged, ib.

Barbaroux, iii. 40.49.

Barbe-Marbois, iii. 101.

Barbescenas, admiral, i. 176 Trial
and condemnation of, ii. 140.

Barcelona bombarded by the French,
ii. 108. Surrenders to lord Peter
borough, ii. 126.

Barclay de Tolly, iii. 211.

Barnave, a young Protestant barris,
ter, ii. 242. Reconducts Louis XVI
and his family to Paris, ii. 247

Barentin, chancellor, ii. 225.

Barras, member of the executive di-
rectory, iii. 100. Restores the daugh-
ter of Louis XVI. to her family, in
exchange for the commissaries of
the convention delivered up by Du-
mouriez to Austria, iii. 102. Signs
his resignation, iii. 150.

Barrere, attempts to assassinate Hen-
ry IV. of France, i. 281.

Barrere, spokesman of the Plain, his
speech, iii. 24. Trial, iii. 85.

Barri, countess du, ii. 198. Retires
from court on the death of Louis
XV. ii. 203. Execution of, iii. 68.

Barthelemy succeeds Letourneur as
member of the executive directory,
iii. 128.

Basques, the, join the Saracens
against the Franks, i. 18.

Bassompierre, i. 294. Sent to the Bas-
tile, ii. 37.

Bavaria, the elector of, iii. 192. Rais-
ed to the rank of king, iii. 199.

Bayard, i. 147. Made prisoner by the
English in the battle of spurs, i. 149.
Repulses the imperialists before
Mezieres, i. 163. Death of, i. 167.

Beatrix, youngest daughter of Ray-
mond Berenger, marriage of, with
Charles count of Anjou, i. 56.

Beaufort, due de, ii. 55. Conspires
against cardinal Mazarin; arrest
of, ii. 57. Escapes from prison, ii

Beaugenci taken by the Huguenots,
i. 238.

Beaulieu, the Austrian general, iii

Beck, the Austrian general, follows
the prince de Conde; a combat en-
sues, in which Conde is victorious,
ii. 61.

Beda, the syndic of Sorbonnet i. 180.

Bedford, duke of, i. 106.

Beeren, battle of, iii. 266.

Bellarde, general, iii. 167.

Belleisle, marechale, ii. 167. Death of,
ii. 175.

Belvedere, general, iii. 228.

Berne, a German follower of the duke
of Guise, assassinates Coligny, i.

Benedict XI. elected pope; his death,
i. 72.

Beningsen, general, iii. 210.

Bergen-op-Zoom, siege of, iii. 175.

Bernadotte, iii. 79. Dispatched by the
directory of Paris with 30,000 troops
of the army of the Rhine to rein-
force Bonaparte, iii. 123. Quarrels
with the imperial court, iii. 137. Cre
ated prince of Ponte-Corvo, iii. 201
Dismissed from the command, iii
238. Elected crown prince of Swe
den. iii. 244


Berna /d, Samuel, n. 127.

Bernis, cardinal de, disgraced, ana
Choiseul chosen secretary of state
in his stead, ii. 189.

Berri, duke of, i. 118. Death of, i. 121.

Bertha, widow of the count of Blois,
marriage of, with Robert king of
France, i. 27-

Berthier, Alexander, ii. 212. The pope
dethroned, and the eternal city oc-
cupied by, iii. 138. Created a Ger-
man prince, iii. 200.

Bertrand de Goth, archbishop of Bour-
deaux, elevated to the popedom by
Philip the Fair, i. 72.

Bertrand, general, iii. 336.

Berwick, duke of, ii. 110. Commands
the armies of France and Spain, ii.
123. Crosses the Pyrenees, and re-
duces Fontarabia and Urgel, ii. 150.
His death, ii. 164.

Bessieres, marshal, death of, iii. 263.

Beurnonville, minister at war, iii. 37.

Beziers, viscount, i. 48.

Biez, mareschal du, i. 206.

Bignon, the French ambassador to
Prussia, iii. 176.

Billaud Varennes, accuses Robes-
pierre of being in league with the
Jacobins, iii. 72. Aspires to succeed
Robespierre, iii. 79. Trial of, iii. 86.

