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S. Ant. I think, it be, fir; I deny it not.
E. Ant. And you, fir, for this chain arrested me.
Ang. I think, I did, fir; I deny it not.
Adr. I fent you money, fir, to be your bail
By Dromio, but, I think, he brought it not.
E. Dro. No, none by me.

S. Ant. This purse of ducats I receiv'd from you,
And Dromio my man did bring them me:
I fee, we ftill did meet each other's man,
And I was ta'en for him, and he for me,
And thereupon these errors all arose.

E. Ant. Thefe ducats pawn I for my father here.
Duke. It shall not need, thy father hath his life.
Cour. Sir, I must have that diamond from you.

E. Ant. There, take it, and much thanks for my good cheer.

Abb. Renowned duke, vouchsafe to take the pains go with us into the abbey here,


And hear at large difcourfed all our fortunes:
And all that are affembled in this place,
That by this sympathized one day's error
Have fuffer'd wrong, go, keep us company,
And ye fhall have full fatisfaction.
Twenty five
years have I gone in travel

Of you, my fons, nor till this present hour
My heavy burthens are delivered:

The duke, my husband, and my children both,

And you the calendars of their nativity,

Gato a goffip's feast and go with me:
After fo long grief such felicity!

Duke. With all my heart I'll goffip at this feast.



Manent the two Antiph. and two Dromio's.

S. Dro. Master, shall I fetch your stuff from shipboard? E. Ant. Dromio, what ftuff of mine haft thou embark'd?

Iii 2

S. Dro.


S. Dro. Your goods that lay at hoft, fir, in the centaur. S. Ant. He speaks to me; I am your master, Dromio. Come, go with us; we'll look to that anon;

Embrace thy brother there, rejoice with him. [Exe. the two Antiph.
S. Dro. There is a fat friend at your master's house,
That kitchen'd me for you to-day at dinner:
She now shall be my fifter, not my wife.

E. Dro. Methinks, you are my glass, and not my brother:
I fee by you, I am a fweet-fac'd youth.
Will you walk in to see their goffiping?

S. Dro. Not I, fir; you're my elder.
E. Dro. That's a question:

it ?

How fhall I try

S. Dro. We'll draw cuts for the senior:

'Till then, lead thou first.

E. Dro. Nay, then thus


We came into the world like brother and brother:
And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another. [Exeunt.

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VILLE DE LYON Biblioth, du Palais des Arts

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