Electric Smelting and Refining: The Extraction and Treatment of Metals by Means of the Electric Current

Charles Griffin, 1897 - 416 Seiten
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Seite 155 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
Seite 36 - Water, •Pollution of Water— Ventilation and Warming — Principles of Sewage Removal — Details of Drainage ; Refuse Removal and Disposal — Sanitary and Insanitary Work and Appliances — Details of Plumbers Work — House Construction — Infection and Disinfection — Food, Inspection of ; Characteristics of Good Meat ; Meat, Milk, Fish, &c., unfit for Human Food — Appendix : Sanitary Law ; Model Bye-Laws, &c.
Seite 29 - NYSTROM'S POCKET-BOOK OF MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING. Revised and Corrected by W. DENNIS MARKS, Ph.B., CE (YALE SSS), Whitney Professor of Dynamical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania. Pocket Size. Leather, 155.
Seite 32 - MANUAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING : Comprising Engineering Surveys, Earthwork, Foundations, Masonry, Carpentry, Metal Work, Roads, Railways, Canals, Rivers, Waterworks, Harbours, &c. With Numerous Tables and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth. TWENTY-SECOND EDITION. 16s. A MANUAL OF MACHINERY AND MILLWORK : Comprising the Geometry, Motions, Work, Strength, Construction, and Objects of Machines, &c.
Seite 37 - Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. ".* The attention of all interested in our Merchant Navy is requested to this exceedingly useful and valuable work. It is needless to say that it is the outcome of many years PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE amongst Seamen.
Seite 7 - Barrister-at-Law. Public Analyst for the County of Devon, and Medical Officer of Health for St. Marylebone.
Seite 47 - The little book will be found EXCEEDINGLY HANDY by most officers and officials connected with shipping. . . . Mr. Walton's work will obtain LASTING SUCCESS, because of its unique fitness for those for whom it has been written." — Shipping World. ' ' An EXCELLENT WORK, full of solid instruction and INVALUAELE to every officer of the Mercantile Marine who has his profession at heart.
Seite 38 - Micro-Structure of Metals and Alloys. — Economic Considerations. " No English text-book at all approaches this in the COMPLETENESS with which the most modern views on the subject are dealt with. Professor Austen's volume will be INVALUABLE, not only to the student, but also to those whose knowledge of the art is far advanced.
Seite 29 - A POCKET-BOOK of ELECTRICAL RULES and TABLES For the Use of Electricians and Engineers.

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