Biron, mareschal, i. 276. Left in com-
mand of the* siege of Rouen by
Henry IV. of Fiance, i. 278. Trea-
son of, i. 292. Intrigues with Spain;
and the whole body of the malcon-
tents betrayed by. Latin, his chief
counsellor and instigator, ib. Tried
before the parliament; condemned
and executed, i. 293.

Blake, general, iii. 226.

Blanche of Castile, mother of Louis
IX., assumes the regency, i. 54.
Makes peace with Languedoc, ib.
Her death, i. 60.

Blenheim, battle of, ii. 122.

Blucher, marshal, iii. 206.

Boileau, iii. 19.

Bois-dauphin, mareschal, ii. 22.

Boissy d'Anglas, iii. 84.

Boniface VIII. pope,i. 70. Death of, ib

Bonnivet, favorite of Francis I. of
France, i. 153. Intrusted with the
commar^ of the French army;
marches into the Milanese; wound-
ed in an engagement with the im
perialists, i. 166. His death, i. 170.

Bourdeaux surrenders to Charles VII
of France, i. 114.

Boscawen, admiral, ii. 190.

Bottot, secretary to Barras, iii. 149.

Boufflers, mareschal de, ii. 111.

Bouille, M. de, ii. 238.

Bouillon, due de, becomes hostile to
the court, ii. 14. Urges the parlia-
ment to moot, ii. 17. Accepts the
command of the army in Italy, ii.
49. Arrest of, ii. 50.

Boulogne, count of, i. 50.

Bourbon, dukede, deprived of the gov-
ernment of Guyenne, i. 118. Made
constable, i. 133.

Bourbon, Charles de, count de Mont-
pensier, marriage of, with Susanne
de Bourbon, i. 118. Made constable,
i 153. Driven by injustice to league
with the enemies of his country, i.
165. Disperses his suite, and flies
with a single attendant into the
dominions of Charle3 V. of Austria,
i. 166. Urges the emperor to invade
France, i. 167. Raises an army and
goes to the relief of Pavia, i. 168.
Accepts the command of the Italian
armies, i. 172. Degenerates into the
reckless and ferocious corsair, i. 174.
Marches against Rome, i. 175. His
death, ib.

Bourbon, Antoine de, duke de Ven-
dome, marriage of, with Jeanne
d'Albret, daughter and heiress of
the king of Navarre, i. 210.

Bourbon, Hector de, i. 170.

Bourbon, cardinal de, declared king
under the title of Charles X.; this
mock monarch made prisoner at
Tours, i. 273. Death of, i. 277.

Bourbon, duke de, displays his zeal
for orthodoxy, ii. J56. Appointed
prime minister, ib. Prepares an
edict for a new tax, called the fif-
tieth, ii. 157. Commanded by the
king to retire to Chantilly, ib.

Bousset, ii. 25.

Bouvines, battle of, i. 50.

Braddock attacks Fort Du Ciuesne on
the Ohio, defeated by the French
and Indians, ii. 183.

Brandenburg, the elector of, founder
of the Prussian monarchy, ii.""
Made king of Prussia, ii. 118.

Bran tome, i. 130.

Bretigny, a treaty concluded at, be-
tween France and England, i. 88.

Breteuil, count of, demands the for-
tress of Ivry of Henry I. of England,
i. 38.

Breteuil, baron de, ii. 231. Succeeds
Necker in the ministry, ib.

Breze, mare3chal de, sent as viceroy
to Barcelona by Louis XIII., ii. 4r

Briconnet, bishop of Meaux, i. 180.

Brienne, archbishop of Toulouse,
prime minister to Louis XVI., ii.
217. Administration of, ib. Exiles
the parliament to Troyes, ii. 218.
Retires from the ministry, ii. 220.

Brion, admiral de, i. 188. Death of, i.

Brissac, military governor of Paris, i.
281. Invested with the white sash
of the Bourbons, i. 282.

Brissot, ii. 253. Trial of, iii. 57. Exe
cution of, iii. 58.

