Decoding Longevity: Ending Aging as We Know It

Booktango, 07.02.2014
Have you ever wondered why we age and if you could slow its progression? In DECODING LONGEVITY, aging expert Dr. Bryant Villeponteau offers a full spectrum biological and genetic review of the aging process in layman's language. He condenses a wealth of practical information for those interested in extending their health and longevity, including dietary, exercise, and supplement recommendations that could add decades to your healthspan. Dr. Villeponteau looks in detail at the last 20 years of aging research, and explores future developments, including the exponential increases in technology that will provide powerful tools for extending healthy longevity over the next 20 to 40 years.


1 Can Aging Be Slowed or Reversed?
2 A Century of Rising Life Expectancy
3 Causes of Rising Life Expectancy
4 Antiaging Dietary Program
5 Antiaging Exercise Program
6 Multipath Rejuvenation Supplements
8 The Genetics of Lifespan
9 Why We Age And Can It Be Controlled?
10 Cell Aging and Telomerase
11 The Cardiovascular System
12 Nervous System and Sensory Organs
13 Indefinite Healthspans by 2050?
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