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The gaping hag in fix'd attention stood,
And at the close of ev'ry tale cried-good,
Blessing with outstretch'd arms each darling son,
In due proportion to the mischief done.
And where, said she, does little Zephyr stray ?
Know ye, my sons, your brother's rout to-day?
In what bold deeds does he his hours employ?
Grant heav'n no evil hás befall'n my boy!
Ne'er was he known to linger thus before.
Scarce had the spoke, when at the cavern door
Came lightly tripping in a form more fair
Than the young poet's fond ideas are,
When fir'd with love, he tries his utmost art
To paint the beauteous tyrant of his heart.

A satin veft his slender shape confin’d,
Embroider'd o'er with flow'rs of ev'ry kind,
Flora's own work, when first the goddess ftrove
To win the little wanderer to her love.
Of burnish'd silver were his sandals made,
Silver his bukins, and with gems o'erlaid;
A faffron-colour'd robe behind him flow'd,
And added grace and grandeur as he trod.
His wings than lillies whiter to behold,
Sprinkled with azure spots, and streak'd with gold;
So thin their form, and of fo light a kind,
That they for ever danc'd, and flutter'd in the wind.
Around his temples with becoming air,
In wanton ringlets curl'd hinauburn hair,


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And o'er his shoulders' negligently spread ;
A wreath of fragrant rofes crown'd his head.

Such his attire, but O- ! no pen can trace,
No words can shew the beauties of his face si
So kind! fo winning! fo divinely fair !
Eternal youth and pleasure fourish there ;
There all the little loves and graces meet,
And ev'ry thing that's foft, and ev'ry thing that's sweet.

Thou vagrant, cried the dame in angry tone, '.
where could'ft shou loiter thus fo long alone ?
Little thou car'f what anxious thoughts moleft,
What pangs are lab'ring in a mother's breaft.
Well do you thew your duty by your hafte,
For thou of all my sons are always laft ;
A child less fondled wou'd have fled more faft.
Sare'tis a curse on mothers, doom'd to mourn,
Where best they love, the least and worst return.

My dear mamma, the gentle youth replied,
And made a low obeisance, ceafe to chide,
Nor wound me with your words, for well you know,
Your Zephyr bears a part in all your woe ;
How great must be his forrow then to learn
That he himself's the cause of your concern!
Nor had I loiter'd thus had I been free,
But the fair princess of Felicity,
Intreated me to make some short delay,
And ask'd by her who cou'd refuse to stay?


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Surrounded by the damfels of her court
She fought the shady grove, her lov'd resort;
Fresh rose the grass, the flow'rs were mix'd between,
Like rich embroid'ry on a ground of green,
And in the midst, protected by the shade,
A crystal stream in wild meanders play'd;
While in its banks, the trembling leaves among,
A thousand little birds in concert sung.
Clofo by a mount with fragrant shrubs o'ergrown,
On a cool moffy couch the laid her down ;
Her air, her pofture, all conspir'd to please;
Her head, upon her snowy arm at ease
Reclin'd, a studied carelessness express'd;
Loose lay her robe, and naked heav'd her breast.
Eager I flew to that delightful place,
And pour'd a show'r of kisses on her face ;
Now hover'd o'er her neck, her breast, her arms,
Like bees o'er fow'rs, and tasted all her charms;
And then her lips, and then her cheeks I tried,
And fann'd, and wanton'd round on ev'ry side.
o Zephyr, cried the fair, thou charming boy,
Thy presence only can create me joy ;
To me thou art beyond expression dear,
Nor can I quit the place while thou art here.
Excuse my weakness, madam, when I swear
Such gentle words join'd with fo foft an air,
Pronounc'd so sweetly from a mouth fo fair,




Quite ravish'd all my fenfe, nor did I know
How long I ftaid ; or when, or where to go.

Meanwhile the damsels debonnair and gay,
Prattled around, and laugh'd the time away :
Thefe in foft notes address'd the ravilh'd ear,
And warbled out so sweet, 'twas heav'n to hear ;
And those io rings, beneath the greenwood Made,
Danc'd to the melody their fellows made.
Some findiqus of themselves, employ'd their care
In weaving flow'ry wreaths to deck their hair;
While others to some fav'rite plant convey'd
Refreshing show'rs, and cheer'd its drooping head.
A joy fo general spread thro' all the place,
Such fatisfaâion dwelt on ev'ry face,
The nymphs so kind, so lovely look'd the queen,
That never eye beheld a fweeter scene.

Porfenna, like a statue fix'd appear'd,
And, wrapp'd in filent wonder, gaz'd and heard ;
Much he admir'd the speech, the speaker more,
And dwelt on ev'ry word, and griev'd to find it o'er.
O gentle youth, he cried, proceed to tell,
In what fair country does this princess dwell;
What regions unexplor'd, what hidden coast
Can so much goodness, so much beauty boast?

To whom the winged god with gracious look,
Numberlefs sweets diffufing while he spoke,
Thus answer'd kind-These happy gardens lie
Far hence remov'd, beneath a milder sky;
Their name-The kingdom of Felicity.



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Sweet scenes of endless bliss, enchanted ground,
A foil for ever sought, but seldom found;
Tho' in the search all human kind in vain
Weary their wits, and waste their lives in pain.
In diff'rent parties, diff'rent paths they read,
As reason guides them, or as follies lead;
These wrangling for the place they ne'er shall see,
Debating those, if such a place there be ;
But not the wisest, nor the belt can say
Where lies the point, or mark the certain way.
Some few, by Fortune favour'd for her sport,
Have fail'd in sight of this delightful port;
In thought already seiz'd the bless'd abodes,
And in their fond delirium rank'd with gods.
Fruitless attempt! all avenues are kept
By dreadful foes, fentry that never slept.
Here fell Detraction darts her poisonous breath
Fraught with a thousand stings, and scatters death;
Sharp-fighted Envy there maintains her poft,
And shakes her faming brand, and stalks around the coat.
These on the helpless bark their fury pour,
Plunge in the waves, or dash against the shore;
Teach wretched mortals they were doom'd to mourn,
And ne'er must rest but in the filent urn.

But say, young monarch, for what name you bear
Your mien, your dress, your person, all declare ;
And tho' I seldom fan the frozen north,
Yet I have heard of brave Porsenna's worth.

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