Bishop Parker's History of His Own Time: In Four Books

C. Rivington, 1727 - 425 Seiten

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Seite 282 - And this dominion at fea, is the fingular prerogative of the Kings of England ••> which makes them Arbitrators and Guardians of the peace of Europe. They have no occafion to extend their Empire into foreign Nations ; for conquefts beyond fea are not fecure, but always a burden and charge to the Kingdom. But the Lord of the ocean may rule beyond the bounds of his own dominion, from the rifing to the fetting of the fun. And tho...
Seite 152 - A gentleman adorned with all the virtues of Alcibiades, and untainted by any of his vices; of high birth, capable of any business, full of wisdom, a great commander at sea and land, and also learned and eloquent, affable, liberal, and magnificent.
Seite 157 - Tromp; •*« for thefe having mutually agreed to attack each other, not out " of hatred but a thirft of glory, they engaged with all the rage, «' or, as it were, with all the fport of war. They came fo clofe to " one another, that, like an army of foot, they fought at once
Seite 14 - God are in their throat, and two-edged swords are in their hands to execute punishment on the nations and rebuke upon the peoples, and to bind their kings in chains and their nobles in links of iron.
Seite 45 - to be good and virtuous in the first place, and then be as pious and as much devoted to religion as you will. No piety can bring any advantage to you or any one without probity of life and morals ; for God gives no reward to...
Seite 356 - French history seems to be so generally misunderstood as that occupied by the reigns of Henry the Second, Francis the Second, Charles the Ninth, and Henry the Third.
Seite 334 - Tyrant; but when he had a long time labour'd to squeeze out a panegyrick, he brought forth a satyr upon all rightful Kings; saying that Cromwell was the sun, but other Monarchs were slow bodies, slower than Saturn in their revolutions, and darting more hurtful rays upon the earth. That if each of their reigns were to be continued to the...
Seite 333 - ... was one whose name was Marvel. As he had liv'd in all manner of wickedness from his youth, so being of a singular impudence and petulancy of nature, he exercised the province of a Satyrist, for the use of the Faction, being not so much a Satyrist thro...
Seite 43 - God was confin'd within the cloifters and walls of the Church, but rather that a great part of it was converfant abroad in the world, and amongft focieties of men.
Seite 28 - ... commonly called the Act of Uniformity. By which law it was enacted that all clergymen should use only the Common Prayer in the public worship ; and unless they used it, they were to be deprived of all ecclesiastical benefices before the feast of St. Bartholomew. Moreover, they were to abjure the solemn League and Covenant; and renounce it as contrary to all the laws of God and nature, and this kingdom. The consequence of which must be, either the Presbyterian ministers would return into the peace...

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