An indictment against tythes: or, Tythes no wages for gospel-ministers


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Seite 11 - P am fure all the reft of you, that * are Gentlemen of other Profeffions, were long * ago weary of it, if you could have had it a...
Seite 11 - I defire not the abo* lifhing of the Laws, but only the clearing and ' the fweeping of the Ruft of them ; and that ' by Parliament our Laws might be cleared, and ' made known to all the Subjects. Yea rather, ' it were lefs Hurt, that all the approved Cafes '• were fet down, and allowed by Paaliament, for '- Handing...
Seite 28 - Chrift their head hath difcharged us ; " blotting out the hand writing of ordinances that was againft us, which was contrary to us ; and took it out of the way, nailing it to his crofs,
Seite 11 - Municipal, and the fhteft for this People. But as every Law would be clear, and full ; fo the Obfcurity in fome Points of this our written Law, and Want of Fulnefs in others, the Variation of Cafes, and ' Mens Curiofity, breeding every Day new Quef...
Seite 19 - I fir. 9. 14. £ven fo hath the Lord ordained, that they who preach the Gofpel jhould live of the (jofpel.
Seite 13 - Law ; God cannot be confined, reftrained, or concluded by any Parliament. Let no...
Seite iii - I httmbly conceive it foaS gradually go ' for&rard, awdbave no more fuch a death upon it, as.»it had before.$ Notwithstanding, like the Hand of a Watch, the motion may be fuch, as men looking upon it may not perceive that it turns about.

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