Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Band 1

Chetham Society., 1844

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Seite 94 - Rugg, governor of this fort, who is as famous for his generous and free entertainment of strangers, as for his great bottle nose, which is the largest I have seen. This is a dainty little fort, built towerwise upon the top of a little round hill, which is a rock; this planted with ordinance; below, on very top of the hill, a neat flagged and walled court before the door, where are two brass ordinance, the one brought from Cales, and three iron ordinance; one of them came also thence.
Seite 115 - The revenues belonging to this city are about ^1000 per annum. This town is built : two streets, which are built like a cross, in the middle of both which the .cross is placed, which looks four ways into four streets, though indeed they be but two straight streets — the one reaching from the church to the bridge, a mile long; the other, which crosseth that, is much shorter.
Seite 86 - England, to provide a ship of war for the King's service, and to send it, amply provided and fitted, by such a day to such a place ; and with that writ were sent to each sheriff instructions that, instead of a ship, he should levy upon his county such a sum of money, and return the same to the Treasurer of the Navy for his majesty's use...
Seite 102 - ... and the longest street I have seen, which begins at the palace, the gate whereof enters straight into the suburbs, and is placed at the lower end of the same. The suburbs make an handsome street ; and indeed the street, if the houses, which are very high, and substantially built of stone (some five, some six stories high), were not lined to the outside and faced with boards, it were the most stately and graceful street that ever I saw in my life ; but this face of boards, which is towards the...
Seite 122 - Hereunto we went, and there found no hall, only a dining-room or hall, a fair room, and almost as large as the whole pile, but very sluttishly kept, unswept, dishes, trenchers, and wooden cups thrown up and down, and the room very nasty and unsavoury.
Seite 115 - This is an archbishop's seat, an ancient university, one only college consisting of about one hundred and twenty students, wherein are four schools, one principal, four regents. There are about six or seven thousand communicants, and about twenty thousand persons in the town, which is famous for the church, which is fairest and stateliest in Scotland, for the tollboothe and bridge.
Seite 105 - ... come- into the house; yea, I never came to my own lodging in Edenborough, or went out, but I was constrained to hold my nose, or to use wormwood, or some such scented plant. Their pewter, I am confident, is never scoured ; they are afraid it should too much wear and consume thereby ; only sometimes, and that but seldom, they do slightly rub them over with a filthy dish-clout, dipped in most sluttish greasy water.
Seite 102 - English mile long, and is the best paved street with bowtheri stones (which are very great ones) that I have seen : the channels are very conveniently contrived on both sides the streets, so as there is none in the middle ; but it is the broadest, largest, and fairest pavement, and that entire, to go, ride, or drive upon. Here they usually walk in the middle of the street, which is a fair, spacious. and capacious walk.
Seite 111 - Scotland, anno Dom. 1635, but none here knew how to ring or make any use of them, until some came out of England for that purpose, who hath now instructed some Scotts in this art. In most of the eminent churches in this city, the king hath a stately seat placed on high, almost round about some pillar opposite to the pulpit.
Seite 35 - ... christened, and the bishop's name who did it ; and the story of this miracle, with the year and the day of the month mentioned, which is not yet 200 years ago ; and the story is this : That...

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