Reception Theory

Routledge, 19.06.2013 - 208 Seiten
First published in 2002. Modes and categories inherited from the past no longer seem to fit the reality experienced by a new generation. ‘New Accents’ is intended as a positive response to the initiative offered by such a situation. Each volume in the series will seek to encourage rather than resist the process of change, to stretch rather than reinforce the boundaries that currently define literature and its academic study. Reception theory is a term that is likely to sound strange to speakers of English who have not encountered it previously. In the largest sense it is a reaction to social, intellectual, and literary developments in West Germany during the late 1960s.


1 The change in paradigm and its sociohistorical function
2 Influences and precursors
3 The major theorists
4 Alternative models and controversies
5 Problems and perspectives

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