Brittany, its independence, i.9. United
finally to the crown of France, ii. 196.

Brittany, duke of, i. 118. Death of, i.

Broglie, marechal de, ii. 164.

Bruges, capture of, ii. 173.

Brunswick, duke of, ii. 261. Issues a
manifesto, summoning the French
to return to their allegiance, iii. 10.
Lays siege to Longwy, and takes
it; invests Verdun with the same
success, iii. 11. Death of, iii. 206.

Brussels and Antwerp surrender to
marshal Saxe, ii. 173.

Buchan, earl of, arrives in France
with 5000 of his countrymen to aid
the dauphin, i. 106. Created con-
stable of France, ib. Death of, ib.

Buckingham, duke of, ii. 28. Death
of, ii. 31.

Budaeus, friend and counsellor of Fran-
cis L, i. 182.

Burchard, a renegade Swiss, envoy of
Austria, i. 112.

Burgot, iii. 48.

Burgoyne surrenders to the Ameri
cans, ii. 210.

Burgundians more civilized than the
Franks, i. 9. Possess the provinces
on the Rhone, from the lake of Ge
neva to the Mediterranean, i. 8.

Burgundian monarchs become Arians,
i. 10.

Burgundy, i. 8. Subdued by the sons
of Clovis, i. 11.

Burgundy, duke of, i. 93. Assassina-
tion of, i. 104.

Burgundy, Philip duke of, i. 104. Pro-
cures the release of the duke of Or-
leans from captivity, i. 111. His
death, i. 119.

Burgundy, duke of, grandson of Louis
XIV., death of, ii. 132.

Burgundy, duchess of, death of, ii. 132.

Burrard, Sir Harry, supersedes Sir
Arthur Wellesley in the command of
the British army in Spain, iii. 227.

Byng, admiral, ii. 184.

Cadiz taken by the English, i. 286.
Cadoudal, George, iii. 178. Arrest of,

iii. 179. Trial and execution of, iii

Calais, siege of, i. 83. Taken by the

Spaniards, i. 285.
Calas, a Protestant, condemned by the

parliament of Toulouse to be put to

the rack for the supposed murder of

his son, ii. 196.
Calonne placed at the head of the

treasury; summons an assembly of

the notables, ii. 216.
Calvin, his zeal and learning; ban

ished from Geneva; recalled* e9

tablishes a religion which bears his
name, i. 186.

Calvinism, progress of, in France,

$ambacere3, iii. 100. Chosen assist
ant consul, iii. 157. Made archchan
cellor, iii. 184. Created duke of
Parma, iii. 200.
)ambon, iii. 18.

Jambray, the famous league of, i. 146.
Peace of, i. 177.

Campo Formio, treaty of, iii. 134.

Cape La Hogue, a naval action fought
off, which decided the fate of the
Stuarts, ii. 108.

Capponi, a magistrate of Florence, i

Captal de Buch, a Gascon knight, i. 87.

Carloman dies, leaving his brother
Charles sole monarch of the Franks,
i. 15.

Carlos, don, ii. 159. Secured in the
succession of Tuscany and Parma,
ii. 160. Marches with a small army
of Spaniards against Naples, ii. 164.
Naples and Sicily transferred from
Austria to, ii. 165.

Carnot, iii. 37. Directs Jourdan to
muster with a strong division of
the army of the Moselle, to rein-
force the wing opposed to the allied
left on the Sambre and Meuse, iii.
78. Speaks boldly against raising
Napoleon to the sovereignty, iii. 298.

Caroline Bonaparte, marriage of, with
Murat, duke of Berg, iii. 201.

Carrier, pro-consul, iii. 80. Execution
of, iii. 84.

Carva, ii. 261.

Cassel, battle of, i. 78.

Castelnau, baron of, i. 232. Execution
of, i. 233.

Castiglione, battle of, iii. 116.

Castillon, siege of, i. 114.

Castlereagh, lord, iii. 170.

Castries, mareschal de, minister of ma-
rine, ii. 212.

