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Editors' Aote.

THE Church of to-day is deeply stirred by a desire for Service,

Missions, Unity, and Work, and we have endeavored to make such the spirit of this hymnal. We have retained the notable and familiar hymns, which, through years and centuries of use, have become a part of the life of the Church ; while, in addition, we have freely used those which emphasize the living, active, forward movement of to-day.

We wish to express our appreciation and thanks to the many friends who have assisted with valuable suggestion and advice; particularly to the Rev. L. Mason Clarke, D.D., and the Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick. Our sincere thanks is also expressed to those friends who generously contributed original tunes :-Mr. Mark Andrews, Mr. J. Christopher Marks, Mr. John Sebastian Matthews, Mr. Frederick William Schlieder, Mr. David Stanley Smith, and Mr. Gerrit Smith.

We also appreciate courtesies extended by Mr. John Henry Gower, The H. W. Gray Co., Mr. W. Garrett Horder, and Mr. W. W. Rousseau, in permitting the use of certain tunes; and to Miss Julia Bulkley Cady, Mr. Tudor Jenks, Mr. Rudyard Kipling, the Rev. Frank Mason North, D.D., and the Rev. Lucius H. Thayer, D.D., for the use of their hymns.


NEW YORK, September, 1910.

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