Abbildungen der Seite

Sec. 274. Cruise missile defense initiative. Sec. 275. Modification to university research

initiative support program. Sec. 276. Manufacturing technology pro

gram. Sec. 277. Five-year plan for consolidation of

defense laboratories and test

and evaluation centers. Sec. 278. Limitation on T-38 avionics up

grade program. Sec. 279. Global Positioning System. Sec. 280. Revision of authority for providing

Army support for the National
Science Center for Communica-

tions and Electronics.

MAINTENANCE Subtitle A-Authorization of Appropriations Sec. 301. Operation and maintenance fund

ing. Sec. 302. Working capital funds. Sec. 303. Armed Forces Retirement Home. Sec. 304. Transfer from National Defense

Stockpile Transaction Fund. Sec. 305. Civil Air Patrol.

Subtitle B-Depot-Level Activities Sec. 311. Policy regarding performance of

depot-level maintenance and repair for the Department of De

fense. Sec. 312. Management of depot employees. Sec. 313. Extension of authority for aviation

depots and naval shipyards to engage in defense-related pro

duction and services. Sec. 314. Modification of notification re

quirement regarding use of core

logistics functions waiver. Subtitle C-Environmental Provisions Sec. 321. Revision of requirements for agree

ments for services under envi

ronmental restoration program. Sec. 322. Addition of amounts creditable to

Defense Environmental Res

toration Account. Sec. 323. Use of Defense Environmental Res

toration Account. Sec. 324. Revision of authorities relating to

restoration advisory boards. Sec. 325. Discharges from vessels of the

Armed Forces. Subtitle D-Commissaries and Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Sec. 331. Operation of commissary system. Sec. 332. Limited release of commissary

stores sales information to manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors doing business with Defense Commissary

Agency. Sec. 333. Economical distribution of distilled

spirits by nonappropriated fund

instrumentalities. Sec. 334. Transportation by commissaries

and exchanges to overseas loca

tions. Sec. 335. Demonstration project for uniform

funding of morale, welfare, and recreation activities at certain

military installations. Sec. 336. Operation of combined exchange

and commissary stores. Sec. 337. Deferred payment programs

of military exchanges. Sec. 338. Availability of funds to offset ex

penses incurred by Army and Air Force Exchange Service on account of troop reductions in

Europe. Sec. 339. Study regarding improving effi

ciencies in operation of military exchanges and other morale, welfare, and recreation ac

tivities and commissary stores. Sec. 340. Repeal of requirement to convert

ships' stores to nonappropriated fund instrumentalities.

Sec. 341. Disposition of excess morale, wel

fare, and recreation funds. Sec. 342. Clarification of entitlement to use

of morale, welfare, and recreation facilities by members of reserve components and de

pendents. Subtitle E-Performance of Functions by

Private-Sector Sources Sec. 351. Competitive procurement of print

ing and duplication services. Sec. 352. Direct vendor delivery system for

consumable inventory items of

Department of Defense. Sec. 353. Payroll, finance, and accounting

functions of the Department of

Defense. Sec. 354. Demonstration program to identify

overpayments made to vendors. Sec. 355. Pilot program on private operation

of defense dependents' schools. Sec. 356. Program for improved travel proc

ess for the Department of De

fense. Sec. 357. Increased reliance on private-sec

tor sources for commercial

products and services. Subtitle F-Miscellaneous Reviews, Studies,

and Reports Sec. 361. Quarterly readiness reports. Sec. 362. Restatement of requirement for

semiannual reports to Congress on transfers from high-priority

readiness appropriations. Sec. 363. Report regarding reduction of costs

associated with contract man

agement oversight. Sec. 364. Reviews of management of inven

tory control points and Material Management Standard Sys

tem. Sec. 365. Report on private performance of

certain functions performed by

military aircraft. Sec. 366. Strategy and report on automated

information systems of Depart

ment of Defense.

Subtitle G-Other Matters Sec. 371. Codification of Defense Business

Operations Fund. Sec. 372. Clarification of services and prop

erty that may be exchanged to benefit the historical collection

of the Armed Forces. Sec. 373. Financial management training. Sec. 374. Permanent authority for use of

proceeds from the sale of certain lost, abandoned, or un

claimed property. Sec. 375. Sale of military clothing and sub

sistence and other supplies of

the Navy and Marine Corps. Sec. 376. Personnel services and logistical

support for certain activities

held on military installations. Sec. 377. Retention of monetary awards. Sec. 378. Provision of equipment and facili

ties to assist in emergency re

sponse actions. Sec. 379. Report on Department of Defense

military and civil defense pre-
paredness to respond to emer-
gencies resulting from a chem-
ical, biological, radiological, or

nuclear attack.


