Report of Progress in the Cambria and Somerset District of the Bituminous Coal-fields of Western Pennsylvania


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Seite 291 - ... and thus complete vertical sections are difficult to obtain. The imperfections of the sections naturally strengthened the prevalent opinion of the non-continuity of the coal beds, and they were frequently regarded as sporadic and almost valueless as geological horizons. It is undoubtedly true that the normal condition of a Barren Measure coal bed is to be small, slaty, variable, and worthless for practical purposes. There seems -to be no doubt that at the time of the deposition of these rocks...
Seite iv - Fossil Botanist, Columbus, Ohio. EB HARDEN — In charge of Illustrations for the Reports, 1008 Clinton street, Philadelphia. CHARLES ALLEN — In charge of the Collection of Records of Railroad and other Levels, Harrisburg. FW FORHAN — Clerk in charge of the Distribution of Reports from therooms of the Board, 223 Market street, Harrisburg.
Seite 78 - At the outcrop at the mouth of the mine the bed shows 8' 6" thick, including clay partings. The coal is lowered down from the mine by an incline plane. This places it on to the Salisbury and Baltimore railroad, which has a short branch up the ravine to the mine. The daily shipment (September, 1876) is about 200 tons. A specimen of the coal forwarded to the Laboratory of the Survey in Harrisburg yielded on analysis (AS M'Creath.) r. "Water 1.385 Volatile matter 21.470 Fixed carbon 69.352 Sulphur .763...
Seite iv - SANDERS — Topographical Assistant in Blair, and Somerset. JJ STEVENSON — Geologist in charge of the Survey of Greene, Washington, Fayette and Westmoreland. IC WHITE — In charge of the Survey of Beaver, Lawrence, Mercer, <fec.
Seite 310 - Coal terrace ? Sandstone, thin bedded 45 0 Coal terrace ? No exposures for 150 0 Coal slates. Sandstone, massive 36 0 Olive shales 6 0 Dark blue shale 4 0 Sandstone, with balls of iron ore 25 0 Dark shale 3 0 Slates, with iron ore nodules 1 0 Coal D...
Seite iv - FREDERICK PRIME, Jr — Geologist in charge of the Survey of Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, and Lebanon. AP BERLIN — Topographical Assistant, surveying the Limestone Valley and Reading Mountains. JOHN H. DEWEES — Geologist in charge of the Survey of the Fossil Ore belts of the Juniata country. FRANKLIN PLATT— Geologist in charge of the Survey of Clearfield, Jefferson, Cambria, Somerset, Blair, &c., &c.
Seite 308 - Coal 0' 3" ) Thin black slates 13' O'r Coal.BedC? 0' 9' Fireclay 4' 0" Gray sandstone 13' 0" Wavy sandstone, gray 4' 0' Iron stained slates 6' 0' Coal.BedB 3' 6' Fireclay 3' 0" Gray slates and shales 21' 0" Massive black shales 15' 0" Gray sandstone 5' 0" Massive black slate 5' 0
Seite iii - WILSON, MD, Clearfield. Hon. DANIEL J. MORRELL, Johnstown. HENRY W. OLIVER, Pittsburg. SAMUEL Q. BROWN, Pleasantville. SECRETARY OF THE BOARD. JOHN B. PEARSE, Philadelphia. STATE GEOLOGIST. PETER LESLEY, Philadelphia.
Seite 23 - Sandstone ; from thence to the Serai Conglomerate the rocks are well known. The hiatus in the section does not amount to as much as 100 feet, for 500 feet of Barren Measures have been measured, and the group is here certainly not in excess, if at all, of its normal thickness of from 550 to 600 feet. The developments between Berlin and Pine Hill Church are . very complete. By their aid the several coal beds and limestone strata may be easily followed throughout this distance. The following compiled...
Seite 305 - A1 1 8 Slates 23 0 Sandstone, gray 4 0 Coal,bedA 4 0 Fire clay 5 0 Sandstone, massive, gray 20 0 Gray and brown shales 10 0 Sandstone, massive 16 0 Black slates 1 8 Coal bed 1 8 Fire-clay 5 6 Conglomerate, massive, drab 15 0 Ked shales and bog ore 10...

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