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My brother Boreas thro' the world has flown,
Swelling his breath to spread forth your renown ;.
Say, wou'd you choose to visit this retreat,
And view the world where all these wonders meet?
Wish you some friend o'er that tempestuous sea
To bear you safe! behold that friend in me.
My active wings fall all their force employ,
And nimbly waft you to the realms of joy;
As once, to gratify the god of Love,
I bore fair Psyche to the Cyprian grove;
Or as Jove's bird, descending from on high,
Snatch'd the young Trojan trembling to the sky.
There perfect bliss thou may’it for ever share,
'Scap'd from the busy world, and all its care ;
There in the lovely princess shalt thou find
A mistress ever blooming, ever kind.
All ecstacy on air Porsenna trod,
And to his bosom strain’d the little god ;
With grateful sentiments his heart o'erflow'd,
And in the warmest words millions of thanks bestow'd.

When Æolus in surly humour broke
Their strict embrace, and thus abruptly spoke.
Enough of compliment; I hate the sport
Of meanless words; this is no human court;
Where plain and honest are discarded quite,
For the more modifh title of polite ;
Where in soft speeches hypocrites impart
The venom'd ills that lurk beneath the heart;


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For us,

In friendship's holy guise their guilt imprové,
And kindly kill with specious fhew of love. .

my subjects are not us'd to wait,
And waste their hours to hear a mortal prate;
They must abroad before the rising fun,
And hie 'em to the feas : there's mischief to be done.
Excuse my plainness, Sir, but business ftands,
And we have storms and shipwrecks on our hands.

He ended frowning, and the noisy rout,
Each to his several cell went puffing out.
But Zephyr, far more courteous than the rest,
To his own bow'r convey'd the royal guest;
There on a bed of roses neatly laid,
Beneath the fragrance of a myrtle shade,
His limbs to needful rest the prince applied,
His sweet companion flumb'ring by his fide.

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O sooner in her silver chariot role in

The ruddy morn, than sated with repose
The prince address’d his hoft; the God awoke,
And leaping from his couch, thus kindly spoke.
This early call, my lord, that chides my stay,
Requires my thanks, and I with joy obey.
Like you I long to reach the blissful coast,
Hate the flow night, and mourn the moments loft.


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The bright Rofinda, loveliest of the fair
That crowd the princess' court, demands my care ;
Ev'n now with fears and jealousies o’erborn
Upbraids, and calls me cruel and forsworn.
What sweet rewards on all my toils attend,
Serving at once my mistress and my friend;
Just to my love and to my duty too,
Well paid in her, well pleas'd in pleasing you.
This said, he led him to the cavern gate,
And clasp?d him in his arms, and pois’d his weight ;
Then ballancing his body here and there,
Stretch'd forth his agile wings, and launch'd in air ;
Swift as the fiery meteor from on high
Shoots to its goal, and gleams athwart the sky.
Here with quick fan his lab'ring pinions play ;
There glide at ease along the liquid way ;
Now lightly skim the plain with even fight;
Now proudly soar above the mountain's height.

Spiteful Detraction, whose envenom'd hate
Sports with the fuff’rings of the good and great,
Spares not our prince, but with opprobrious sneer
Arraigns him of the heinous fin of fear ;
That he, so tried in

Infus'd a secret panic where it caine,
Ev'n he, as high above the clouds he few,
And spied the mountains less’ning to the view,
Nought round him but the wide expanded air,
Helpless, abandon'd to a ftripling's care,


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arms, whose


Struck with the rapid whirl, and dreadful height,
Confess'd fome faint alarm, fome little fright.

The friendly God, who instantly divin'd
The terrors that possess’d his fellow's mind,
To calm his troubled thoughts, and cheat the way,
Describ'd the nations that beneath them lay, indi it
The name, the climate, and the soil's increase,
Their arms in war,


heir government in peace ;
Shew'd their domestic arts, their foreign trade,
What int'rest they purfued, what leagues they made.
The sweet discourse so charm'd Porsenna's ear,
That lost in joy he had no time for fear.

From Scandinavia's cold inclement waste
O'er wide Germania's various realms they past,

And now on Albion's fields suspend their toil,
- And hover for awhile, and bless the soil.
O'er the gay scene the prince delighted hung,
And gaz'd in rapture, and forgot his tongue;
Till bursting forth at length. Behold, cried he,
The promis'd ifle, the land I long'd to see ;
Those plains, those vales, and fruitful hills declare
My queen, my charmer muft inhabit there.
Thus rav'd the monarch, and the gentle guide,
Pleas'd with his error, thus in smiles replied.

I must applaud, my lord, the lucky thought;
Ev'n I, whò know th’ origioal, am caught,
And doubt my senses, when I view the draught.

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Vol. VI.



The slow-ascending hill, the lofty wood
That mantles o'er its brow, the silver flood
Wand'ring in mazes thro' the fow'ry mead,
The herd that in the plenteous pastures feed,
And ev'ry object, every scene excites
Fresh wonder in my soul, and fills with new delights:
Dwells cheerful Plenty there, and learned Eafe,
And Art with Nature seems at strife to please.
There Liberty, delightful goddess, reigns,
Gladdens each heart, and gilds the fertile plains;
There firmly feated may she ever smile,
And how'r her blessings o'er her fáv'rite ifle.!
But see, the rifing fun reproves our stay.
He said, and to the ocean wing'd his way,
Stretching his course to climates then unknown,
Nations that swelter in the burning zone.
There in Peruvian vales a moment staid,
And smooth'd his wings beneath the citron fhade ;
Then swift his oary pinions plied again,
Cross'd the new world, and fought the Southern main

Where many a wet and weary league o'erpaft,
The wish'd for paradise appear'd at last.

With force abated now they gently sweep
O'er the smooth surface of the shining deep;
The Dryads hail'd them from the distant fhore,
The Nereids play'd around, the Tritons swam before,
While soft Favonius their arrival greets,
And breathes his welcome in a thousand sweets.


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