Subtitle A-Active Forces Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces. Sec. 402. Temporary variation in DOPMA

authorized end strength limitations for active duty Air Force and Navy officers in certain

grades. Sec. 403. Certain general and flag officers

awaiting retirement not to be counted.

Subtitle B-Reserve Forces Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve. Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on ac

tive duty in support of the Re

serves. Sec. 413. Counting of certain active compo

nent personnel assigned in support of reserve component

training Sec. 414. Increase in number of members in

certain grades authorized to serve on active duty in support

of the Reserves. Sec. 415. Reserves on active duty in support

of cooperative threat reduction

programs not to be counted. Sec. 416. Reserves on active duty for mili

tary-to-military contacts and comparable activities not to be

counted. Subtitle C-Military Training Student Loads Sec. 421. Authorization of training student

loads. Subtitle D-Authorization of Appropriations Sec. 431. Authorization of appropriations for

military personnel. Sec. 432. Authorization for increase in ac

tive-duty end strengths. TITLE V-MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY

Subtitle A-Officer Personnel Policy Sec. 501. Joint officer management. Sec. 502. Retired grade for officers in grades

above major general and rear

admiral. Sec. 503. Wearing of insignia for higher

grade before promotion. Sec. 504. Authority to extend transition pe

riod for officers selected for

early retirement. Sec. 505. Army officer manning levels. Sec. 506. Authority for medical department

officers other than physicians to be appointed as Surgeon

General. Sec. 507. Deputy Judge Advocate General of

the Air Force. Sec. 508. Authority for temporary pro

motions for certain Navy lieu

tenants with critical skills. Sec. 509. Retirement for years of service of

Directors of Admissions of Mili

tary and Air Force academies. Subtitle B-Matters Relating to Reserve

Components Sec. 511. Extension of certain Reserve offi

cer management authorities. Sec. 512. Mobilization income insurance pro

gram for members of Ready Re

serve. Sec. 513. Military technician full-time sup

port program for Army and Air

Force reserve components. Sec. 514. Revisions to Army Guard Combat

Reform Initiative to include Army Reserve under certain provisions and make certain re

visions. Sec. 515. Active duty associate unit respon

sibility. Sec. 516. Leave for members of reserve com

ponents performing public safe

ty duty. Sec. 517. Department of Defense funding for

National Guard participation in joint disaster and emergency

assistance exercises. Subtitle C-Decorations and Awards Sec. 521. Award of Purple Heart to persons

wounded while held as prisoners

of war before April 25, 1962. Sec. 522. Authority to award decorations

recognizing acts of valor performed in combat during the

Vietnam conflict. Sec. 523. Military intelligence personnel pre

vented by secrecy from being considered for decorations and awards.

Sec. 524. Review regarding upgrading of Dis

tinguished-Service Crosses and Navy Crosses awarded to AsianAmericans and Native American Pacific Islanders for World

War II service. Sec. 525. Eligibility for Armed Forces Expe

ditionary Medal based upon

service in El Salvador. Sec. 526. Procedure for consideration of

military decorations not pre-
viously submitted in timely

Subtitle D-Officer Education Programs

Sec. 531. Revision of service obligation for

graduates of the service acad

emies. Sec. 532. Nominations to service academies

from Commonwealth of the

Northern Marianas Islands. Sec. 533. Repeal of requirement for athletic

director and nonappropriated fund account for the athletics programs at the service acad

emies. Sec. 534. Repeal of requirement for program

to test privatization of service

academy preparatory schools. PART II-RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS Sec. 541. ROTC access to campuses. Sec. 542. ROTC scholarships for the National

Guard. Sec. 543. Delay in reorganization of Army

ROTC regional headquarters

structure. Sec. 544. Duration of field training or prac

tice cruise required under the

Senior ROTC program. Sec. 545. Active duty officers detailed to

ROTC duty at senior military colleges to

serve as Commandant and Assistant Commandant of Cadets and as tac

tical officers. Subtitle E-Miscellaneous Reviews, Studies,

and Reports Sec. 551. Report concerning appropriate

forum for judicial review of Department of Defense personnel

actions. Sec. 552. Comptroller General review of pro

posed Army end strength allo

cations. Sec. 553. Report on manning status of highly

deployable support units. Sec. 554. Review of system for correction of

military records. Sec. 555. Report on the consistency of re

porting of fingerprint cards and final disposition forms to the Federal Bureau of Investiga


Subtitle F-Other Matters Sec. 561. Equalization of accrual of service

credit for officers and enlisted

members. Sec. 562. Army Ranger training. Sec. 563. Separation in cases involving ex

tended confinement. Sec. 564. Limitations on reductions in med

ical personnel. Sec. 565. Sense of Congress concerning per

sonnel tempo rates. Sec. 566. Separation benefits during force re

duction for officers of commissioned corps of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis

tration. Sec. 567. Discharge of members of the Armed

Forces who have the HIV-1

virus. Sec. 568. Revision and codification of Mili

tary Family Act and Military

Child Care Act. Sec. 569. Determination of whereabouts and

status of missing persons.