Catalonia acknowledges Louis XIII.
for its sovereign, ii. 47.

Catherine de Medicis, marriage of,
with Henry duke of Orleans, son of
Francis I. of France, i. 182. Obtains
the crown of Poland for the duke of
Anjou, i. 255. Nominated regent,
i. 256. Her death and character, i.

Catherine Theot, a woman calling
herself the mother of God, iii. 70.
Taken up by the committee of pub-
lic safety, ib.

Catinat, ii. 107.

Caussin, father, ii. 45.

Cazotte, ii. 2G9.

Caesar conquers Gaul, i. 7.

Uaesat Borgia, son of pope Alexander
VI., i. 143 Arrest and escape of;

INDEX. 283

flies to Gonsalv-d; seat prisoner to
Spain, i. 145.

Cerisoles, battle of, i. 198.

Chabannes, marshal de, made prison-
er; slain in a quarrel between two
captains, who disputed the honor
of having taken him, i. 170.

Chalais, count de, ii. 29.

Chamillart, ii. 127.

Champagne riled by the coant3 of
Vermandois, i. 26. Invaded by the
Imperialists, i. 163. Civil war in,
i. 257.

Champ-de-Mars, i. 16.

Charlemagne, race of, established, i.
12. Encounters the Saxons, and
succeeds, i. 15. Passes the Alps;
routs the Lombards, i. 17. His love
of letters; directs his arms against
the Saracens; passes the Pyrenees;
dismantles the towns of Pampeluna
and Saragossa; compels the Arab
princes to swear fealty to him, i. 18.
Leads two expeditions against the
Saxons; overthrows their idol, ruins
his temple, and compels the people
to be baptized and swear fealty to
him, ib. Death of, i. 20.

Charleroi, capture of, by the French,
ii. 110.

Charles Martel, grandfather to Char-
lemagne, i. 11. Puts a final check
to the advances of the Saracens, i.

Charles the Great succeeds his father
Pepin, conjointly with his brother
Carloman, i. 15. Raises an army;
advances beyond the Loire, ib. Sub-
dues the southerns; takes their
chief prisoner; builds the castle of
Fronsac on the banks of the Dor-
dogne, ib. Summons his captains
to meet him at Geneva, i. 16. Visits
the ancient seat of empire; received
by pope Adrian; confines the gifts
of Pepin to the church, i. 17.

Charles the Bald, i. 21.

Charles the Simple, i. 22. Sends an
archbishop to offer Rollo an entire
province, ib.

Charles of Lorraine, i. 26. Death of,
i. 27.

Charles IV., third son of Philip the
Fair, i. 75. Death of, ib.

Charles V., called the Sage, i. 89. Re-
cognizes John de Montfort, duke
of Brittany; makes peace with the
king of Navarre, i. 90. Death of, i.

Charles VI. succeeds his father Charles
V., i. 93. Enters Paris as a conquer-
or, i. 96. Marriage of, with Isabella
princess of Bavaria, ib. Becomes
insane, ib. His death, i. 105

Charles VII. acknowledged by the
country south of thi- Loire; his char-

acter, i. 106. Defeats the English at
Beauje, ib. Crowned at Rheims, i.
110. Enters his capital in triumph,
i. 1J1. Popularity of. ib. Deprives
the Roman pontiff of the right of
appointing to benefices, ib. Estab-
lishes a regular and standing army,
i. 113. His death, i. 115.

Charles VIII., i. 131. Betrothed to
Margaret of Austria, i. 135. Invades
Italy, i. 136. Enters Lucca and Pisa,
i. 137. His triumphant entry into
Naples, i. 138. Returns to France,
i. 139. Death of, ib.

Charles IX. succeeds his brother
Francis, i. 235. Declared king by
the parliament at Rouen, i. 240.
His decision in favor of the Catho-
lics, ib. Holds a bed of justice, and
declares that the massacre of the
Protestants was by his orders, i
254. Death of, i. 256.

