First book on plane trigonometry, comprising geometrical trigonometry


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Seite 18 - A sin B sin (A — B) = sin A cos B — cos A sin B cos (A + B) = cos A cos B...
Seite 109 - PRINCIPLES OF THE DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS, Familiarly illustrated and applied to a Variety of Useful Purposes. Designed for the Instruction of young Persons. By the Rev.
Seite 25 - Any positive number being selected as a base, the logarithm of any other positive number is the exponent of the power to which the base must be raised to produce the given number. Thus, if a
Seite 109 - THE STUDENT'S JOURNAL. Arranged, Printed, and Ruled for receiving an Account of every Day's Employment for the space of One Year. With an Index and Appendix.
Seite 109 - RITCHIE'S PRINCIPLES of the DIFFERENTIAL and INTEGRAL CALCULUS, familiarly Illustrated, and applied to a variety of useful purposes. Second Edition. Revised by JA SPENCER, BA, Assistant Mathematical Master in University College School.
Seite 95 - From a station, B, at the base of a mountain, its summit A is seen at an elevation of 60° ; after walking one mile towards the summit, up a plane making an angle of 30° with the horizon, to another station, C, the angle BCA is observed to be 135° : find the height of the mountain in yards.
Seite 109 - I propose from this day to keep an exact Journal of my Actions and Studies, both to assist my Memory, and to accustom me to set a due value on my Time." Introduction to Mr. Gibbon's Journal. THE PRIVATE DIARY : formed on the Plan of the STUDENT'S JOURNAL, for general Use.

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