Sec. 570. Associate Director of Central Intel

ligence for Military Support. Subtitle G-Support for Non-Department of

Defense Activities Sec. 571. Repeal of certain civil-military

programs. Sec. 572. Training activities involving sup

port and services for eligible organizations and activities out

side the Department of Defense. Sec. 573. National Guard civilian youth op

portunities pilot program. Sec. 574. Termination of funding for Office

of Civil-Military Programs in Office of the Secretary of De



Subtitle A-Pay and Allowances Sec. 601. Military pay raise for fiscal year

1996. Sec. 602. Limitation on basic allowance for

subsistence for members residing without dependents in Gov

ernment quarters. Sec. 603. Election of basic allowance for

quarters instead of assignment

to inadequate quarters. Sec. 604. Payment of basic allowance for

quarters to members in pay grade E-6 who are assigned to

sea duty. Sec. 605. Limitation on reduction of variable

housing allowance for certain

members. Sec. 606. Clarification of limitation on eligi

bility for family separation al

Subtitle B-Bonuses and Special and

Incentive Pays
Sec. 611. Extension of certain bonuses for re-

serve forces. Sec. 612. Extension of certain bonuses and

special pay for nurse officer candidates, registered nurses,

and nurse anesthetists. Sec. 613. Extension of authority relating to

payment of other bonuses and

special pays. Sec. 614. Codification and extension of spe

cial pay for critically short wartime health specialists in

the Selected Reserves. Sec. 615. Hazardous duty incentive pay for

warrant officers and enlisted members serving as air weapons

controllers. Sec. 616. Aviation career incentive pay. Sec. 617. Clarification of authority to pro

vide special pay for nurses. Sec. 618. Continuous entitlement to career

sea pay for crew members of

ships designated as tenders. Sec. 619. Increase in maximum rate of spe

cial duty assignment pay for
enlisted members serving as re-

Subtitle C-Travel and Transportation

Sec. 621. Repeal of requirement regarding

calculation of allowances on

basis of mileage tables. Sec. 622. Departure allowances. Sec. 623. Transportation of nondependent

child from member's station overseas after loss of dependent

status while overseas. Sec. 624. Authorization of dislocation allow

ance for moves in connection with base realignments and clo

sures. Subtitle D-Retired Pay, Survivor Benefits,

and Related Matters Sec. 631. Effective date for military retiree

cost-of-living adjustments for fiscal years 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Sec. 632. Denial of non-regular service re

tired pay for Reserves receiving certain court-martial sen

tences. Sec. 633. Report on payment of annuities for

certain military surviving

spouses. Sec. 634. Payment of back quarters and sub

sistence allowances to World War II veterans who served as guerilla fighters in the Phil

ippines. Sec. 635. Authority for relief from previous

overpayments under minimum

income widows program. Sec. 636. Transitional compensation for de

pendents of members of the Armed Forces separated for de

pendent abuse.

Subtitle E-Other Matters Sec. 641. Payment to survivors of deceased

members for all leave accrued. Sec. 642. Repeal of reporting requirements

regarding compensation mat

ters. Sec. 643. Recoupment of administrative ex

penses in garnishment actions. Sec. 644. Report on extending to junior non

commissioned officers privileges provided for senior non

commissioned officers. Sec. 645. Study regarding joint process for

determining location of recruit

ing stations. Sec. 646. Automatic maximum coverage

under Servicemen's Group Life

Insurance. Sec. 647. Termination of Servicemen's Group

Life Insurance for members of the Ready Reserve who fail to


Subtitle A-Health Care Services Sec. 701. Modification of requirements re

garding routine physical examinations and immunizations

under CHAMPUS. Sec. 702. Correction of inequities in medical

and dental care and death and disability benefits for certain

Reserves. Sec. 703. Medical care for surviving depend

ents of retired Reserves who die

before age 60. Sec. 704. Medical and dental care for mem

bers of the Selected Reserve assigned to early deploying units

of the Army Selected Reserve. Sec. 705. Dental insurance for members of

the Selected Reserve. Sec. 706. Permanent authority to carry out

specialized treatment facility

program. Subtitle B-TRICARE Program Sec. 711. Definition of TRICARE program. Sec. 712. Priority use of military treatment

