The Lancet, Band 2

J. Onwhyn, 1859

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Seite 53 - which doth assign to each thing the kind; that which determineth the force and power; that which doth appoint the form and measure of working, the same, we term a LAW." If these be the true titles to the designation of law, the law of propagation
Seite 171 - The late Statute, 21 and 22 Victoria, cap. 90, sec. 31, enacts, that ' Every person registered under the Act shall be entitled, according to his qualification or qualifications, to practise Medicine or Surgery, or Medicine and Surgery, as the case may be, in any part of her Majesty's dominions.
Seite 127 - a physician, doctor of medicine, licentiate in medicine and surgery, bachelor of medicine, surgeon, general practitioner, or apothecary, or any name, title, addition, or description implying that he is registered under this Act, or that he
Seite 187 - whomsoever, save the informer who shall sue for the same, or any party aggrieved, in every such case, the same, if recovered or adjudged before any of the said magistrates, shall be recovered for, and adjudged to be paid to the said receiver for the time being, and not to any other person."
Seite 164 - the provisions of this Act ; and the absence of the name of any person from such copy shall be evidence, until the contrary be made to appear, that such person is not registered according to the provisions of this Act.
Seite 193 - A Degree in Arts of any University of the United Kingdom or the Colonies, or of such other Universities as may be specially recognised from time to time by the Medical Council ; Oxford Responsions or Moderations; Cambridge previous Examinations; Matriculation Examination of the University of London ; Oxford
Seite 175 - in all courts, and before all justices of the peace and others, that the persons therein specified are registered, and the absence of the name of any person from such copy shall
Seite 122 - be cured of the toothache. By Section 40 of the Medical Act it is enacted that ' ' Any person who shall wilfully and falsely pretend to be, or take or use the name or title of, a physician, surgeon,
Seite 227 - knee did not appear to cause suffering, but there was considerable difficulty in recovering the straight position of the limb, which is not to be wondered at, when it is considered that for twenty days it was more or less retained in the flexed position. In a smaller aneurism,
Seite 122 - shall, upon a summary conviction for any such offence, pay a sum not exceeding £20." But as the case was the first of the kind that had been proceeded with, and as he presumed it would be the first of

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