The Florist, Fruitist, and Garden Miscellany, Band 6

"Florist" office, 1856

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Seite 120 - I look upon the pleasure which we take in a garden, as one of the most innocent delights in human life. A garden was the habitation of our first parents before the fall. It is naturally apt to fill the mind with calmness and tranquillity, and to lay all its turbulent passions at rest. It gives us a great insight into the contrivance and wisdom of Providence, and suggests innumerable subjects for meditation. I cannot but think the very complacency and satisfaction which a man takes in these works...
Seite 8 - Hessian crucibles ; porcelain, or queen's ware evaporating basins ; a Wedgewood pestle and mortar ; some filters made of half a sheet of blotting paper, folded so as to contain a pint of liquid, and greased at the edges ; a bone knife, and an apparatus for collecting and measuring aeriform fluids.
Seite 234 - I placed one peck of oyster-shell lime under each tree, and left it piled about the trunk until November, during which time the drought was excessive. In November the lime was dug in thoroughly. The following year I collected from these trees...
Seite 234 - I scraped all the rough bark from the stems of several thousand trees in my orchards, and washed all the trunks and limbs within reach with soft soap ; trimmed out all the branches that crossed each other early in June, and painted the wounded part with white lead, to exclude moisture and prevent decay. I then, in the latter part of the same month, slit the bark by running a sharp-pointed knife from the ground to the first set of limbs, which prevents the tree from becoming barkbound, and gives the...
Seite 123 - These spiders," says De Geer, " spin in the water a cell of strong, closely woven, white silk in the form of half the shell of a pigeon's egg, or like a diving-bell. This is sometimes left partly above water, but at others is entirely submersed, and is always attached to the objects near it by a great number of irregular threads.
Seite 234 - For several years past I have been experimenting on the apple, having an orchard of 2,000 bearing Newtown Pippin trees. I found it very unprofitable to wait for what is termed the ' bearing year,' and it has been my aim to assist nature, so as to enable the trees to bear every year. I have noticed that from the excessive productiveness of this tree, it. requires the intermediate year to recover itself1 — to extract from the earth and the atmosphere the materials to enable it to produce again.
Seite 234 - I sold for three dollars and three-quarters per barrel ot thirty-two gallons, exclusive of the barrel. In October I manured trees with stable manure in which the ammonia had been fixed, and covered this immediately with earth. The succeeding autumn they were literally bending to the ground with the finest fruit I ever saw, while the other trees in my orchard not so treated were quite barren, the last season having been their bearing year.
Seite 296 - it was my good fortune to meet with it beyond a range of mountains running in a southwestern direction from the Rocky Mountains towards the sea, and terminating at the Cape Orford of Vancouver. It grows sparingly upon low hills, and the undulating country east of the range of mountains just mentioned, where the soil consists entirely of pure sand, and in appearance is incapable of supporting vegetation. Here it attains its greatest size, and perfects its fruit in most abundance.
Seite 8 - The instruments required for the analysis of Soils are few, and but little expensive. They are, a balance capable of containing a quarter of a pound of common soil, and capable of turning when loaded with a grain ; a set of weights from a quarter of a pound...
Seite 8 - Manchester, and compare it with what it was at the close of the last and the commencement of the present century, we shall find that at that period the useful and industrial arts were comparatively of little importance.

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