facilities for persons enrolled in

managed care initiatives. Sec. 713. Staggered payment of enrollment

fees for TRICARE program. Sec. 714. Requirement of budget neutrality

for TRICARE program to be

based on entire program. Sec. 715. Training in health care manage

ment and administration for

TRICARE lead agents. Sec. 716. Pilot program of individualized res

idential mental health services. Sec. 717. Evaluation and report on TRICARE

program effectiveness. Sec. 718. Sense of Congress regarding access

to health care under TRICARE program for covered beneficiaries who are medicare eligible.

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Subtitle C-Uniformed Services Treatment

Facilities Sec. 721. Delay of termination of status of

certain facilities as Uniformed

Services Treatment Facilities. Sec. 722. Limitation on expenditures to sup

port Uniformed Services Treat

ment Facilities. Sec. 723. Application of CHAMPUS payment

rules in certain cases. Sec. 724. Application of Federal Acquisition

Regulation to participation agreements with Uniformed

Services Treatment Facilities. Sec. 725. Development of plan for inte

grating Uniformed Services Treatment Facilities in managed care programs of Depart

ment of Defense. Sec. 726. Equitable implementation of uni

form cost sharing requirements for Uniformed Services Treat

ment Facilities. Sec. 727. Elimination of unnecessary annual

reporting requirement regarding Uniformed Services Treat

ment Facilities. Subtitle D-Other Changes to Existing Laws

Regarding Health Care Management Sec. 731. Maximum allowable payments to

individual health-care providers

under CHAMPUS. Sec. 732. Notification of certain CHAMPUS

covered beneficiaries of loss of

CHAMPUS eligibility. Sec. 733. Personal services contracts for

medical treatment facilities of

the Coast Guard. Sec. 734. Identification of third-party payer

situations. Sec. 735. Redesignation of Military Health

Care Account as Defense Health Program Account and two-year availability of certain account

funds. Sec. 736. Expansion of financial assistance

program for health-care professionals in reserve components

to include dental specialties. Sec. 737. Applicability of limitation on

prices of pharmaceuticals pro

cured for the Coast Guard. Sec. 738. Restriction on use of Department

of Defense facilities for abor


Subtitle E-Other Matters Sec. 741. Triservice nursing research. Sec. 742. Termination of program to train

military psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medica

tions. Sec. 743. Waiver of collection of payments

due from certain persons unaware of loss of CHAMPUS eli

gibility. Sec. 744. Demonstration program to train

military medical personnel in

civilian shock trauma units. Sec. 745. Study regarding Department of De

fense efforts to determine appropriate force levels of war

time medical personnel. Sec. 746. Report on improved access to mili

tary health care for covered beneficiaries entitled to medi

care. Sec. 747. Report on effect of closure of

Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Colorado, on provision of care to military personnel, retired military personnel, and

their dependents. Sec. 748. Sense of Congress on continuity of

health care services for covered beneficiaries adversely affected by closures of military medical treatment facilities.

Sec. 749. State recognition of military ad

vance medical directives. TITLE VIII-ACQUISITION POLICY, ACQUI


Subtitle A-Acquisition Reform Sec. 801. Inapplicability of limitation on ex

penditure of appropriations to contracts at or below simplified

acquisition threshold. Sec. 802. Authority to delegate contracting

authority. Sec. 803. Quality control in procurements of

critical aircraft and ship spare

parts. Sec. 804. Fees for certain testing services. Sec. 805. Coordination and communication

of defense research activities. Sec. 806. Addition of certain items to domes

tic source limitation. Sec. 807. Encouragement of use of leasing

authority. Sec. 808. Cost reimbursement rules for indi

rect costs attributable to private sector work of defense con

tractors. Sec. 809. Subcontracts for ocean transpor

tation services. Sec. 810. Prompt resolution of audit rec

ommendations. Sec. 811. Test program for negotiation of

comprehensive subcontracting

plans. Sec. 812. Procurement of items for experi

mental or test purposes. Sec. 813. Use of funds for acquisition of de

signs, processes, technical data,

and computer software. Sec. 814. Independent cost estimates for

major defense acquisition pro

grams. Sec. 815. Construction, repair, alteration,

furnishing, and equipping of

naval vessels.

