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The State of the Connexion, and How
to Improve it ... .

The Revival of God's Work Wanted

Our Missions: Their Claims Con-
sidered and Enforced . . .

Popish Fraud: the Automaton Jesus
—Relies at Aix-la-Chapelle .

An Account of the Life of Ariosto .

Sketch of a Short Visit to Eyam . .

Testimonies to the Holy Scriptures—
Forgiveness of Injuries—The Evils
of Bad Temper—Sabbath Desecra-
tion and Rum ....

Two Classes of Christians—A Happy

The Lord's Supper: Its Institution,
Nature, Design, and Manner of
Observance 181

A Few Editorial Remarks . . . 183

The Cross must Precede the Crown
—Foster's Views of Death—So
Preach that all may Understand
You—The Complamer Rebuked
and Saved 186

The Great Polar Ocean—Temper-
ance will bear Reflection . . . 217

Public Worship .... 234

Never Get Angry . . . . 235

Pitching Towards Sodom . . .236

Do we know How to Pray—Christ
is a Pearl 237

Selections from a Local Preacher's
Manuscripts.—No. VIII., Mental
Improvement ....

The Objective and the Subjective
Extremes—A Good Conscience is

Of the Title of Defender of the Faith
On Surnames, from Bigland's Obser-
vations Thereon ....
Errors of Great Men . . . .
A Mysterious Shield in the Day of

Battle 318

Reminiscences of a Death-bed, or the

Last Hours of an Old Friend . . 321
Resolutions of a Man of God . . 324
Thoughts on the Bible . . . . 326
He Destroys our Idols that he may
Save our Souls—Prayer is the

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Measure of Love—Admonitions
from Flowers .... 327

A Good Insurance . . . . 328

What is Wanted for the World's
Conversion? 365

Father Gavazzi's Letter to the Rev.
W. Rule, on the Inquisition . .

Look After the Children .

An Idea of a Christian—Genius can-
not give Happiness . . . .

(: I will Give Liberally" .

How to Grow Rich . . . .

A Wonderful Conversion .

Short Method with Arians—Work in
your Own Sphere—The Resurrec-
t ion of the Saints . . . .

Anniversaries of Various Religious
and Benevolent Associations

The Mind of Man —The Lord's
Prayer and the Arab—Christianity


Zion's Mourner; or, Rabbi Rehudah
Hallevi, and his Famous Eleg

The Registration of Places of <

Popery Against Christianity

Select Observations—Hot Summers
—The Upas Tree of the Isthmus .

A Holy Lite—On Listening to Evil
Report—The Female Capacity

Suggestions to Teachers —The Refor-
mation 433

Help your Ministers . . . . 536

Another Encouraging Lesson for the
Sabbath-school Teacher

Solemn Self - Questionings—I will
Begin To-day

Live for Something—The Glory of
this and the other World—The
Sinner's Prayer .

Woman—Friendship .

Hope—Five Facts .

True Method of Reform—Maxims
for Teachers 608

Qderies Aid Answers

On Withholding the Cup from the
Laity 277

On Christ Delivering up the Media-
torial Kingdom.—1 Cor. xv. 24-28 481

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Laying the Corner-stone of a New

Chapel at Bolton .... 85

Chester Chapel Case . . . . 88

Truro—Chapel Anniversary, Hunslet 89

Opening of a Day-school, Strange-

ways, Manchester — Preaching-

place Opened at Langley, Mac-

clesfield Circuit—Special Services

at Yarmouth—Presentation to Mr.