Charle3 V. of Spain, i. 160. Declared
emperor of Austria, ib. Engages in
an expedition against the infidels
on the coast of Africa, i. 183. In-
vades France, i. 188. Repulsed from
Marseilles and Aries, i. 189. De-
clared a vassal to the king of France
for the provinces of Flanders and
Artois, ib. Embarks for Spain,
i. 190. Sails for Barcelona; driven
upon-the coast of Provence; desires
an interview with the king of
France, i. 191. Obtains permission
to pass through France, i. 192.
Leads an expedition against Al-
giers, i. 195. Surprises Cambray, i.
197. Invests St. Dizief, i. 199. Con-
cludes a treaty with Francis I. of
Fiance at Crespy, i. 200. Besieges
Farnese and Parma, i. 212. Raises
the siege of Metz, i. 217. Makes
himself master of Terouanne and
Hesdin, ib. Resigns the crown of
Spain in favor of his son Philip,

Charles of Lorraine, i. 26.

Charles count of Anjou, i. 56. Mar-
ries Beatrix, daughter and heiress
of Raymond Berenger, and secures
to himself the county of Provence,
i. 57. Death of, i. 67.

Charles II. of Naples, son of Charles
of Anjou, cedes his county of Anjou
to Charles of Valois, i. 68.

Charles of Valois, i. 68.

Charles of Blois, i. 80. Death of, i

Charles the Bad, king of Navarre, i. 84.

Charles of Durazzo, i. 94.

Charles duke of Burgundy, i. 119. En-
ters Picardy, ravages" it, and de-
stroys the population; acquires the
name of Charles the Terrible, i. 122.
Obtains the duchy of Gueldres by
purchase, i. 123. Conquers Lor

raine, i. 124. Besieges Granson,
125. Defeated at Granson, leavins
to the conquerors the plunder of a
camp that rivalled that of Xerxes
in luxury and splendor, ib. His
death, i. 128.

Charles, the exiled king of England,
ii. 96.

Charles II. of Spain, death of, ii. 117.

Charles VI. of Austria secures the
succession to his daughter Maria
Theresa, by a law called the Prag-
matic, his death, ii. 166.

Charles, elector of Bavaria, aspires to
the imperial crown, ii. 167. Death
of, ii. 171.

Charles, archduke, iii. 114. Defeats
the French general Jourdan, ib.
Opposes war at the Austrian court,
iii. 192.

Charles IV. of Spain, iii. 221. Com-
pelled to sign his abdication, iii. 223.

Charlotte Corday, a young Norman
girl, iii. 54. Execution of, for the
murder of Marat, ib.

Charolois, count of, i. 117.

Chartres, due de, iii. 26.

Chatham, lord, iii. 238.

Chateaubriand, the edict of, against
heretics, i. 214.

Chateaubriand, M. de, iii. 189.

Chateau Cam bresis, the peace of, i.227.

Chateauroux, duchess of, ii. 170
Death of, ii. 171.

Chatillon, due de, ii. 69.

Chatillon, the congress of, iii. 270.

Chaucer, i. 47.

Chaumette, procureur of commune,
iii. 64. Execution of, iii. 66.

Chauvelin, the chancellor, ii. 165.

Chevreuse, madame de, ii. 30.

Childeric III., the last of the Merovin-
gians, dethroned by Pepin, i. 12.

Choiseul, due de, made secretary of
state, ii. 189. Seeks fresh support;
secures it by an alliance with Spain,
ii. 191. Takes the part of the legists;
allows them a complete triumph
over the clergy, ii. 194. Conquers
Corsica; provokes a war with Eng-
land, ii. 197. Ceases to be minister,
ii. 198. Exiled to his country-seat
at Chanteloupe, ii. 199.

Christianity introduced into Gaul by
the Romans, i. 7. Introduced among
the Franks, i. 10.

Christophe Beaumont, archbishop of
Paris, ii. 179. Persecutes the Jan-
senists, ib. Exiled to his country-
seat, by the order of the king, ii. 185.

Cinq-Mars, ii. 48. Execution of, for
attempting to assassinate cardinal
Richelieu, ii. 51.

Civilization, progress and results of,
in Fiance, during the reign of
Francis I, i. 1P6.

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