Subtitle B-Other Matters Sec. 821. Procurement technical assistance

programs. Sec. 822. Defense facility-wide pilot pro

gram. Sec. 823. Treatment of Department of De

fense cable television franchise

agreements. Sec. 824. Extension of pilot mentor-protege


Subtitle A-General Matters Sec. 901. Organization of the Office of the

Secretary of Defense. Sec. 902. Reduction in number of Assistant

Secretary of Defense positions. Sec. 903. Deferred repeal of various statu

tory positions and offices in Of

fice of the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 904. Redesignation of the position of As

sistant to the Secretary of De

fense for Atomic Energy. Sec. 905. Joint Requirements Oversight

Council. Sec. 906. Restructuring of Department of De

fense acquisition organization

and workforce. Sec. 907. Report on Nuclear Posture Review

and on plans for nuclear weapons management in event of abolition of Department of En

ergy. Sec. 908. Redesignation of Advanced Re

search Projects Agency. Subtitle B-Financial Management Sec. 911. Transfer authority regarding funds

available for foreign currency

fluctuations. Sec. 912. Defense Modernization Account. Sec. 913. Designation and liability of dis

bursing and certifying officials.

Sec. 914. Fisher House trust funds.
Sec. 915. Limitation on use of authority to

pay for emergency and extraor

dinary expenses.

Subtitle A-Financial Matters
Sec. 1001. Transfer authority.
Sec. 1002. Incorporation of classified annex.
Sec. 1003. Improved funding mechanisms for

unbudgeted operations. Sec. 1004. Operation Provide comfort. Sec. 1005. Operation Enhanced Southern

Watch. Sec. 1006. Authority for obligation of certain

unauthorized fiscal year 1995

defense appropriations. Sec. 1007. Authorization of prior emergency

supplemental appropriations

for fiscal year 1995. Sec. 1008. Authorization reductions to re

flect savings from revised eco

nomic assumptions. Subtitle B-Naval Vessels and Shipyards Sec. 1011. Iowa class battleships. Sec. 1012. Transfer of naval vessels to cer

tain foreign countries. Sec. 1013. Contract options for LMSR ves

sels. Sec. 1014. National Defense Reserve Fleet. Sec. 1015. Naval salvage facilities. Sec. 1016. Vessels subject to repair under

phased maintenance contracts. Sec. 1017. Clarification of requirements re

lating to repairs of vessels. Sec. 1018. Sense of Congress concerning

naming of amphibious ships. Sec. 1019. Sense of Congress concerning

naming of naval vessel. Sec. 1020. Transfer of riverine patrol craft.

Subtitle C-Counter-Drug Activities Sec. 1021. Revision and clarification of au

thority for Federal support of drug interdiction and counterdrug activities of the National


Subtitle D-Civilian Personnel Sec. 1031. Management of Department of De

fense civilian personnel. Sec. 1032. Conversion of military positions

to civilian positions. Sec. 1033. Elimination of 120-day limitation

on details of certain employees. Sec. 1034. Authority for civilian employees

of Department of Defense to participate voluntarily in re

ductions in force. Sec. 1035. Authority to pay severance pay

ments in lump sums. Sec. 1036. Continued health insurance cov

erage. Sec. 1037. Revision of authority for appoint

ments of involuntarily separated military reserve techni

cians. Sec. 1038. Wearing of uniform by National

Guard technicians. Sec. 1039. Military leave for military reserve

technicians for certain duty

overseas. Sec. 1040. Personnel actions involving em

ployees of nonappropriated fund

instrumentalities. Sec. 1041. Coverage of nonappropriated fund

employees under authority for flexible and compressed work

schedules. Sec. 1042. Limitation on provision of over

seas living quarters allowances for nonappropriated fund in

strumentality employees. Sec. 1043. Elections relating to retirement

coverage. Sec. 1044. Extension of temporary authority

to pay civilian employees with respect to the evacuation from Guantanamo, Cuba.


Subtitle E-Miscellaneous Reporting

Requirements Sec. 1051. Report on fiscal year 1997 budget

submission regarding Guard

and reserve components. Sec. 1052. Report on desirability and feasi

bility of providing authority for use of funds derived from recovered losses resulting from con

tractor fraud. Sec. 1053. Report on national policy on pro

tecting the national information infrastructure against

strategic attacks. Sec. 1054. Report on Department of Defense

boards and commissions. Sec. 1055. Date for submission of annual re

port on special access pro

grams. Subtitle F-Repeal of Certain Reporting and

Other Requirements and Authorities Sec. 1061. Miscellaneous provisions of law. Sec. 1062. Reports required by title 10,

