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HAVING published Twelve Tracts, which will form a volume, the Editors now pause, awaiting the judgment of the Public on the entire collection. They do not complain of want of support in the publication, although they cannot boast of as much success as, in their humble opinion, the value of the Tracts, especially at this period, warranted them in expecting. They have never looked to gain or even to remuneration for some labour and trouble, but they do not think that the Public can require them to suffer loss.

They confidently reckon that the sale of the volume now completed will enable them, at no distant time, to resume the monthly publication, for which, from their own resources and the kind contributions of their correspondents, they have ample materials. The resumption of the work will be duly announced. In the mean time, they will be happy to receive

materials for a second volume, together with any suggestions relating to the conduct of the work.

The battle of Religious and Christian Liberty (for the Liberty is two-fold) has yet to be fought, and the Editors feel some satisfaction, in prospect of the contest, from the reflection that they have endeavoured to strengthen and encourage the Friends of Freedom in the discharge of their high duty.

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