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Days of the mmooth

Times of observation


Wind Weather 10 V. P.M. 78 Donegala, a small town in Penn

11 VII. A.M.74 Washington, in

XII. M. 84 Washington
V. P.M. 82 County, Penn-

sylvania. 12 VII. A.M.72 lame place.

XII. M. 84
V. P.M. 83

Thundershower in the

evening. " At this place I was so unfortunate as to break my Thermometer.- HARRIS.

} Brownsville.“




By WILLIAM CHANDLER, A.M. one of the Tutors

Times of observation


Times of observation


March, 1803


The greatest degree of cold was on the Thermometer

2d in the morning: the greatest degree of Highest Lowest Mean heat on the 26th P.M. Prevalent winds Morning. 65 63 44 from S. to W. A very little snow on the Noon. 73

58 9th. From the ift to 7th fair; on the 7th P.M. 75

63 and 8th much rain, and some thunder; Barometer

on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, and 27th A.M. 28,80/28,14/28,50 rain, much wind, and thunder. The reM. 28,82 28,1828,56 maining days sunshine and pleasant. P.M. 28,78128,33 28,55

Peach trees in bloom the latter end of

this month. April

The greatest degree of cold was on the Thermometerje 17th; the greatest degree of heat was on

the 29th. Prevalent winds from S. to Highest Lowest

N.W. Rain on the 4th, 15th, 20th, 22d, A.M.

70 32 55 23d, and 25th. The atmosphere was M. 78 50 69

very smoky a considerable part of the P.M. 82


70 remaining days. On the 17th, 18th, Barometer

and 19th were frosts which destroyed A.M. 28,79 28,21 28,57 the young fruit, and the principal part

M. 28,79 28,21 28,58 of the mast.
P.M. 28,79 28,43 28,57 Not much thunder this month.


The greatest degree of heat was on the

17th; the least on the 9th, when there A.M. 70 44


was frost. Rain on the ist, 4th, 5th, 6th, M. 82 58

73 7th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 22d, 24th, 25th, P.M.


75 and 26th; the other days were fair; but
Barometer few of them smoky.
A.M. 28,90 28,26|28,52 Not much thunder this month.

28,9128,26 28,52 P.M. 28,89|28,27/28,54

Times of observation

Highest Lowest


Times of observation



Greatest degree of heat on the 17th Highest Lowest Mean and 27th, least on the 6th. Rain on the A.M. 76 61 69 4th, 5th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, and 19th.

M. 83 78 The remainder of the month pleasant.
P.M. 87 72 83 No days smoky.

The meazles have prevailed this, and A.M. (28,80 28,33|28,54

the preceding months, with greater M.

28,81 28,3228,56 severity than had been known before. P.M. 28,77/28,29/28,54

In many instances they proved fatal.
[85] July

Thermometer The greatest degree of heat was on the
Highest Lowest

12th and 13th; the least on the 6th and

7th. The thermometer has stood at go A.M. 77

64 71

two or three times at between III. and M.

79 IV. P.M.

We had rain on the ad, 4th, P.M. 89


73 16th, 17th, and 24th. Barometer

For the two last months the prevalent A.M. 28,79 28,39/28,58/winds were from S.W. to W. We have

M. 28,80 28,35 28,59 very few winds from the east. Storms P.M. 28,78 28,34 28,57 are heard to roar in the mountains,fif

Note. The time of P.M. teen miles south of this place, for one or observation is a little past the more days before they come. greatest heat of the day.

Times of observation



“The bare title hardly conveys an idea of the interesting lore embraced in this admirably carried out study of the roads and their part in the development of the country.”Boston Globe.

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A series of monographs on the History of America as portrayed in the evo

lution of its highways of War, Commerce, and Social Expansion. Comprising the following volumes :

1-Paths of the Mound-Building Indians and Great Game Animals.
II—Indian Thoroughfares.
III—Washington's Road: The First Chapter of the Old French War.
IV-Braddock's Road.

V-The Old Glade (Forbes's) Road.
VI-Boone's Wilderness Road.
VII—Portage Paths: The Keys of the Continent.
VIII–Military Roads of the Mississippi Basin.
IX-Waterways of Westward Expansion.

X—The Cumberland Road.
XI, XII—Pioneer Roads of America, two volumes.
XIII, XIV—The Great American Canals, two volumes.

XV–The Future of Road-Making in America.

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- Professor WILLIAM M. SLOANE, Princeton University. “Mr. Hulbert has evidently mastered his subject, and has treated it very ably and enthusiastically. History is too frequently a mere collection of dry bones, but here we have a book which, when once begun, will be read eagerly to the end, so vividly does the author bring scenes and personages before us."— Current Literature.

“As in the prior volumes, the general effect is that of a most entertaining series. The charm of the style is evident.' - American Historical Review.

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-Tbe Dial.

“The most important project ever undertaken in the line of Philippine history in any language, above all the English."- New York Evening Post.

The Philippine Islands

1493-1898 Being the history of the Philippines from their discovery to the present time E XPLORATIONS by early Navigators, descriptions

of the Islands and their Peoples, their History, and records of the Catholic Missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial, and religious conditions of those Islands from their earliest relations with European Nations to the end of the nineteenth century.

Translated, and edited and annotated by E. H. Blair and J. A. ROBERTSON, with introduction and additional notes by E. G. BOURNE.

With Analytical Index and Illustrations. Limited edition, 55 volumes, large 8vo, cloth, uncut, gilt top. Price $4.00


net per

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“In addition to its value as accurate history, the work is full of interest and of suggestions of thrilling mediæval romance and adventure among strange scenes and wild people.Pbiladelpbia Telegrapb.

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