United States Code. Sec. 1063. Reports required by defense au

thorization and appropriations

Sec. 1064. Reports required by other provi-

sions of law.
Subtitle G-Department of Defense

Education Programs
Sec. 1071. Continuation of Uniformed Serv-

ices University of the Health

Sciences. Sec. 1072. Additional graduate schools and

programs at Uniformed Services University of the Health

Sciences. Sec. 1073. Funding for adult education pro

grams for military personnel and dependents outside the

United States. Sec. 1074. Assistance to local educational

agencies that benefit dependents of members of the Armed Forces and Department of De

fense civilian employees. Sec. 1075. Sharing of personnel of Depart

ment of Defense domestic dependent schools and defense de

pendents' education system. Sec. 1076. Increase in reserve component

Montgomery GI Bill educational assistance allowance with respect to skills or specialties for which there is a

critical shortage of personnel. Sec. 1077. Date for annual report on reserve

component Montgomery GI Bill educational assistance pro

gram. Sec. 1078. Scope of education programs of

Community College of the Air

Force. Sec. 1079. Amendments to education loan re

payment programs.

Subtitle H-Other Matters Sec. 1081. National defense technology and

industrial base, defense reinvestment, and defense conver

sion programs. Sec. 1082. Ammunition industrial base. Sec. 1083. Policy concerning excess defense

industrial capacity. Sec. 1084. Sense of Congress concerning ac

cess to secondary school student information for recruiting

purposes. Sec. 1085. Disclosure of information con

cerning unaccounted for United States personnel from the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam era,

and the Cold War. Sec. 1086. Operational support airlift air

craft fleet. Sec. 1087. Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

Sec. 1088. Damage or loss to personal prop

erty due to emergency evacuation extraordinary cir

cumstances. Sec. 1089. Authority to suspend or terminate

collection actions against de

ceased members. Sec. 1090. Check cashing and exchange

transactions for dependents of United States Government per

sonnel. Sec. 1091. Designation of National Maritime

Center. Sec. 1092. Sense of Congress regarding his

toric preservation of Midway

Islands. Sec. 1093. Sense of Senate regarding Federal

spending. Sec. 1094. Extension of authority for vessel


JUSTICE Sec. 1101. Short title. Sec. 1102. References to Uniform Code of

Military Justice.

Subtitle A-Offenses Sec. 1111. Refusal to testify before court

martial. Sec. 1112. Flight from apprehension. Sec. 1113. Carnal knowledge.

Subtitle B-Sentences Sec. 1121. Effective date for forfeitures of

pay and allowances and reductions in grade by sentence of

court-martial. Sec. 1122. Required forfeiture of pay and al

lowances during confinement. Sec. 1123. Deferment of confinement.

Subtitle C-Pretrial and Post-Trial Actions Sec. 1131. Article 32 investigations. Sec. 1132. Submission of matters to the con

vening authority for consider

ation. Sec. 1133. Commitment of accused to treat

ment facility by reason of lack of mental capacity or mental


Subtitle D-Appellate Matters Sec. 1141. Appeals by the United States. Sec. 1142. Repeal of termination of authority

for Chief Justice of United States to designate Article III judges for temporary service on Court of Appeals for the Armed


Subtitle E-Other Matters Sec. 1151. Advisory Committee on criminal

law jurisdiction over civilians accompanying the Armed Forces in time of armed con

flict. Sec. 1152. Time after accession for initial in

struction in the Uniform Code

of Military Justice. Sec. 1153. Technical amendment. TITLE XII-COOPERATIVE THREAT RE

DUCTION WITH STATES OF FORMER SOVIET UNION Sec. 1201. Specification of Cooperative

Threat Reduction programs. Sec. 1202. Fiscal year 1996 funding alloca

tions. Sec. 1203. Prohibition on use of funds for

peacekeeping exercises and re

lated activities with Russia. Sec. 1204. Revision to authority for assist

ance for weapons destruction. Sec. 1205. Prior notice to Congress of obliga

tion of funds. Sec. 1206. Report on accounting for United

States assistance. Sec. 1207. Limitation on assistance to nu

clear weapons scientists of

former Soviet Union. Sec. 1208. Limitations relating to offensive

biological warfare program of Russia.

