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In all the majesty of paunch, he tries :)
Studious of ease, and provident I place
My gladsome limbs, while in repeated round
Returns replenish'd the successive cup,
And the brisk fire conspires to genial joy.
Nor seldom to relieve the ling'ring hours
In innocent delight, amufive putt
On smooth joint-stool in emblematic play
The vain viciffitudes of fortune thews.
Nor reck’ning, name tremendous, me difturbs,
Nor, call'd-for, chills my breast with sudden fear,
While on the wonted door (expressive mark!)
The frequent penny stands describ'd to vie
In snowy characters, a graceful row.
Hail Ticking ! furest guardian of ciftress,
Beneath thy shelter pennyless I quasf
The cheering cup: tho' much the poet's friend
Ne'er yet attenipted in poetic strain,
Accept this humble tribute of my praise.
Nor proctor thrice with vocal heel alarms
Our joys secure, nor deigns the lowly roof
Of pot-house fnug to visit: wiser he
The splendid tavern haunts, or coffee-house
Of James or Juggins, where the grateful breath
Of mild tobacco ne'er diffus'd its balm;
But the lewd spendthrift, falsely deem'd polite,
While fteams around the fragrant Indian bowl
Oft damns the vulgar sons of humbler Ale:



In vain the proctor's voice alarms their joy ;
Just fate of wanton pride, and vain excess !

Nor less by day delightful is thy draught,
Heart-easing Ale, whose forrow-foothing sweets
Oft I repeat in vacant afternoon,
When tatter'd stockings ask my mending hand
Not unexperienc'd, while the tedious toil
Slides unregarded. Let the tender {wain
Each morn regale on nerve-relaxing tea,
Companion meet of languor-loving nymph:
Be mine each morn with eager appetite
And hunger undissembled, to repair
To friendly butt'ry, there on smoaking crust
And foaming Ale to banquet unrestrain'd,
Material breakfast! Thus in ancient times
Our ancestors robuft with liberal cups
Uler'd the morn, unlike the languid fons
Of modern days ; nor ever had the might
Of Britons brave decay'd, had thus they fed,
With English Ale improving English worth,
With Ale irriguous, undismay'd I har
The frequent dun ascend my lofty dome
Importunate : whether the plaintive voice
Of laundress fhrill awake my startled ear,
Or taylor with obsequious bow advance ;
Or groom invade me with defying look
And fierce demeanor, whose emaciat: steeds
Had panted oft beneath my. goring steel ;
In vain they plead or threat; all-powerful Ale



Excuses new supplies, and each descends
With joyless pace and debt-despairing looks.
E'en Sp-y with indignant bow retires,
Sternest of duns ! and conquer'd quits the field.

Why did the gods such various blessings pour
On helpless mortals, from their grateful hands
So soon the short-liv’d bounty to recal?
Thus while, improvident of future ill,
I quaff the luscious tankard unreftrain'd,
And thoughtless riot in ambrofial bliss,
Sudden (dire fate of all things excellent !)
Th’unpitying bursar's cross affixing hand.
Blast all my joys, and stops my glad career.
Nor now the friendly pet-house longer yields
A sure retreat when ev’ning shades the skies,
Nor * Sheppard, rushless widow, now vouchfases
The wonted trust, and * Winter ticks no more,
Thus Adam exil'd from the blissful scenes
Of Eden griev'd, no more in hallow'd bow'r
On neet'rine fruits to feast, fresh shade or vale
No more to visit, or vine-mantled grot;,
But all forlorn the naked wilderness,
And unrejoicing solitudes to trace.
Thus too the matchless bard, whose lay resounds
T'he Splendid Shilling's praise, in nightly gloom
Of lonesome garret pin'd for cheerful Ale :
Whose steps in verse Miltonic I pursue,
Mean follower! like him with honeft love
Of Ale divine inspir'd, and love of fong,

* Noted alehouses in Oxford,

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But long may bounteous Heav'n with watchful care
Avert his hapless fate! enough for me,
That burning with congenial flame I dar'd
His guiding steps at distance to pursue,
And fing his fav’rite theme in kindred ftrains.

ODE to the Genius of Italy, occasioned by

the Earl of Corke's going Abroad.


THOU that, on a pointless spear reclin'd,

In dusk of eve oft tak’it thy lonely way
Where Tyber's slow, neglected waters stray,
And pour’ft thy fruitless forrows to the wind,
Grieving to see his shore no more the seat
Of arts and arms, and liberty's retreat,
Italia’s Genius, rear thy drooping head,

Shake off thy trance, and weave an olive crown,

For fee! a noble guest appears, well known
To all thy worthies, tho' in Britain bred ;
Guard well thy charge, for know, our polish'd ille
Reluctant spares thee such a son as Boyle.
There, while their sweets thy myrtle groves dispense,

Lead to the Sabine or the Tuscan plain,

Where playful Horace tun'd his amorous strain,
And Tully pour'd the stream of eloquence ;
Nor fail to crown him with that ivy bloom,
Which graceful mantles o'er thy Maro's tomb,

At that blest spot, from vulgar cares refin’d,

In some soft vifion or indulgent dream

Inspire his fancy with a glorious theme,
And point new subjects to his generous mind,
At once to charm his country, and improve
The last, the youngest object of his love.
But O! mark well his transports in that made,

Where circled by the bay's unfading green,

Amidst a rural and fequester'd scene His much-lov'd Pliny rests his honour'd head ; There, rapt in filence, will he gaze around, And strew with sweetest flowers the hallow'd grown. But fee! the fage, to mortal view confeft,

Thrice waves the hand, and says, or seems to say, Top 6. The debt I owe thee how shall I repay ? Welcome to Latium's shore, illustrious guest! “ Long may'lt thou live to grace thy native isle, “ Humane in thought and elegant in style ! “ While on thy consort I with rapture gaze

My own Calphurnia rises to my view : “ That bliss unknown but to the virtuous few, “ Briton ! is thine ; chari'd with domestic praise

Thine are those heart-felt joys that sweeten life, The son, the friend, the daughter and the wife.” Content with such approof, when genial Spring

Bids the shrill black-bird whistle in the vale,

Home may he haften with a prosperous gale,
And Health protect him with her foft'ring wing ;
So fhall Britannia to the wind and sea
Entrust no more her fav'rite ORRERY.

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