The Lady's Assistant for Regulating and Supplying Her Table: Being a Complete System of Cookery, Containing One Hundred and Fifty Select Bills of Fare, Properly Disposed for Family Dinners ... with Upwards of Fifty Bills of Fare for Suppers ... and Several Desserts: Including Likewise, the Fullest and Choicest Receipts of Various Kinds ...

J. Walter, 1777 - 436 Seiten

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Seite 267 - Boil a pint of rice in as much water as will cover it, with black pepper, a few blades of mace, and half a dozen cloves, tied up in a bit of cloth ; when the rice is tender, take out the spice ; stir in a piece of butter; boil a fowl and a piece of bacon; lay them in the...
Seite 351 - Season with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, mix it up with the yolk of an egg, and make it into little balls. Scatter 'them about your pie, with some artichoke bottoms cut in dices, and some cock'scombs, if you have them.
Seite 379 - Roll out some thin puff-paste, and lay it in a pattypan of what size you choose ; put in raspberries ; strew over them fine sugar ; cover with a thin lid, and then bake. Cut it open, and have ready the following mixture warm : half a pint of cream, the yolks of two or three eggs well beaten, and a little sugar : and when this is added to the tart, return it to the oven for five or six minutes.
Seite 224 - ... lemons cut in quarters. Dried Salmon. LAY your dried salmon in soak for two or three hours, then lay it on the gridiron, and shake over it a little pepper. It will take but a short time, and when done serve it up with melted butter. Cod. CUT the cod into slices about two inches thick, and dry and flour them well. Make a good clear fire, rub the gridiron with a piece of chalk, and set it high from the fire. Then put in your slices of fish, turn them often, and let them brown till they are of a...
Seite 212 - ... of French bread, and dry them before the fire ; soak them a little in the milk ; lay them at the bottom of the tureen, and then put in the soup.
Seite 191 - ... in crumbs of bread, and broil them, or fry them in butter; lay the ears in the middle, and the feet round: or ragout them. PIG'S FEET AND EARS SOUSED. Clean them, and boil them till they are lender; then split the feet, and put them and the ears in salt and water.
Seite 167 - Dr. Kitchener says, slily enough, if you like it full-dressed score it superficially; beat up the yolk of an egg, and rub it over the head with a feather ; powder it, etc.
Seite 343 - Cut five or six quinces all to pieces, and put them in an earthen pot or pan, with a gallon of water and two pounds of honey ; mix all these together well, and then put them in a kettle to boil leisurely half an hour, and then strain your liquor into that earthen pot, and when 'tis cold, wipe your quinces clean, and put them into it : they must be covered very close, and they will keep all the year. To pickle...
Seite 327 - Broil a jack or pike till it is properly done, then take off the skin and separate the flesh from the bones, boil six eggs hard, and take out the yolks, blanch a few almonds, beat them to a paste in a mortar, and then add the yolks of...
Seite 161 - ... it over with the yolks of eggs, and bake it an hour and a half; then open the top and pour in a pint of rich good gravy.

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