Sec. 1209. Limitation on use of funds for

chemical weapons destruction


Subtitle A-Peacekeeping Provisions
Sec. 1301. Limitation on use of Department

of Defense funds for United
States share of costs of United
Nations peacekeeping activi-

Subtitle B-Humanitarian Assistance

Sec. 1311. Overseas humanitarian, disaster,

and civic aid programs.
Sec. 1312. Humanitarian assistance.
Sec. 1313. Landmine clearance program.
Subtitle C-Arms Exports and Military

Sec. 1321. Defense export loan guarantees.
Sec. 1322. National security implications of

United States export control

policy. Sec. 1323. Department of Defense review of

export licenses for certain bio

logical pathogens. Sec. 1324. Annual reports on improving ex

port control mechanisms and

on military assistance. Sec. 1325. Report on personnel requirements

for control of transfer of cer

tain weapons. Subtitle D-Burdensharing and Other Coop

erative Activities Involving Allies and

NATO Sec. 1331. Accounting for burdensharing con

tributions. Sec. 1332. Authority to accept contributions

for expenses of relocation within host nation of United States

Armed Forces overseas. Sec. 1333. Revised goal for allied share of

costs for United States installa

tions in Europe. Sec. 1334. Exclusion of certain forces from

European end strength limita

tion. Sec. 1335. Cooperative research and develop

ment agreements with NATO

organizations. Sec. 1336. Support services for the Navy at

the port of Haifa, Israel.

Subtitle E-Other Matters Sec. 1341. Prohibition on financial assist

ance to terrorist countries. Sec. 1342. Judicial assistance to the Inter

national Tribunal for Yugoslavia and to the International

Tribunal for Rwanda. Sec. 1343. Semiannual reports concerning

United States-People's Republic of China Joint Defense Con

version Commission. TITLE XIV-ARMS CONTROL MATTERS Sec. 1401. Revision of definition of landmine

for purposes of landmine export

moratorium. Sec. 1402. Reports on moratorium on use by

Armed Forces of antipersonnel

landmines. Sec. 1403. Extension and amendment of

counterproliferation authori

ties. Sec. 1404. Limitation on retirement or dis

mantlement of strategic nu

clear delivery systems. Sec. 1405. Sense of Congress on ABM treaty

violations. Sec. 1406. Sense of Congress on ratification

of Chemical Weapons Conven

tion and START II Treaty. Sec. 1407. Implementation of arms control

agreements. Sec. 1408. Iran and Iraq arms nonprolifera




AMENDMENTS Sec. 1501. Amendments related to Reserve

Officer Personnel Management

Act. Sec. 1502. Amendments reflect name

change of Committee on Armed Services of the House of Rep

resentatives. Sec. 1503. Miscellaneous amendments to

title 10, United States Code. Sec. 1504. Miscellaneous amendments to an

nual defense authorization

Acts. Sec. 1505. Miscellaneous amendments to

other laws. Sec. 1506. Coordination with other amend



ARMS SAFETY Sec. 1601. Short title. Subtitle A-Establishment and Operation of

Corporation Sec. 1611. Establishment of the Corporation. Sec. 1612. Conduct of Civilian Marksmanship

Program. Sec. 1613. Eligibility for participation in Ci

vilian Marksmanship Program. Sec. 1614. Issuance, loan, and sale of fire

arms and ammunition by the

Corporation. Sec. 1615. Transfer of firearms and ammuni

tion from the Army to the Cor

poration. Sec. 1616. Reservation by the Army of fire

arms and ammunition for the

Corporation. Sec. 1617. Army logistical support for the

program. Sec. 1618. General authorities of the Cor

poration. Sec. 1619. Distribution of Corporate assets in

event of dissolution. Subtitle B-Transitional Provisions Sec. 1621. Transfer of funds and property to

the Corporation. Sec. 1622. Continuation of eligibility for cer

tain civil service benefits for former Federal employees of Ci

vilian Marksmanship Program. Sec. 1623. Certification of completion of

transition. Sec. 1624. Repeal of authority for conduct of

Civilian Marksmanship Pro


AUTHORIZATIONS Sec. 2001. Short title.

TITLE XXI-ARMY Sec. 2101. Authorized Army construction

and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2102. Family housing. Sec. 2103. Improvements to military family

housing units. Sec. 2104. Authorization of appropriations,


TITLE XXII-NAVY Sec. 2201. Authorized Navy construction and

land acquisition projects. Sec. 2202. Family housing. Sec. 2203. Improvements to military family

housing units. Sec. 2204. Authorization of appropriations,

Navy. Sec. 2205. Revision of fiscal year 1995 author

ization of appropriations to clarify availability of funds for large anechoic chamber facility, Patuxent River Naval War

fare Center, Maryland. Sec. 2206. Authority to carry out land acqui

sition project, Hampton Roads,

Virginia. Sec. 2207. Acquisition of land, Henderson

Hall, Arlington, Virginia.

Sec. 2208. Acquisition or construction of

military family housing in vi

cinity of San Diego, California.

