Tithing: Nailed to the Cross

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TITHING NAILED TO THE CROSS is a book that cuts through all the opinions, traditions, superstitions, imagined benefits, and false doctrines, to clearly and doctrinally explain the absence of tithing in the New Testament.

Bruce plainly teaches why tithing is not required after the Resurrection (the beginning of the New Testament); how tithing can interfere with sonship, faith, and even salvation; and how tithing can expose you to the curse of the Law causing health, financial, marital, and many other problems.

Wouldnt it be wonderful to actually have your prayers easily answered because of Jesus finished work and the Name He gave us to use? Wouldnt you like to know that God is going to say yes to His promises without you having to wonder if all your church ducks are in a row? And wouldnt it be nice to have a royal ring put on your finger, a kingly robe placed on your back, and a big hug of approval without having to sleep in the bunk house as a servant until its decided that you can be trusted?

We may call it an act of faith, obedience, doing the Word, good stewardship, or what ever we want; but at the end of the day, it is nothing more than an obsolete, Old Testament ordinance that will only frustrate the grace of God, as Paul taught in Galatians. As circumcision became nothing under the New Covenant, likewise, tithing is no longer obligatory.

So, will you choose to develop a shaky faith based on the works of an Old Testament law that never should have been carried over to the New Testament? Or, will you choose to develop a resolute faith that is based on Jesus immutable work at the cross which included the removal of Malachis ordinances (tithing)? Will you go with the crowd, or the truth?

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Should Christians Have Wealth? Chapter 8
Summing Up Chapter 9

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“EXCELLENT! FIVE STARS! ...the BEST book available right now for its insightful conclusions... unparalleled in this timely subject area...” “also takes delightful side trails...” “this book lays out the case for no tithing requirements for NT Christians like no other!”

“A MASTERPIECE! I’m ordering copies for my friends!”

Pastor C. Rinke
Stuart, FL

“I couldn’t put it down.”

Denice Elder
Louisville, KY

“This book has been like a breath of fresh air and an oasis in the desert. It has been such a marvelous study for me opening my eyes to all that was truly accomplished at the cross. It has truly been an amazing study. Thank you for writing it.”

Michael Flud
Dallas, TX

“Exceptionally well written! I was amazed.”

Roberta Welk
Stuart, FL

“Wonderfully liberating! Wells reminds me of a modern day Martin Luther. Twenty Six years of Christianity and I finally know I’m free!”

Joe Crawford
Palm City, FL

“We have been blessed by this book. I wish we had found out about it sooner.”

Otis & Barbara Perry
Columbus, OH

“Your book opened some very interesting questions and I plan on purchasing several more copies for some pastors and friends of mine. It was very insightful, offering guidance and info I had not heard any place else before. Basically, it was an eye-opening reading.”

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