Shedden, Dudley Circuit . . 126

Christmas Tea Party and Presenta-

tion to the Revs. Messrs. Lynn,

Hallat, and Grundy, at Upper

Hanley 128

A Plea tor our Missions—The Case

of Chester Chapel . . . 130

Intelligence from the Nottingham

Circuit 188

Sheffield South Circuit: Opening of

New Chapel, Talbot-street, Park . 192

New Chapel at Hartley New Pit,

Blyth Circuit — Ashton Sunday

Schools 193

Altrincham—Tea-Party at Sunder-

land 194

A Fact for the Connexion . . 195

Our Ministry 238

Good News from the North . .239

An Extraordinary Instance of Chris-

tian Liberality—Out of Debt Once

More 240

Tea Meeting, Boston . . 243

Chapel Opening, Blyth Circuit—The

Irish Conference . . . . 244

Reduction of Chapel Debt, Hanley

Circuit 295

Reduction of Chapel Debt at Old-

bury 297

New Chapel at Newton, Alnwick

Circuit 298

Tea Meeting, Burslem. . . . 299

The Late Conference . , . 344

The State of the Connexion—Bolton

Bazaar 348

Attercliffe Bazaar . . . .349

Fence School Tea Meeting, Mac-

clesfield Circuit—Presentation to

the Rev. Thomas Clifton—Testi-

monial to the Rev. John and Mrs.

Poxon 351

The Approaching Special Services to

Promote a General Revival of

Religion—Laying of Foundation-

stone of Zion Chapel, Lees, Moss-

ley Circuit—Mr. Shuttleworth's

Address 381

Mansfield, Nottingham Circuit—Aln-
wick, Tea-party. . . . . 388

On Connexional Day-schools . . 389
Home Mission.—Opening of Bolton
Chapel . . . . . . 434

Bequest of Nineteen Guineas to
Malin-bridge Chapel, Sheffield
North—Letter to the Editor . 435
The State of the Connexion . . 488
The Canadian Conference . . . 489
Presentation to Joseph Love, Esq. . 491
Lectures and Lecturers . . . 492


Bristol Home Mission Station.—

Opening of Callow-hill Chapel. . 494

Our Opening at Birkenhead—Stock-

port Circuit.—Annual Tea Meet-

ing 495

The State of the Connexion—Our

Magazines.—A Question to the

Editor 541

A Plan for Extended Usefulness . 542

Chester Chapel .... 543

Re-opening of Bethesda Chapel, Li-

verpool—North Shields Circuit.—

Chapel Anniversary. . . . 544

Extracts from the Minutes of the

Methodist New Connexion Con-

ference of 1852 . . . .609

The Wesleyan Methodist Connexion
in America, and our own Denomi-

nation 616

The State of the Connexion . 617

Enlargement of the Magazine to

Fifty-six Pages . ... 617

Letter to the Editor on the Increased

Circulation of our Magazines . 618

Sunday-school Union, Manchester,

North and South Circuits . . 619

Sunday-school Union, Manchester

Circuits. First Annual Report,

read at Salem Chapel School-room,

Oct. 16th, 1862 . . . .619

A Parents' Tea-meeting at Pendle-

ton, Manchester Circuit . . . 622

Meeting of Adult Scholars . . 622

A Pastoral Address of the Ministers

in the Manchester District to the
Members and Friends of their

Churches 623

Preachers' Sons .... 627

"Christmas Offerings" . . . 628

Manuscript Prize Essays on Chris-

tian Benovolence .... 628

London Circuit 631

Dudley East Circuit . . . 632

To Ministers and Readers of the

Magazine 632

To the Editor 632

Odr. Missions:

Huddersfield: Missions Anniver-

sary 42

Missionary Services, Manchester

Circuit — Dewsbury Circuit—

Mission Anniversary, Birming-

ham 87

Missionary Services, Burslem Cir-

cuit 88

Missionary Services, Macclesfield
Circuit 128

Missionary Services, Stafford Cir-
cuit—Thorne Circuit . . 129

A Plea for our Missions . . . 130

Mission Anniversaries, Sunderland
— Rochdale Circuit — Ashton
Circuit 194

Leeds Circuit—Stalybridge . . 195

Missionary Anniversary, and Open-
ing of a New School, Hull Cir-
cuit 241

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The New Casket—The Elijah of South Africa .... 36

The Tried Christian — Popular Sketches of Celebrated Characters —Gospel Victories—A Familiar Introduction to the Science of Astronomy for the Use of Beginners —Green's Illustrated Almanack for 1852—A Portrait of the Eev. A. Kilham, tho First Methodist Reformer 37

A Practical Guide—Books Received 38

A Practical G uide for Retail Tradesmen and others to Book-keeping by Double Entry .... 82

