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DECEMBER, 1840, 8 MARCH, 1841.





Printed by Will

ES and Soxa,
Stamford Street.




I.--1. Eloquence of the United States. Compiled by E. B.


2. Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry.

By William Wirt, of Richmond, Virginia.

3. Orations and Speeches on various occasions. Ву

Edward Everett.

4. Speeches and Forensic Arguments.

By Daniel


• 1

II.- Report from the Select Committee on Medical Education,

with the Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix. Part I.

Royal College of Physicians, London. Part II. Royal

College of Surgeons, London. Part III. Society of

Apothecaries, London. Printed by order of the House

of Commons, 1834


III.-Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Bishop of Llandaff 79

IV.-1. Reports of the Committee of the House of Lords on the

State of Ireland. 1839.

2. Reports of the Committees of the Houses of Lords and

Commons. 1822, 1824, 1825.

3. Reports of the Committee of the House of Lords on

Tithes in Ireland. 1832.

4. L'Irelande; Sociale, Politique, et Religieuse. Par

Gustave de Beaumont.

5. Ireland in 1834. By Henry D. Inglis.

6. Ribbonism in Ireland; or Report of the Trial of Richard


7. A Digest of Evidence before Committees of both Houses

of Parliament. By the Rev. W. Phelan and the Rev.

M. O'Sullivan.

8. Romanism as it Rules in Ireland. By the Rev. Mor-

timer O'Sullivan and the Rev. Robert J. M'Ghee.

9. Historical Sketch of the late Catholic Association of

Ireland. By Thomas Wyse, Esq., jun.

10. Tales and Stories of the Irish Peasantry. By William


11. Journal of a Tour in Ireland in 1835.

12. Selection from the Evidence before the Irish Poor

Inquiry Commission.

13. History of the Policy of the Church of Rome. By the

Rev. W. Phelan

- 117


V.-1. On the Employment of Children in Factories and other

Works in the United Kingdom and in some foreign

Countries. By Leonard Horner, F.R.S., Inspector of


2. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee

on the Act for the Regulation of Mills and Factories 171

VI.-1. The Rod and the Gun; being two Treatises on Angling

and Shooting. By James Wilson, F.R.S.E., and by the

Author of The Oakleigh Shooting Code.'

2. The Moor and the Loch. By John Colquhoun.

3. Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and Miseries of

Fishing, &c. By Richard Penn, F.R.S.


VII.-1. A Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Claims of the

Church of Scotland in regard to its Jurisdiction ; and on

the proposed Changes in its Polity. By John Hope,

Esq., Dean of Faculty.

2. Remarks on the present Position of the Church of

Scotland. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D.

3. The Speech of the Right Honourable the Earl of Aber-

deen in the House of Lords on Tuesday, May 5, 1840.

4. The Earl of Aberdeen’s Correspondence with the Rev.

Dr. Chalmers and the Secretaries of the Non-Intrusion

Committee, 1840.

5. What ought the Church and the People of Scotland to

do now? By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. and LL.D.

6. An humble Attempt to put an end to the present Divi-

sions in the Church of Scotland, and to promote her

Usefulness. By the Rev. Lewis Rose, A.M., Minister of

the Duke Street Gaëlic Church, Glasgow


VIII.-1. England's Threatened War with the World.

2. Progress and present Position of Russia in the East.

3. Mehemet Ali-Lord Palmerston-Russia-and France.

By William Cargill, Esq.

4. Proposed Impeachment of Lord Palmerston. Reports

of two Public Meetings held at Carlisle and Newcastle-

upon-Tyne upon the Foreign Relations of the Country,

and the Collusive and Treasonable Concert asserted to

exist between the Foreign Minister and Russia.

5. Reasons for demanding Investigation into the Charges

against Lord Palmerston. By R. Monteith, Esq.

6. Cairo, Petra, and Damascus, in 1839, with Remarks on

the Government of Mehemet Ali, and on the present

Position of Syria. By John G. Kinnear, Esq.

7. The Life of Mehemet Ali

- 253

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