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'T^H U S spoke the Goddess of the fearless eye; -*- And at her voice, renew'd, the Vision rose.

First, in the dawn of time, with eastern swains,
In woods, and tents, and cottages, I liv'd;
While on from plain to plain they led their flocks, 5
In search of clearer spring, and fresher sield.
These, as increasing families disclos'd
The tender state, I taught an equal sway.
Few were offences, properties, and laws.
Beneath the rural portal, palm o'erspread, 10

The father-senate met. There Justice dealt,
With reason then and equity the same,
Free as the common air, her prompt decree;
Nor yet had stain'd her sword with subject's blood.
The simpler arts were all their simple wants 15

Had tirg'd to light. But instant, these supply'd,
Another set of fonder wants arose,
And other arts with them of siner aim;
Till, from resining want to want impell'd,
The mind by thinking push'd her latent powers, 20
And life began to glow, and aits to shinc.

At fust, on brutes alone the rustic war

I) 1 Laun

Launch'd the rude spear; swift, as he glar'd along.
On the grim lion, or the robber-wolf.
For then young sportive life was void of toil, s J

Demanding little, and with little pleas'd:
But when to manhood grown, and endless joys,
Led on by equal torls, the besom sir'd;
Lewd lazy rapine broke primæval peace,
And, hid in caves and idle forests drear, 30

From the lone pilgrim and the wandering swair,
Seiz'd what he durst not earn. Then brother's blood
First, horrid, sinoak'd on the polluted skies.
Aweful in justice, then the burning youth,
Led by their temper'd sires, on lawless men, 35

The last worst monsters of the shaggy wood,
Turn'd the keen arrow, and the sharpen'd spear.
Then war grew glorious. Heroes then arose;
Who, scorning coward self, for others liv'd,
Toil'd for their ease, and for their safety bled. 4c

West with the living day to Greece I came:
Earth sinil'd beneath my beam: the Mnse before
Sonorous flew, that low till then in woods
Had tun'd the reed, and sigh'd the shepherd's pain;
But now, to sing heroic deeds, she swell'd 45

A nobler note, and bade the banquet burn.
For Greece my sons of Egypt I forsook:
A boastful race, that in the vain abyss
Of fabling ages lov'd to lose their source,
And with their river trae'd it from the skies. 50

While there my laws alone despotic reign'd,
And king, as well as people^ proud obey'd;

-I taught

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