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in nine Volumes in large Octavo, complete. With his last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements, as they were delivered to the Editor a little before his Death: together with the Commentaries and Notes of Mr. Warburtor. Adorned with 24 Copper-Plates.

The same in nine Volumes in small octavo, complete, adorned with 24 Copper-Plates.

An ESSAY on MAN, by ALEXANDER POPE, Efq; enlarged and improved by the Au. thor, with Notes by W. Warburton, M. A. Price

Is. 6 d.

An ESSAY on MAN, and an Elay or Criticism, by ALEXANDER POPE, Efq; with Commentaries and Notes by W. Warburton, M. A. In Quarto. Price 35.

The DUNCIAD complete, in Four Books, according to Mr. POPE's laft Improvements. With feveral Additions now firft printed, and the Dissertations on the Poem and the Hero, and Notes Variorum. Published by Mr. Warburton. Price 2s,

The DUNCIAD complete, in Four Books. Published by Mr. Warburton. In Quarto. Price 4s.

Four ETHIC EPISTLES, by ALEXANDER POPE, Efq; I. Of the Knowledge and Characters

of Men. II. Of the Characters of Women. III, and IV. Of the Use of Riches. With the Commen. taries and Notes of W. Warburton, M. A. In Quarto.

Mr. POPE's Letters, in two vol. in Folio.
Mr. POPE's Letters, in two vol. in Quarto.

Mr. POPE's Translation of Homer's Odyffee, in five Volumes Quarto.

The fourth and fifth Volumes of Mr. POPE's Homer's Odyssee, in Quarto.

The Poetical Works of Mr. POPE, the second Volume in Folio.

Selecta Poemata Italorum qui Latinè fcripferunt. Accurante ALEXANDRO POPE, 2 vol. izmo. Price 6 s.

The PRINCIPLES of NATURAL and RE. VEALED RELIGION, occasionally opened and explained ; in a Course of Sermons preached before the Honourable Society of Lincolnos-Inn. In Two Volumes. By the Rev. Mr. Warburton, Preacher to the Society.

JULIAN ; or a Discourse concerning the Earthquake and Fiery Eruption, which defeated that Emperor's Attempt to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. The Second Edition, with Additions.

The Alliance between Church and State ; or, The Necessity and Equity of an established Religion, and

a Test Law demonstrated. In Three Books. The Third Edition, corrected and enlarged.

The Divine Legation of Moses demonstrated, in 3 vol. 8vo.

Remarks on several occasional Reflexions : In an. fwer to the Rev. Dr. Middleton, Dr. Pococke, the Master of the Charter-House, Dr. Grey, and others. Serving to explain and justify divers Passages in the Divine Legation, objected to by those learned Writers. Part I. Price 2 s. 6 d. Remarks on several occasional Reflexions. Part

In anfwer to the Rev. Doctors Stebbing and Sykes. Serving to explain and juftify the two Differtations in the Divine Legation, concerning the command to Abraham to offer up his Son, and the Na. fure of the Jewijls Theocracy, objected to by those learned Writers. Price 2 s. 6d,

Four Sermons on Occasion of the late unnatural Rebellion, Price 6 d. each.

An Apologetical Dedication to the Rev. Dr. Stebking, in answer to his Censure and Misrepresentati. ens of the Sermon preached on the Faft-Day, Dec.

} 18, 1745. Price 4 d.

A Commentary on Mr. Pope's Essay on Man. Pr. 2 s.


These written by W. WARBURTON, M. A.



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