Social Psychology Alive

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Steven Breckler, James Olson, and Elizabeth Wiggins want to bring social psychology alive for students. They know that the only way to do this is for students to experience social psychology themselves. From the inception of the Social Psychology Alive project, the book, workbook, online labs, and video were developed in tandem, so each component would work seamlessly with the other components to help students recognize social psychological phenomena in the world around them. The book presents a mix of classic and contemporary research in an accessible writing style that emphasizes the relevance of the findings to students' own lives. In the workbook, students are given activities that apply the principles; in Social Psychology Labs Online, students actually participate in social psychology experiments and thereby experience the research process of social psychologists; in the video, students see examples of social psychology in everyday life and listen to conversations with famous social psychologists. Each element of the package makes the course more active and the concepts more alive for students, so they come to appreciate how social psychology advances our understanding of social behavior.
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Introducing Social Psychology
The Methods of Social Psychology
Social Cognition Thinking About People
Social Perception Perceiving the Self and Others
The Person in the Situation SelfConcept Gender and Dispositions
Attitudes and Social Behavior
Attitude Change
Conformity Compliance and Obedience
Aggression and Violence
Helpful Social Behavior
Liking Loving and Close Relationships
Social Psychology in Your Life
Developing a Measure of a Social Psychological Construct
Author Index

Stereotypes Prejudice and Discrimination
Group Dynamics and Intergroup Conflict

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Über den Autor (2005)

Jim Olson received his M.A. in Social Psychology at Carleton University, and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from University of Waterloo. His research focuses on the area of social cognition and attitudes and attitude change, and he was the editor of JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY for several years.

Elizabeth Wiggins earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Johns Hopkins and her J.D. from the University of Maryland. Elizabeth currently works as an applied social psychologist for the Federal Judicial Center advising the judges on social psychological matters such as the use of technology in evidence. She also worked with the Kosovo Government and United Nations Mission in Kosovo setting up the Kosovo Court System.

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