Three years' travels throughout [!] the interior parts of North America, for more than five thousand miles: containing an account of the lakes, islands and rivers, cateracts, mountains, minerals, soil and vegetable productions of the north west regions of that vast continent; with a description of the birds, beasts, reptiles, insects, and fishes peculiar to the country

Published by Isaiah Thomas & Co., 1813 - 280 Seiten

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Seite 177 - ... that we were entirely encircled by the savages. We expected every moment that the guard, which the French, by the articles of capitulation, had agreed to allow us would have arrived, and put an end to our apprehensions; but none appeared.
Seite 206 - ... passion to her parents, who give him an invitation to come and live with them in their tent. He accordingly accepts the offer, and by so doing engages to reside in it for a whole year, in the character of a menial servant. During this time he hunts, and brings all the game he kills to the family; by which means the father has an opportunity of seeing whether he is able to provide for the support of his daughter and the children that might be the consequence of their union.
Seite 38 - Place, just as he was setting off for a winter's hunt. The French gentleman was surprised, one day, to see the Indian place the box which contained his god on the ground, and opening the door give...
Seite 38 - Monsieur told the Indian, whose simplicity astonished him, that he fancied he might wait long enough, when May arrived, for the arrival of his great Father. The Indian was so confident of his creature's obedience, that he offered to lay the Frenchman a wager of two gallons of rum, that at the time appointed he would come and crawl into his box.
Seite 177 - The morning after the capitulation was signed, as soon as day broke, the whole garrison, now consisting of about two thousand men, besides women and children, were drawn up within the lines, and on the point of marching off, when great numbers of the Indians gathered about, and began to plunder.
Seite 42 - This town is the great mart where all the adjacent tribes, and even those who inhabit the most remote branches of the Mississippi, annually assemble about the latter end of May, bringing with them their furs to dispose of to the traders.
Seite 182 - ... who had connived at it had thereby drawn down on that part of their king's dominions the vengeance of Heaven. To this he added, that he much feared the total loss of them would deservedly be the consequence. How truly this prediction has been verified we well know.
Seite 178 - French officers walking about at some distance, discoursing together with apparent unconcern. For the honor of human nature I would hope that this flagrant breach of every...
Seite 80 - the Great Spirit has deigned to hold a Talk with his servant at my earnest request. He has not, indeed, told me when the persons we expect will be here, but to-morrow, soon after the sun has reached his highest point in the heavens, a canoe will arrive, and the people in that will inform us when the traders will come.
Seite 29 - This they are enabled to do without the addition of any liquid, by the milk that flows from them; and when it is effected, they parcel it out into cakes, and, enclosing them in leaves of the basswoodtree, place them in hot embers, where they are soon baked. And better flavoured bread I never ate in any country.

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