Tho New Biblical Atlas and Scripture Gazetteer—Volcanoes—The Infant Class in the Sunday School — Woman's Trials — The Two Christmas Days—The Christian in Business 83

Bible Fruit for Little Children—All Things ore Ready—Memoir of William Gordon, M.D., F.L.S.— Books Received . . . .8-1

The City of Rome . . . . 139

Tho Religion for Mankind—Mormonism Seen Through its Owrn Gloss—Notes on the Scripturo Lessons for January, 1851—Lives of the Popes—Books Received . 140

Pictures of Life in Mexico . . 195

A Biblical and Theological Dictionary—The Itomish Hierarchy—The Head and Heart Enlisted Against Popery—James Watton the Steamengine •— The Ancient British Church—The Beauties of the Bible 1«JB

Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Negro Life in the Slave States of America . 203

A Comparative View of Popery and Scriptural Christianity—The Beauties of the Bible—The Gospel and the G reat Apostacy . . . . 291

The Palm Tribes ami their Varieties •—Tho Life and Times of Charlemagne—The Leisure Hour—The Messenger of Mercy . . . 295

Books Received 352

The Brand of Dominie . . . 389

The Revolt of Tartarus—Heroes of

the Bible—The Age andtheChurch
—An Appeal to tho Members of
the Wesleyan Methodist Associa-
tion 390

The Formation of Character—An
Idea of a Christian—The Sailor's
Prayer-book—Notes and Narra-
tives of a Six Years' Mission—Tho
Christian's Law of Life — Tho
Eastern Lily Gathered . . . 391

Truo Christianity, Pure Socialism—
Tho Straits of Pure Sociali-m—
The Anti-Socialist Warned of God
—Sabbath Lessons for a Year—
Books Received . . . . 392

A Book for the Seaside—Monthly
Volume: Wonders of Organic
Life—Monthly Series: Tyre, its
Rise, Glory, and Desolation—The
Children of the Bible—The Hebrew
Christian Magazine . . . $33

Pastoral Theology: The Theory of a
Gospel Ministry — Ecclesiastical
Manual; or Scriptural Church
Government Stated and Defended
—The Revival Manual—The Im-
mortality of the Soul—Uncle Tom's
Cabin; or, Negro Life in the Slave
States of America — Scripture
Teacher's Assistant . . . . 4S3

Fireside Harmony; or, Domestic
Recreation in Part Singing—Scrip-
turo Maps—Blind Alice—Rival
Claims; or, the Teachings of
Truth on Common Subjects—A
Form of Baptismal Self-Dedica-
tion to God—The Papal World-
Monthly Series: Dublin; a His-
torical Sketch of Ireland's Metro-
polis — Monthly Series: The
Jesuits; a Historical Sketch . 431

The Union JLarruonist—Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Negro Life in the Slave States of America—Bible Exercises; or, Scripture References for Schools and Families—Tho Principles and Duties of Congregationalists 485

The Spiritual Library.—The Religion of Good Sense—Wellington: tlu Story of his Life and his Battles,

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The Rev. John Hilton—Mrs. Hil

ditch, of Fenton . Jane Dickenson, of Hartley—John

Settle—Sarah Hand—Ann Elking

ton, of Pendleton—Wm. Fletcher,

of Adwalton . . . . . John Griffith, of Pmymyndd . Mrs. Ann Guantlcy, Manchester Mrs. Fanny Sadler . . . . Catherine Darby — Ann Fowler—

Richard Crewdson—MaryTurnock John Turner, Attereliffe, Sheffield


Mrs. Rhodes, Attereliffe, Sheffield


Thomas Chandler, Ripon Circuit
Mr. W. Makinson, of Manchester .
Ellen Griffiths—John Stephenson—

Margaret Ann Hall — William


Mary Peel—Joseph Peake . . .
Mr. Thomas Kirk, Nottingham
Mrs. Allbutt, of Hanley . . .

