Folk-Tales of Bengal

Library of Alexandria, 01.01.2012 - 273 Seiten


I Lifes Secret
II Phakir Chand 
III The Indigent Brahman 
IV The Story of the Rakshasas 
V The Story of SwetBasanta 
VI The Evil Eye of Sani 
VII The Boy whom Seven Mothers Suckled 
Part II 
XII The GhostBrahman 
XIII The Man who wished to be Perfect 
XIV A Ghostly Wife 
XV The Story of a Brahmadaitya 
XVI The Story of a Hiraman 
XVII The Origin of Rubies 
XVIII The Matchmaking Jackal 

VIII The Story of Prince Sobur 
IX The Origin of Opium
X Strike but Hear 
XI The Adventures of Two Thieves and of their Sons Part I 
XIX The Boy with the Moon on his Forehead 
XX The Ghost who was Afraid of being Bagged 
XXI The Field of Bones 
XXII The Bald Wife 

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