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To Joseph Hopper Nicholson, February 20th

Evidence against Adair.

To Wilson Cary Nicholas, February 28th .

Welcomes facts and opinions without reserve-Urges Nicho-

las's election to Congress Present House well disposed, but

lacks leaders.

To Robert Brent, March 1oth.

Consideration of act of Congress relating to city of Wash-


Circular Letter to the Governors of Kentucky, Ten-

nessee, Ohio, and Mississippi, March 21st

Condition of western side of the Mississippi-Militia Act

in relation to volunteers-Attack on Spanish possessions hinted

-Method of organizing troops.

To the United States Minister to Great Britain,

March 21st

Receipt of British treaty-Endeavor of Federal papers to

produce personal disagreement with Monroe-Jefferson's opin-
ion of treaty-Special objection to the eleventh article-Offers

Monroe governorship of New Orleans,

To the Secretary of War, March 29th

The position of officers involved in Burr's expedition-Special

case of Mead.

To the United States Minister to Spain, April 2d

Polygraph-British treaty-Little expectation of English jus-

tice-War of commercial restrictions suggested— Injustice and
perfidy of Spain--Good faith of the United States shown in

capture of Burr-Burr's trial at Richmond.

To the Secretary of State, April 14th

As to witnesses in Burr's trial.

To William Branch Giles, April 20th

Tricks of the judges in favor of Burr-Federalists making

Burr's cause their own-Complaints against action of adminis-
tration-Marshall's utterances—The people will amend the

error in our Constitution-Personal feelings as regards Burr.
To the Secretary of State, April 21st

Responsibility for the conduct of belligerents on American
coasts—Passport for Neimcewicz-Foreign seamen on Ameri-
can vessels---Best course in British negotiations.



To John Norvell, June 14th

No good elementary work on the organization of society into

civil government-What books to read on government—The
best English histories—How a newspaper should be conducted
-Commiserates newspaper readers—A man who never looks
into a newspaper better informed than he who reads them-
Possible reformation in press—He who pays for printing a

slander is its real author.

To James Sullivan, June 19th

Congratulations over election of Sullivan as governor of

Massachusetts-Closer relations between the state and national
executives—Advantage of uniformity in state proceedings-

Federalists completely vanquished—Proposed northern tour.

To Doctor Caspar Wistar, June 21st.

Education of grandson-Outline of desirable studies— Jeffer-

son's views on medicine - Fashion in medicine - Dry and

dreary waste of politics.

To the Secretary of War, June 22d

Outline of a letter for Wilkinson-In re Spanish Complaint

of Pike's conduct.

To the Secretary of the Treasury, June 25th

Capture of the Chesapeake frigate-Call for the Cabinet to


To the Governor of Virginia, June 29th

Chesapeake outrage-In doubt whether it is a cause for war

- Approves of conduct of governor.

Chesapeake Proclamation, July 2d

To the Vice-President of the United States, July 6th,

British outrage at New York—Measures adopted as regards

conduct of British ships-Outline of proclamation.

To the Secretary at War, July 7th

Conduct of British commanders in Chesapeake Bay-Blows

hourly possible — Desires Secretary's presence New York


To Thomas Cooper, July 9th

Life of Dr. Priestley-Expects republicans to schismatize-

Gross English insult-Principles influencing government.

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