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Nor pale disease, nor health-confuming care,
Nor wrath, nor foul revenge can enter there';
No vapour's foggy gloom imbrown's the sky;
No tempests rage, no angry lightnings fly;
But dews, arid foft-refreshing airs are found,

ætherial azure shines around.
Whate'er the sweet Sabæan foil can boast,
Or Mecca's plains, or India's spicy coaft ;
What Hybla's hills, or rich @balia's fields,
Or flow'ry vale of fam'd Hymettus yields;
Or what of old th’ Hesperían orchard grae'd;
All that was e’er delicious to the taste,
Sweet to the smell, or lovely to the view,
Collected there with added beauty grew.
High-tow'ring to the heav'ns the trees are feen,
Their bulk immense, their leaf for ever green ;
So closely interwove, the tell-tale sun
Can ne'er descry the deeds beneath them done,
But where by fits the sportive gales divide
Their tender tops, and fan the leaves afide.
Like a smooth carpet at their feet liés spread
The matted grass, by bubbling fountains fed ;
And on each bough the feather'd choir employ
Their melting notes, and nought is heard but joy.
The painted flow'rs exhale' a rich perfume,
The fruits are mingled with eternal bloom,
And Spring and Aatumn hand in hand appear,
Lead on the merry months, and join to cloath the year.


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Here, o'er the mountain's shaggy summit pourd,
From rock to rock the tumbling torrent roar’d,
While beauteous Iris in the vale below
Paints on the rising fumes her radiant bow.
Now through the meads the mazy current stray'd,
Now hid its wand'rings in the myrtle shade ;
Or in a thousand veins divides its store,
Visits each plant, refreshes ev'ry flow'r;
O’er gems and golden sands in murmurs flows,
And sweetly foothes the soul, and lulls to soft repose.

If hunger call, no sooner can the mind
Express her will to needful food inclin'd,
But in some cool recess, or op'ning glade,
The seats are plac'd, the tables neatly laid,
And instantly convey'd by magic hand
In comely rows the costly dishes stand ;
Meats of all kinds that nature can impart,
Prepar'd in all the nicest forms of art.
A troop of sprightly nymphs array'd in green,
With flow'ry chaplets crown'd, come fcudding in;
With fragrant blossoms these adorn the feast,
Those with officious zeal attend the guest;
Beneath his feet the filken carpet spread,
Or sprinkle liquid odours o'er his head.
Others in ruby cups with roses bound
Delightful! deal the sparkling nectar round;
Or reave the dance, or the vocal lay;
The lyres resound, the merry minstrels play,


Gay health, and youthful joys o'erspread the place,
And swell each heart, and triumph in each face.
So when embolden'd by the vernal air,
The busy bees to blooming fields repair ;
For various use employ their chymic pow'r;
One culls the snowy pounce, one fucks the flow'r ;
Again to diff'rent works returning home,
Some * fteeve the honey, some erect the comb;
All for the general good in concert strive,
And ev'ry foul's in motion, ev'ry limb's alive.

And now defcending from his flight, the God
On the green turf releas'd his precious load;
There, after mutual falutations paft,
And endless friendship vow'd, they part in haste;
Zephyr impatient to behold his love,
The prince in raptures wand'ring thro’ the grove ;
Now skipping on, and singing as he went,
Now stopping short to give his transports vent;
With sudden gusts of happiness oppress'd,
Or stands entranc'd, or raves like one pofiess’d;
His mind afloat, his wand'ring fenfes quite
O'ercome with charms, and frantic with delight;
From scene te scene by random steps conveyed,
Admires the distant views, explores the secret shade,
Dwells on each fpot, with eager eye devours
The woods, the lawns, the buildings, and the bow'rs ;
New sweets, new joys at every glance arise,
And ev'ry turn creates a fresh surprize.
. Or five, fipant.


N 3

Close by the borders of a rising wood,
In a green vale a crystal grotto ftood;
And o'er its fide, beneath a beechen fhade,
In broken falls a silver fountain play'd.
Hither, attracted by the murm'ring stream,
And cool recess, the pleas'a Porsenna came,
And on the tender grass reclining chose
To wave his joys awhile, and take a short repose.
The scene invites him, and the wanton breeze
That whispers thro' the vale, the dancing trees,
The warbling birds, and rills that gently creep,
All join their music to prolong his sleep.

The princess for her morning walk prepar'd;
The female troops attend, a beauteous guard.
Array'd in all her charms appear'd the fair ;
Tall was her ftature, unconfin'd her air ;
Proportion deck'd her limbs, and in her face
Lay love inshrin’d, lay sweet attractive grace
Temp'ring the aweful beams her eyes convey'd,
And like a lambent flame around her play'd.
No foreign aids, by mortal ladies worn,
From shells and rocks her artless charms adorn;

grant that beauty were by gems increas'd,
'Tis render d more suspected at the least;
And foul defects, that wou'd escape the fight,
Start from the piece, and take a stronger light,
Her chesnut hair in careless rings around
Her temples wav'd, with pinks and jes’mine crown'd,


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And, gather'd in a filken cord behind,
Curl'd to the waist, and floated in the wind

O'er these a veil of yellow gause she wore,
With amaranths and gold embroider'd o'er.
Her snowy neck half naked to the view
Gracefully fell; a robe of purple hue
Hung loosely o'er her flender Ihape, and tried
To shade those beauties, that it cou'd not hide.

The damsels of her train with mirth and song
Frolick behind, and laugh and sport along.
The birds proclaim their queen from ev'ry tree;
The beasts run friking thro' the groves to see ;
The Loves, the pleasures, and the Graces meet
In antic rounds, and dance before her feet.
By whate'er fancy led, it chanc'd that day
They thro' the secret valley took their way,
And to the crystal grot advancing spied
The prince extended by the fountain's fide.

He look'd as, by fome skilful hand express'd,
Apollo's youthful form retir'd to rest;
When with the chace fatigued he quits the wood
For Pindus' vale, and Aganippe's food;
There sleeps secure, his careless limbs display'd
At ease, encircled by the laurel hade ;
Beneath his head his Theaf of arrows lie,
His bow unbent hangs negligently by:
The slumb'ring prince might boast an equal grace,
So turn'd his limbs, so beautiful his face.

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