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Rer. T. Adkins, Southampton.

- J. Alexander, Norwich.
- W. L. Alexander, D.D., Edinburgh.

HI. Allon, Islington.
J. Bennett, D.D., London,
T. Binney, London.
A. M. Brown, LL.D., Cheltenham.
J. Bulmer, near Ross.
H. P. Burder, D.D., London.
J. Burder, M.A., Bristol.
G. Clayton, Walworth.
J. Clayton, M.A., Brighton.
T. Craig, Bocking.
S. Curwen, Reading.
T. East, Glasgow.
W. Ellis, Mauritius.
R. Fletcher, Australia.
J. Glyde, Bradford. Yorkshire.
R. Halley, D.D., Manchester.
J. Harris, D.D., New College.
E. Henderson, D.D., East Sheen.
J. Pont, Brixton.
J. A. James, Birmingham.
J. Jefferson, Stoke Newington.
T. V. Jenkyn, D.D.
J. Kelly, Liverpool.
J. Kennedy, Stepney.
R. Knill, Chester.

W. Legg, B.A., Reading.
- J. Leifchild, D.D., Brighton.


Rev. J. Macfarlane, LL.D., Glasgow.

E. Mannering, London.
J. Morison, D.D., LL.D., London.
C. Morris, London,
J. Parsons, York.
R. Paterson, D.D., Edinburgh.
T. Raffles, D.D., LL.D., Liverpool.
G. Redford, D.D., LL.D., Worcester.

R. Redpath, London.
- A. Reed, D.D., London.
- J. Reynolds, Halstead.

H. R. Reynolds, Leeds.
J. Roberts, Wales.

H. Roper, Bristol.
-- J. Sherman, Blackheath.

J. Smart, D.D., Leith.
G. Smith, Poplar.
C, F. Steinkopff, D.D., London.
J. Stoughton, Kensington.
W. II. Stowell, D.D., Cheshunt College.
J. Stratten, London,
8. Thodey, Rodborough.

P. Thomson, M.A., Manchester.
- A. Tidman, D.D., London.
- H. Townley, Islington,

W. Urwick, D.D., Dublin.
R. Vaughan, D.D., Lancashire College.
M. Wilks, Cheltenham.
J. Young, M.A., London.

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The tastes of readers are very different in regard to the thing called a Preface. Some read it not at all, and others read nothing else. We complain grievously of both parties; of the one, for its disdainful prudery, and of the other, for its lack of sympathy with the toils of Editorship, to say nothing of its indifference to the means of self-culture, which we of course assume that we have supplied. Our best hopes are nourished by that class which reads both our Book and its Preface.

As our issues for the year are twelve, and our Preface is but one, may we not hope that, as in the case of a Queen's Speech, our little annual echo of our proceedings will be read by all our attached friends, though it may partake of some of the infirmities ordinarily attributed to the Royal programme of a parliamentary session ?

The responsible conductors of the EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE cannot but congratulate themselves and the Christian church upon the fact, that this popular organ of Catholic-Protestant Nonconformity has entered three months upon the SIXTY-SECOND YEAR of its existence, without any vital change of the original grand principles on which it was established, by a circle of men who deserve to be had in everlasting remembrance.

Though the supply of Religious Periodicals has increased beyond all the calculations of our forefathers, it is matter of devout thankfulness, that the oldest of them all but one, holds on its way with increasing tokens of public favour, and Divine approbation. The kind efforts of Pastors, Churches, Associations, and private Christians, have kept up the sales of 1854 beyond the expectations of the Trustees, and without, it is hoped, injury to any similar organ for the religious instruction of the people. Our maxim has always been, “ to live and let live," and experience has convinced us that our only hope of preserving the high standing which Divine Providence has conferred on us, is to keep up and improve the character of the work.

We can look with a measure of satisfaction, blended with humility, at the labours of the year. Some of the best Christian writers of the day have contributed to our pages; and articles in Biography, Christian Theology, General Criticism, and Practical Pjety, might be referred to as of standard value.

The struggle to preserve the old landmarks of Christian truth, in opposition to the revived errors and speculations of former times, has been, we may say,

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