The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Band 20

South Carolina Historical Society., 1919

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Seite 218 - ... with a son and heir. But the whole measure of her wrath was reserved for the obituary record, which, as usual, contained the apotheosis of some, it may be, very worthy, but certainly very insignificant individual, as in the present instance. "Died, at the house of his father, No. 2, East Cotton Row, where he had gone for the recovery of his health, on the 13th ult. aged 45, Nathaniel Lamb, Esq. hosier and glover, after a long and lingering illness, which he bore with the most heroic patience...
Seite 59 - On Friday last, arrived a Company of Comedians from Philadelphia." Ibid, Oct. 3, 1754. "At the NEW THEATRE, on Monday next, will be Performed by A Company of Comedians from London, A TRAGEDY, called the FAIR PENITENT. Tickets may be had of Mr. John Remington, and at the Printers. Price: State box, 50 sh. Front and Side Boxes 40 sh. Pitt 30 sh. and Gallery 20 sh.
Seite 203 - EXTRACTS FROM THE JOURNAL OF MRS. ANN MANIGAULT 1754-1781 With Notes by MABEL L. WEBBER (Continued from April) 1776.
Seite 56 - Extracts from the journal of Mrs. Ann Manigault, 1754-1781. With notes by Mabel L. Webber.
Seite 99 - we crossed the river, and stopped at a plantation lately "purchased by Mr. Pringle, the former name of which was Green" ville, but which he has named Susan's Place, in honour of his lovely "wife. This plantation is likewise without a house, that of the "former occupier having been consumed by fire; on the foundation "of this building, which remains unhurt, the new mansion is to " be erected, which will be finished this summer .... The "situation is much the same as that of Fitterasso, except that...
Seite 164 - Catesby, was one about eight feet in length, weighing between eight and nine pounds. This monster was gliding into the house of Colonel Blake, of Carolina, and had certainly taken his. abode there undiscovered, had not the domestic animals alarmed the family with their repeated outcries : the hogs, dogs, and poultry united in their hatred to him, showing the greatest consternation by erecting their bristles and feathers ; and, expressing their wrath and indignation, surrounded him, but carefully...
Seite 173 - The remainder of the 1200 acres situated to the north of the public road seems to have gone to Thomas Slann for on 19 December, 1760, he conveyed 461 acres apparently that part of the 2800 acres to John Waring.89 To these tracts Dr. Oliphant added 100 acres conveyed to him on 24 October, 1770 by Thomas Bambrich.90 and which was apparently the 100 acres conveyed by Thomas Waring to Uriah Edwards. Dr. Oliphant thus acquired some 1800 acres of the original grants to Major Benjamin Waring. Dr. Oliphant...
Seite 23 - ARCHDALE The first of this Baker family (there were several other early Baker families in Carolina) who came to the Province appears to have been Richard Baker of whom the first notice the writer has found is in a warrant dated 5 October 1681 to lay out to him "all that tract of land lying on Ashley River between the land of " Thomas Butler to the Eastward and the land of Daniel Smeth"wick to the Westward,"116 and on 23 March 1681/2 following a grant was made to Richard Baker for 297 acres on Ashley...
Seite 207 - Covent-Garden house, and collected some very eminent performers from both the theatres in London, particularly in the Singing-Way, so that English Comic Opera, a species of entertainment that has never yet appeared properly on this side of the water is likely to be performed here this winter.
Seite 134 - A great cloud seems at present to hang over this province, we are continually insulted by the Indians on our back settlements, and a violent kind of small pox that rages in C".

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