James Marks

Ellen Armitage

Mrs. Sarah Smith—Mr. James Daw

Rev. Gr. Wall

John Allen —, Thomas Rantoul —,

Sarah Lawton—George Mairns—

Ellen Broadbent Martha Mellor—Miranda Smith John Towlson .... Miss L. Joynes, of Nottingham . Mrs. Hawkins .... James Lancelot Iredale Eleanor Buttler Sarah Reeves—Elizabeth Adams—

Hannah Brooks—Harriet Rowley Ralph Malkin, Hanley Circuit Elijah Mountford Elizabeth Whey well, of Upper Han


Susan Langton

Jane Kay, Ashton Circuit .

Mrs. Collins, Broomhedge, Ireland—

John Whiteley
Frederick Bradford
Mary Shaw e . . .
Ann Rayner ....

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Mr. Montague Taylor, of Bilston, Stafford

Ellen Kelsall, of Warford . . .

Mrs. Messon, of Ossett

Mrs. Hannah Hancock . . .

John Baldwin

Mary Purshouso, Sheffield . . .

Mr. Joseph Tattcrson, of Stalybridge

Henry Johnson ....

Elizabeth Clarke

Mrs. Ann Butcher, London—Ann Hope—Alice Luckman—Thomas Ridley, of Wcstmoor .

Robert B. Clarke, of Hull . . .

John Hartley

Samuel Brown

Catherine Hawkins ....

Henry Bradburn, of Ecclos . . .

Hannah Brooks . .

John Noble—Mary Oldroyd—Sarah Warhurst

Mrs. Harriet Burnley, Batley .

Hephzibah Thorpe, Potter-hill, Sheffield (North)

Christopher Ovington, Newcastleupon-Tyne— Joseph Hague, of Astle—William Fowler, Liverpool

Mr. Robert Gilespie, North Shields .

James Hibbert ....

Joshua Taylor, Brighouse . . .

Matthew Clifford, Ripon—Ann Yewdall, Hunslet — G. Hopkinson, Shcepridge—George Lister, Batley—Mrs. Graham, North Shields

Mrs. Akroyd, Halifax—Jas. Dixon, Page Hall

Mr. Robert Winfield, of Ambcrston, Derby

Ann Bretton

Robert Thomson, of Stourbridge . .

Samuel Waddle ....

The Rev. W. Seaton—Mrs. Mary Bradley—Jane Duckworth—Margaret Lathbury—Joseph Orton— Mr. Arthur Lightfoot—Mrs. Sarah Ann Proctor ....

Wm. Boughey—Mrs. Wass—Elizabeth Junes

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Another Revolution in France— Earthquake—Five Hundred Persons Destroyed by a Water-spout

French Revolution ....

Cape Affairs—Loss of the "Amazon"

Wesleyan Movement in America for
Lay Delegation—Fire at Washing-
ton—Queen of Spain—Destructive

Austrian Despotism ....

American Movement for a Reform in the Methodist Episcopal Church by the Introduction of Lay Delegates to the Annual and General Conferences of the Body . . . 208

French News—Loss of the " Birken-
head" 255

Starvation of Seven Missionaries in
Tierra del Fuego . . . .

Wonderful, if True, Proposed Re-
storation of the Jews—The Caloric
Engine—Perpetual Motion—An-
other New Planet....

Lay Delegation Rejected by the
Episcopal Methodists of America .

A Ship Sunk by a Whale—Post



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office Letters—Statistics of Emigration—A Large Whale in the Irish Channel

The Wesleyan Conference — The Movement of the Moderates, or the Mediation Party

The Wesleyan Reform Delegate Meeting—The Wesleyan Association Conference—The Crystal Palace: Is it to be a Heathen Temple?

Perpetual Light—Conflagration at Montreal

New Eruption of Etna—Death of the Duke of Wellington—Ancient Wood—Remarkable Instance of Longevity—Free Libraries . .

Francesco and Rosa Madiai—Duke of Wellington ....

Louis Napoleon

The Duke of Wellington's Funeral

Louis Napoleon Emperor of France —Inundations — Death of Mr. Webster— Death of Rev. Hugh Bourne, Founder of the Primitive Methodist Connexion

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Canada ...... 153

Home Mission 165

Ireland 166

An Appeal by the Missionary Com

mittee to the Members and Friends

of the Methodist New Connexion . 497

Canada 553

Ireland 654

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