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Professor Bender, for the Committee on Nominations, presented the following report, which was adopted in the usual manner, and the nominess were declared elected: President: Prof. Maurice Bloomfield, Johns Hopkins University. Vice-President: Prof. O. F. Emerson, Western Reserve University. Secretary and Treasurer: Prof. R. G. Kent, University of Pennsylvania. Executive Committee: the preceding, and

Prof. E. H. Sturtevant, Yale University.
Prof. Edward Sapir, University of Chicago.

Prof. Leonard Bloomfield, Ohio State University.
Committee on Publications:

Chairman and Editor: Prof. G. M. Bolling, Ohio State University.
To serve through 1926: Prof. Samuel Moore, University of Michigan.
To serve through 1927: Prof. D. B. Shumway, University of Pennsylvania.
To serve through 1928: Prof. A. M. Espinosa, Stanford University.

To make this arrangement possible, Prof. Sapir withdrew from the Committee on Publications, on which he had one more year to serve.

Professor Emerson, for the Auditors, reported that they had examined the accounts of the Treasurer and found them correct; whereupon on motion the report of the Treasurer was approved.

Professor Jones, for the Committee on Resolutions, presented the following report, which was on motion adopted:

A resolution that the Secretary of the Linguistic Society be requested to transmit to the President of the University of Chicago and to the Chairman of the Local Committee on Arrangements the following communication:

To the University of Chicago and particularly to the Local Committee on Arrangements the Linguistic Society of America expresses its appreciation of the attentive courtesy and the delightful hospitality which have made its Second Annual Meeting memorably successful.

Adjournment was taken at 12:35 P.M.

After luncheon together at the Quadrangle Club, the members returned to the Classics Building for the Fourth Session. This was called to order at 2:55 P.m. in the rooms of the Classics Club, Classics Building, by Vice-President Buck. About 25 persons were in attendance.

The program consisted of a Round Table on Problems in the Notation of Reconstructed Forms, led by Professor Buck, who presented a careful study and statement on the subject. Discussion followed, by Messrs. G. M. Bolling, F. A. Wood, E. H. Sturtevant, H. Collitz, E. Sapir, R. G. Kent, R. J. Kellogg, O. R. Sellers, J. L. Barker, H. Kurath, L. Bloomfield, and others.

Adjournment was taken at 4:40 P.M.

The Fifth Session was held on Tuesday, December 29, at 8:00 P.M., in Mandel Hall, jointly with the Modern Language Association of America. President Max Mason, of the University of Chicago, made an address of welcome to the two societies. Professor Hermann Collitz, as President of both societies, delivered a joint presidential address on World Languages, which should appear in this issue of LANGUAGE. At its conclusion, a reception was held in the Reynolds Club, in the same building.


At Ithaca, four societies enjoyed the hospitality of Cornell University: the American Philological Association, the Archaeological Institute of America, the College Art Association of America, and the Linguistic Society of America. A joint banquet was held on the evening of Wednesday, December 30, in Risley Hall, at which Prof. Horace L. Jones, of Cornell University, acted as Toastmaster. President Livingston Farrand, of Cornell University, formally welcomed the societies, and Professor Ralph Van Deman Magoffin, of New York University, President of the Archaeological Institute, made the official response on their behalf. The President of the Philological Association, Dean Gordon Jennings Laing, of the University of Chicago, delivered, according to established custom, the presidential address of the occasion, on Survivals of Roman Religion.

The Sixth Session of the Linguistic Society was held in Room A, Goldwin Smith Hall, on Thursday, December 31, at 2:30 P.M., jointly with American Philological Association. Professor Tenney Frank, of The Johns Hopkins University, Vice-President of the Philological Association, presided over the meeting. About 75 persons were present. The reading of papers was at once begun: Prof. Mark H. Liddell, of Purdue University: Stress Pronunciation in

Latin. Prof. J. F. Mountford, of Cornell University: Some Neglected Evidence

Bearing on the Ictus Metricus in Latin Verse.

Discussion by Messrs. R. G. Kent, C. W. E. Miller, and others.
Prof. E. H. Sturtevant, of Yale University: Concerning the Influence of

Greek on Vulgar Latin.
Discussion by Messrs. T. Frank, E. Riess, and others.

Prof. Franklin Edgerton, of the University of Pennsylvania: The

Accusative Singular Ending of Indo-European. Prof. R. G. Kent, of the University of Pennsylvania: The Inscription of


The following papers, in the absence of their authors, were presented by title only: Prof. Edward Prokosch, of Bryn Mawr College: The Hypothesis of a

Pre-Germanic Substratum. Dr. E. A. Speiser, of the University of Pennsylvania: The Ablative and

Instrumental in Hittite and in Indo-European.
Prof. A. V. Williams Jackson, of Columbia University: The Rescue of

Primal Man in Manichaeism.
Adjournment was taken at 4:20 P.M.