TITLE XXIII-AIR FORCE Sec. 2301. Authorized Air Force construction

and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2302. Family housing. Sec. 2303. Improvements to military family

housing units. Sec. 2304. Authorization of appropriations,

Air Force. Sec. 2305. Retention of accrued interest on

funds deposited for construction of family housing, Scott

Air Force Base, Illinois. TITLE XXIV-DEFENSE AGENCIES Sec. 2401. Authorized Defense Agencies con

struction and land acquisition

projects. Sec. 2402. Military family housing private

investment. Sec. 2403. Improvements to military family

housing units. Sec. 2404. Energy conservation projects. Sec. 2405. Authorization of appropriations,

Defense Agencies. Sec. 2406. Limitations on use of Department

of Defense Base Closure AC

count 1990. Sec. 2407. Modification of authority to carry

out fiscal year 1995 projects. Sec. 2408. Reduction in amounts authorized

to be appropriated for fiscal
year 1994 contingency construc-

tion projects.

Sec. 2501. Authorized NATO construction

and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2502. Authorization of appropriations,


Sec. 2001. Authorized Guard and Reserve

construction and land acquisi

tion projects. Sec. 2602. Reduction in amount authorized

to be appropriated for fiscal year 1994 Air National Guard

Projects. Sec. 2603. Correction in authorized uses of

funds for Army National Guard

projects in Mississippi. TITLE XXVII-EXPIRATION AND

EXTENSION OF AUTHORIZATIONS Sec. 2701. Expiration of authorizations and

amounts required to be speci

fied by law. Sec. 2702. Extension of authorizations of cer

tain fiscal year 1993 projects. Sec. 2703. Extension of authorizations of cer

tain fiscal year 1992 projects. TITLE XXVIII-GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A-Military Housing Privatization

Initiative Sec. 2801. Alternative authority for con

struction and improvement of

military housing. Sec. 2802. Expansion of authority for limited

partnerships for development of

military family housing. Subtitle B-Other Military Construction Pro

gram and Military Family Housing Changes Sec. 2811. Special threshold for unspecified

minor construction projects to correct life, health, or safety

deficiencies. Sec. 2812. Clarification of scope of unspec

ified minor construction au

thority. Sec. 2813. Temporary authority to waive net

floor area limitation for family housing acquired in lieu of construction.

Sec. 2814. Reestablishment of authority to

waive net floor area limitation on acquisition by purchase of certain military family hous

ing. Sec. 2815. Temporary authority to waive

limitations on space by pay grade for military family hous

ing units. Sec. 2816. Rental of family housing in for

eign countries. Sec. 2817. Clarification of scope of report re

quirement on cost increases under contracts for military

family housing construction. Sec. 2818. Authority to convey damaged or

deteriorated military family

housing. Sec. 2819. Energy and water conservation

savings for the Department of

Defense. Sec. 2820. Extension of authority to enter

into leases of land for special

operations activities. Sec. 2821. Disposition of amounts recovered

as a result of damage to real

property. Sec. 2822. Pilot program to provide interest

rate buy down authority on
loans for housing within hous-
ing shortage areas at military

Subtitle C-Defense Base Closure and

Sec. 2831. Deposit of proceeds from leases of

property located at installa

tions being closed or realigned. Sec. 2832. In-kind consideration for leases at

installations to be closed or re

aligned. Sec. 2833. Interim leases of property ap

proved for closure or realign

ment. Sec. 2834. Authority to lease property re

quiring environmental remediation

at installations approved for clo

sure or realignment. Sec. 2835. Final funding for Defense Base

Closure and Realignment Com

mission. Sec. 2836. Exercise of authority delegated by

the Administrator of General

Services. Sec. 2837. Lease back of property disposed

from installations approved for

closure or realignment. Sec. 2838. Improvement of base closure and

realignment process regarding

disposal of property. Sec. 2839. Agreements for certain services at

installations being closed. Sec. 2840. Authority to transfer property at

military installations to be closed to persons who construct or provide military

family housing. Sec. 2841. Use of single base closure authori

ties for disposal of property and facilities at Fort Holabird,

Maryland. Subtitle D-Land Conveyances Generally

PART I-ARMY CONVEYANCES Sec. 2851. Transfer of jurisdiction, Fort Sam

Houston, Texas. Sec. 2852. Transfer of jurisdiction, Fort

Bliss, Texas. Sec. 2853. Transfer of jurisdiction and land

conveyance, Fort Devens Military Reservation, Massachu

setts. Sec. 2854. Modification of land conveyance,

Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sec. 2855. Land exchange, Fort Lewis, Wash

ington. Sec. 2856. Land exchange Army Reserve

Center, Gainesville, Georgia.

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