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Clause 1.

An Amendment proposed, in page 1, line 18, at the end, to add the words "but this sub-section shall not apply in the case of any borough the population of which according to the published returns of the census taken in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-one was fifty thousand or upwards "-(Sir Douglas Newton).-Question put, "That those words be there added."-The Committee divided:

[blocks in formation]

New Clause ("Amendment of 3 and 4 Geo. 5, c. 19 ") brought up, and read the first time as follows:

"The Local Government (Adjustments) Act, 1913, shall have effect as if in paragraph (2) of Part II.

of the Schedule to that Act for the words 'the average annual increase of burden multiplied by fifteen' there were substituted the following words: 'the average annual increase of burden multiplied

(a) so far as that increase of burden is attributable to the cost of maintenance of roads, by twenty-one; and

(b) in other cases, by fifteen'"-(Sir Kingsley Wood).

Question, "That the Clause be read a second time,"put, and agreed to.

An Amendment made, in line 1, after the figures "1913," by inserting the words "in its application to any adjustments consequent on an alteration of boundaries or other change effected after the passing of this Act"-(Sir Kingsley Wood).

Clause, as amended, added to the Bill.

Ordered To Report the Bill, as amended, to the House.

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Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,
14th December, 1926.


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[Thursday, 11th February, 1926] :-Local Legislation Committee, Ordered, That the Committee of Selection do nominate a Committee, not exceeding Fifteen Members, to be called the Local Legislation Committee, to whom shall be committed all Private Bills promoted by municipal and other local authorities by which it is proposed to create powers relating to Police, Sanitary, or other Local Government regulations in conflict with, deviation from, or excess of the provisions of the general law.

Ordered, That Standing Orders 119, 150, and 173a apply to all such Bills.

Ordered, That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records.

Ordered, That Four be the quorum.

Ordered, That if the Committee shall report to the Committee of Selection that any Clauses of any Bill referred to them (other than Clauses containing Police, Sanitary, or other Local Government regulations) are such as, having regard to the terms of reference, it is not in their opinion necessary or advisable for them to deal with, the Committee of Selection shall thereupon refer the Bill to a Select Committee, who shall consider those Clauses and so much of the Preamble of the Bill as relates thereto, and shall determine the expenditure (if any) to be authorised in respect of the parts of the Bill referred to them. That the Committee shall deal with the remaining Clauses of such Bill, and so much of the Preamble as relates thereto, and shall determine the period and mode of repayment of any money authorised by the Select Committee to be borrowed and shall report the whole Bill to the House, stating in their Report what parts of the Bill have been considered by each Committee.

Ordered, That the Committee have power, if they so determine, to sit as two Committees, and in that event to apportion the Bills referred to the Committee between the two Committees, each of which shall have the full powers of and be subject to the instructions which apply to the undivided Committee, and that Four be the quorum of each of the two Committees.(Secretary Sir William Joynson-Hicks.)

The cost of printing and publishing this Report is estimated by the Stationery Office at £34 38, 8d.

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