Rookwood: A Romance, Band 1

Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1834

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Seite 155 - Lay a garland on my hearse, Of the dismal yew; Maidens, willow branches bear; Say I died true: My love was false, but I was firm From my hour of birth. Upon my buried body lie Lightly, gentle earth!
Seite 45 - That pleasure was the chiefest good, (And was perhaps i' th' right, if rightly understood) His life he to his doctrine brought, And in a garden's shade that sovereign pleasure sought. Whoever a true epicure would be, May there find cheap and virtuous luxury.
Seite 134 - For when thou art angry all our days are gone; we bring our years to an end, as it were a tale that is told.
Seite 144 - And I can assure you, friend, there's a great deal of address and good manners in robbing a lady; I am the most a gentleman that way that ever travelled the road.
Seite 45 - Hence the sidelong walls Of shaven yew ; the holly's prickly arms Trimm'd into high arcades ; the tonsile box Wove, in mosaic mode of many a curl, Around the figur'd carpet of the lawn.
Seite 105 - And stain'd our honours, Thrown ink upon the forehead of our state, Which envious spirits will dip their pens into After our death and blot us in our tombs, For that which would seem treason in our lives Is laughter when we're dead: who dares now whisper That dares not then speak out, and e'en proclaim, With loud words and broad pens our closest shame?
Seite 31 - THE carrion crow is a sexton bold, He raketh the dead from out of the mould ; He delveth the ground like a miser old, Stealthily hiding his store of gold. Caw ! caw ! The carrion crow hath a coat of black, Silky and sleek, like a priest's, to his back ; Like a lawyer he grubbeth — no matter what way — The fouler the offal, the richer his prey. Caw .' caw ! the carrion crow ! Dig! dig! in the ground below .' The carrion crow hath a dainty maw, With savoury...
Seite 72 - ... tranquilly he departs, takes off his hat to his accommodating acquaintance, wishes him a pleasant journey, and disappears across the heath. England, sir, has reason to be proud of her highwaymen ! They are peculiar to her clime, and are as much before the brigand of Italy, the contrabandist of Spain, or the cut-purse of France — as her sailors are before all the rest of the world.
Seite 71 - Most undoubtedly,' replied Palmer, in the same grave tone, which might have passed for banter, had Jack ever bantered. 'I'll maintain and prove it. I don't see how he can be otherwise. It is as necessary for a man to be a gentleman before he can turn highwayman, as it is for a doctor to have his diploma, or an attorney his certificate. Some of the finest gentlemen of their day, as Captains Lovelace, Hind, Hannum, and Dudley, were eminent on the road, and they set the fashion.
Seite 65 - At what time soever a sinner repents him of his sins from the bottom of his heart, I will put all his wickedness out of my remembrance, saith the Lord.

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