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Call back the Cupids to your eyes,
I see the godlings with surprize
Not knowing home in such a plight,
Fly to and fro, afraid to light.-

Far from my theme, from method far,
Convey'd in Venus' flying car,
I go compell’d by feather'd steeds,
That scorn the rein when Delia leads.

No dawb of elegiac strain
These holy walls shall ever ftain;
As spiders Irish wainscot filee,
Falfhood with them shall disagree :
This floor let not the vulgar tread,
Who worship only what they dread;
Nor bigots who but one way fee
Through blinkers of authority;
Nor they who its four faints defame
By making virtue but a name;
Nor abstract wit, (painful regale
To hunt the pig with slippery tail !)
Artists who richly chase their thought,
Gaudy without but hollow wrought,
And beat too thin, and tool'd too much
To bear the proof and standard touch;
Nor fops to guard this filvan ark
With necklace bells in treble bark;
Nor Cynics growl and fiercely paw,
The mastiffs of the moral law.



Come Nymph with rural honours drest,
Virtue's exterior form confeft,
With charms untarnish'd, innocence
Display, and Eden shall commence :
When thus you come in sober fit,
And wisdom is prefer'd to wit;
And looks diviner graces tell,
Which don't with giggling muscles dwell;
And beauty like the ray-clipt fun,
With bolder eye we look upon;
Learning shall with obsequious mien
Tell all the wonders she has seen;
Reason her logic armour quit,
And proof to mild persuafion fit;
Religion with free thought dispense,
And cease crusading against fense ;
Philosophy and she embrace,
And their first league again take place;
And morals pure, in duty bound,
Nymph-like the sister chiefs surround;
Nature shall lile, and round this cell
The turf to your light pressure swell,
And knowing beauty by her shoe,
Well air its carpet from the dew.
The Oak, while you his umbrage deck
Lets fall his acorns in


neck : Zephyr his civil kiffes gives, And plays with curls, instead of leaves :



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Birds, seeing you, believe it spring,
And during their vacation fing;
And flow'rs lean forward from their seats
To traffic in exchange of sweets;
And angels bearing wreaths descend,
Preferr'd as vergers to attend
This fane, whose deity intreats
The Fair to



O kindly view our letter'd strife,
And guard us through polemic life;
From poison vehicled in praise,
For satire's shots but slightly graze ;
We claim your zeal, and find within,
Philosophy and you are kin,

What Virtue is we judge by you,
For actions right are beauteous too :
By tracing the sole female mind,
We best what is true Nature find;
Your vapours bred from fumes declare,
How streams create tempestuous air,
Till gushing tears and hafty rain
Make heaven and you serene again:
Our travels through the starry skies
Were first suggested by your eyes ;
We by the interposing fan,
Learn how eclipfes first began;
The vast ellipse from Scarbro's home,
Describes how blazing comets roam;

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The glowing colours of the cheek
Their origin from Phoebus speak;
Our watch how Luna strays above
Feels like the care of jealous love;
And all things we in science know

known love for riddles Aow.
Father! forgive, thus far I stray,
Drawn by attraction from my way.
Mark next with awe, the foundress well
Who on these banks delights to dwell ; .
You on the terrass see her plain,
Move like Diana with her train.
If you then fairly speak your mind,
In wedlock fince with Ifis join'd,
You'll own, you never yet did see,
At leaft in such a high degree,
Greatness delighted to undress;
Science a scepter'd hand caress;
A queen the friends of freedom prize ;
A woman wise men canonize.

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The BEE, the ANT, and the SPARROW :


Address’d to Phebe and Kitty C. at Boarding School.


Y dears, 'tis said in days of old,

That beasts cou'd talk, and birds could scold.
But now it seems the human race
Alone engross the speaker's place.
Yet lately, if report be true,
(And much the tale relates to you)
There met a Sparrow, Ant, and Bee,
Which reason'd and convers'd as we.

Who reads my page will doubtless grant
That Phe's the wise industrious Ant.
And all with half an eye may see
That Kitty is the busy Bee.
Here then are two but where's the third ?
Go search your school, you'll find the Bird.
Your school! I ak your pardon fair,
I'm sure you'll find no Sparrow there.

Now to my tale-One summer's morn
A Bee rang’d o'er the verdant lawn i


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