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Jenson society, Printed for members only, 1904

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Seite xliii - At the usual evening hour the chapel bell began to toll, and Thomas Newcome's hands outside the bed feebly beat time. And just as the last bell struck a peculiar sweet smile shone over his face, and he lifted up his head a little, and quickly said, 'Adsum!
Seite 89 - FIRST — cried my uncle Toby, setting his hand upon his side THE SECOND — cried my uncle Toby, waving his tobacco-pipe, as he would have done his sword at the head of a regiment. — The corporal went through his manual with exactness; and having honoured his father and mother, made a low bow, and fell back to the side of the room. Every thing in this world, said my father, is big with jest, — and has wit in it, and instruction too, — if we can but find it out.
Seite 136 - Honour, replied the Corporal, is too much concerned. — Shall I pour your Honour out a glass of sack to your pipe ? Do, Trim, said my uncle Toby. I remember...
Seite 91 - ... tis thou who enlargest the soul, — and openest all its powers to receive instruction and to relish virtue. — He that has thee has little more to wish for ; — and he that is so wretched as to want thee, — wants every thing with thee.
Seite 40 - The descent of the hat was as if a heavy lump of clay had been kneaded into the crown of it. — Nothing could have expressed the sentiment of mortality, of which it was the type and fore-runner, like it, — his hand seemed to vanish from under it, — it fell dead, — the corporal's eye fixed upon it, as upon a corpse, — and Susannah burst into a flood of tears.
Seite 141 - The sun looked bright the morning after, to every eye in the village but Le Fever's and his afflicted son's; the hand of death pressed heavy upon his eye-lids, and hardly could the wheel at the cistern turn round its circle, — when my uncle Toby, who had...
Seite 131 - ... twill be enough to give your honour your death, and bring on your honour's torment in your groin. I fear so, replied my uncle Toby ; but I am not at rest in my mind, Trim, since the account the landlord has given me. — I wish I had not known so much of this affair, — added my uncle Toby, — or that I had known more of it: — How shall we manage it?
Seite 38 - Are we not here now, continued the Corporal (striking the end of his stick perpendicularly upon the floor, so as to give an idea of health and stability) ; — and are we not...
Seite 125 - IT was some time in the summer of that year in which Dendermond was taken by the allies,-— which was about seven years before my father came into the country, — and about as many after the time that my uncle Toby and Trim had privately decamped from my father's house in town, in order to lay some of the finest sieges to some of the finest fortified cities in Europe ; —when my uncle. Toby was one evening getting his supper, with Trim sitting behind him at a small sideboard...
Seite 133 - I thought, said the curate, that you gentlemen of the army, Mr. Trim, never said your prayers at all. I heard the poor gentleman say his prayers last night, said the landlady, very devoutly, and with my own ears, or I could not have believed it. Are you sure of it? replied the curate. A soldier, an...

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