In conclusion, it might be added that interest in the papers never flagged, despite the length of some of the sessions, but discussion was always keen and eager; and those present carried away the happiest auguries for the future of the Society.



LIST OF MEMBERS, 1925 This list includes all those who became members of the Society in 1925; FM before the name indicates Foundation Members, 1925 indicates Members of 1925. So far as the information is at hand, the special subject of instruction or of study, or the occupation, except in the case of students not holding teaching positions, is indicated. Any changes of address or of title should be at once reported to the Secretary of the Society.

Later lists will give the names of those who become members during 1926.

FM Dr. Justin E. Abbott, 120 Hobart Av., Summit, N. J. (Modern

Indian Langs.) FM Prof. Arthur Adams, Trinity Col., Hartford, Conn. (English) FM Mr. Otto E. Albrecht, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

(Romanic Langs.) FM Prof. Joseph E. A. Alexis, 1420 Garfield St., Lincoln, Neb.

(Romance Langs., Univ. of Nebraska) FM Prof. T. George Allen, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. (Oriental

Langs.) FM Prof. Hermann Almstedt, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.

(Germanic Langs.) 1925 Prof. A. LeRoy Andrews, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. (German) FM Prof. Claude E. Anibal, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio.


Prof. A. Joseph Armstrong, Baylor Univ., Waco, Texas. (English) 1925 Prof. Edward C. Armstrong, 26 Edgehill St., Princeton, N. J.

(French, Princeton Univ.) FM Prof. Herbert D. Austin, Univ. of Southern California, Univer

sity Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. (Italian and French) FM Prof. Harry Morgan Ayres, Columbia Univ., New York City.

(English) FM Dean Earle B. Babcock, New York Univ., Univ. Heights, New

York City. (Romance Langs. and Lits.) FM Dean K. C. Babcock, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. (His

tory) FM Prof. Laurence D. Bailiff, 855 N. Vermont Av., Los Angeles,

Calif. (Spanish, Univ. of California, Southern Branch) 1925 Prof. James L. Barker, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


FM Prof. A. J. Barnouw, Columbia Univ., New York City. (Dutch

Hist., Lang. and Lit.) FM Prof. LeRoy Carr Barret, Trinity Col., Hartford, Conn. (Latin) FM Prof. Sarah T. Barrows, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. (Pho

netics) FM Prof. George A. Barton, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,

Pa. (Semitics) FM Prof. William N. Bates, 220 St. Mark's Sq., Philadelphia, Pa.

(Greek, Univ. of Pennsylvania) FM Prof. Jean-B. Beck, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

(Romanic Langs.) FM Prof. Gertrude H. Beggs, Univ. of Richmond, Richmond, Va.

(Latin) FM Dean H. M. Belden, 811 Virginia Av., Columbia, Mo. (English,

Univ. of Missouri) FM Prof. Harold H. Bender, 120 Fitz Randolph Road, Princeton,

N. J. (Indo-Germanic Phil., Princeton Univ.) FM Miss M. Julia Bentley, 3517 Middleton Av., Clifton, Cincinnati,

Ohio. (Latin, Hughes High School) FM Mr. Morris Berg, 92 S. 13th St., Newark, N. J. FM Prof. Frank R. Blake, 1600 Park Av., Baltimore, Md. (Oriental

Langs., Johns Hopkins Univ.) FM Prof. Leonard Bloomfield, 2061 Fairfax Road, Columbus, Ohio.

(German and Linguistics, Ohio State Univ.) FM Prof. Maurice Bloomfield, Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md.

(Sanskrit and Comparative Phil.) FM Prof. Franz Boas, Columbia Univ., New York City. (Anthro

pology) FM Mr. George Bobrinskoy, 7023 Germantown Av., Philadelphia, Pa. FM Prof. George Melville Bolling, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio.

(Greek) FM Prof. Louise M. Bourgoin, 8 Green Av., Northampton, Mass.

(French, Smith Col.) FM Prof. Ray P. Bowen, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. (Romance

Langs.) FM Miss Florence C. Brachman, 8439 Germantown Av., Philadel

phia, Pa. FM Dr. Charles F. Brédé, 176 W. Manheim St., Philadelphia, Pa.

(German, Northeast High School) FM Mrs. Beatrice Allard Brooks, 9 State St., Wellesley, Mass.

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