The Papacy: An Encyclopedia, Band 1

Routledge, 2002 - 1780 Seiten
Contents - Acts of Peter; Africa and the Papacy; Alexander I-VIII; Animals; Antioch; Antipope; Apartments, Papal; Appeal to Pope; Artists, Foreign, in Rome; Assassination; Attempts against the Pope; Avignon (Papacy of); Banking and the Papacy; Beautification; Biretta, Cardinal's; Blessed Sword; Boniface I-X; Bull; Caius (or Gaius); Calender; Canon Law; Cardinal; Cardinal Nephew; Carnival; Castrati of the Papal Chapel; Catacombs; Censure; Canonical; Cinema, Popes and; Colosseum; Consistorial Advocate; Councils, Ecumenical; Crusades; Dante; Deacons; Deposition of a Pope; Dionysius; Dispensation; Easter-Date Controversies; Elections, Papal; Encyclical; Eugene I-IV; Evangelization; Ex Cathedra; Excavations in St. Peter's; Expective Grace; Fabian; Feasts of Papal Rome; Fisherman's Ring (Anulus Piscatoris); Flabellum; Forgeries; Freemasonry; Funerals; Furnishings; Games; Gentlemen of His Holiness; Gloves; Gospels, the, and Papal Power; Great Schism of the West (1348-1417); Gregory I-XVI; Guelphs; Habemus Papam; Hadrian I-VI; Helsinki; Heraldry; Heresies; Holy Roman Empire; Holy See or Apostolistic See; Humor; Image of Rome in Literature; Imprimatur; Incardination; Indulgences; Infallability; Innocent I-XIII; Jesuits; Joan (Pope); Jurisdictionalism; Keys; Kulturkampf; Laity (Middle Ages); Latinity; Leonine City; Letters to the Pope; Liberalism; Magisterium; Marxism and the Papacy; Mass, Papal; Master of the Sacred Place; Military Ordinariates; Missal, Tridentine; Missions; Modernism; Mosaics; Museums, Vatican; Napoleonic Empire and the Papacy; Navy, Papal; Nicholas I-V; Noble Guard; Nuncio; Oldest Daughter of the Church; Opus Dei; Oxford; Palatine; Papal Ceremonial; Papistry; Patronage, Papal; Paul I-VI; Penalities, Ecclesiastical; Persecutions; Peter's Pence; Photography; Plague and the Papacy; Popemobile; Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity; Quietism; Reform, Catholic; Regalia; Registers, Papal; Resignation; Rose, Golden; Sabinian; Saracens; Scriptor; Secret, Pontifical; See, Vacant and Impeded; Seminaries; Simony; Sistine Chapel; Social Documents; Swaddling Clothes, Consecrated; Synod of Bishops; Telephone; Theocracy, Papal (Middle Ages); Tiara; Tithe; Traveler's Views of Rome and the Vatican; Travels of John Paul II; Turks; Urban I-VIII; Ursinus; Vatican City State; Vatican Radio; Vestments; Veto; Vicariate, Apostolic; World War, Second; Zephyrinus.

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