Who's who in America, Band 1

John William Leonard, Albert Nelson Marquis
A.N. Marquis, 1899
Vols. 28-30 accompanied by separately published parts with title: Indices and necrology.

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Seite 13 - The Blue Grass Region and Other Sketches of Kentucky," "John Gray, a novel," "The Kentucky Cardinal," "Aftermath," 'A Summer in Arcady," "The Choir Invisible," "The Reign of Law," "The Mettle of the Pasture...
Seite 332 - The Investment of Influence; A Man's Value to Society; How the Inner Light Failed; Foretokens of Immortality.
Seite 5 - Davenport, la., 1851; grad. Iowa Coll., 1874 (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1878; LL. D., Iowa Coll., 1898); lecturer in Cornell and Univ. of Mich., 1880-7, also In Johns Hopkins. 1880-2; director Dlv.
Seite 235 - The Beginnings of New England; Civil Government in the United States; The War of Independence; The American Revolution; The Discovery of America; United States History for Schools; Life of Edward L.
Seite 175 - Case" of the United States before the tribunal of arbitration at Geneva, and of the intense feeling manifested by the British nation through the press and in Parliament and elsewhere on that subject, I have deemed this case worthy of specific and full report.
Seite 37 - Historical Introduction to Studies Among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico...
Seite 296 - Mrs. Merriam's Scholars," "His Level Best," "The Ingham Papers," " Ups and Downs," " Philip Nolan's Friends," " Fortunes of Rachel," "Four and Five," "Crusoe in New York," " Christmas Eve and Christmas Day," " Christmas in Narragansett," " Our Christmas in a Palace," " Sketches in Christian History," " Kansas and Nebraska,
Seite 352 - A Counterfeit Presentment; The Lady of the Aroostook; The Undiscovered Country: A Fearful Responsibility, and Other Tales; Dr. Breen's Practice; A Modern Instance; A Woman's Reason; Three Villages; The Rise of Silas Lapham...
Seite 161 - Entered Unitarian ministry (1877); settled at Madison, Wis. (1881-91), and built large Unitarian ch. there: established strong Unitarian congregation at Helena, Mont., 1891-7; since then at Ann Arbor; active In ed'l and philanthropic work. Author: Jesus Brought Back...
Seite 335 - Art of the World, illustrated in the paintings, .statuary and architecture of the World's Columbian Exposition,'

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