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—Projects of invasion—Proclamation of Admiral Bruix—

Rebellion in Ireland—Naval force and power of Great Bri-

tain—Disposition of the squadrons—Captain Winthorp de-

stroys a French frigate—Loss of the Shannon on the coast of

France—Of the Apollo and her convoy on the coast of Por-

tugal—Capture and recapture of Goree—Mr. Pitt's motion

in the house of commons on naval defence—Captain Wolfe

destroys two French corvettes—Capture of La Blonde—

Conspiracy of Moreau and Pichegru—Death of the Duke

D'Enghien—Capture of the Vincejo, and murder of Captain

Wright—Intrigues of Napoleon, which led to the seizure

of Spanish treasures—Bombardment of French ports—Cap-

ture of three Spanish frigates—Destruction of the Mercedes

—Death of the family of Alvear—War with Spain—Account

of treasure—Captain Henniker attacks flotilla—Loss of the

Veuerable Page 296


Gallant action of the Pigot Indiaman—Capture of the Vengeur

and Resolue, by Captain Mitchell, who soon after defeats a

squadron of French frigates—Successful stratagem of Captain

Lennox, wrjp saves five valuable Indiamen from capture by

Rear-admiral Sercey—The Company's ship Phoenix captures

a French privateer—Blockade of Batavia—Captaiu Collier's

action with La Fleche—Vice-admiral Rainier occupies the

Portuguese settlements—Accounts reach Bombay of the pro-

bability of a renewal of the war—British naval force in India

—Arrival of Rear-admiral Linois—Admiral Rainier refuses to

deliver up Pondicherry—Linois sajls in the night—News of

the war reaches India—Linois attacks Bencoolen—Meets

with the China fleet off Pulo A'or, and after a short action

quits them—Anecdote of Captain Meriton—Munificence of

the East India Company—Gallant action of Captain H. Lam-

bert—Action between Centurion and Marengo—Captain

. Lambert in the St. Fiorehzo takes the Psyche—Admiral

Rainier returns from India with the richest fleet ever remem-


son—Death of LaToucheTreville—Boat expedition toHieres-

bay—French fleet puts to sea from Toulon—List of British

fleet—Nelson's thirdvoyage to Egypt—His reasons for going—

French fleet puts back to Toulon—Nelson to the gulf of Palma

—Gallant action of Arrow and Acheron—Capture of their

convoy—Dey of Algiers dismisses British vice-consul—Gan-

theaume attempting to sail, is driven back by Lord Gardner—

Villeneuve sails about the same time, and escapes—Is seen

and pursued— His force and destination—Missiessy and the

Rochefort squadron—Proceedings of Villeneuve—He raises

the blockade of Cadiz—Is reinforced by seven sail of the line

—Destination changed—He goes to the West Indies—Napo-

leon's three naval expeditions—He determines to take St.

Helena—Affairs of the West Indies—Boats of the Tartar and

Blanche—Commodore Hood fortifies the Diamond Rock—

Action between the Osprey and Egyptienne—Between Egyp-

tienne and Hippomanes—Commodore Hood and Sir Charles

Green take Surinam—Arrival of the despatches—Bona-

parte resolves to regain the colonies—Honourable Sir A.

Cochrane goes from Ferrol in pursuit of Missiessy, who ar-

rives at Martinique—Attacks Dominica, Nevis, St. Kitts, and

Montserrat—Relieves the city of St. Domingo, and returns to

Europe—Villeneuve—His route—Instructions—Orders to

victual at Gibraltar—Magon, with four sail of the line, sails

to join Villeneuve—Nelson, with the British fleet, in chase of

the French—Victuals in Lagos-bay—Arrives at Barbadoes—

Takes Lieutenant-general Sir W. Myers on board, and sails

for Trinidad—Visits other islands, and goes to Antigua—

Lands the troops—Sends home the Curieux with despatches

—Particulars of the recapture of the Diamond Rock—Nelson

hears of Villeneuve, and ascertains that he has sailed for Eu-

rope—Follows him—Arrives off Cape St. Vincent—Length of

the chase—He goes to Gibraltar to refit—Letters to Colling-

wood—Sails again—Joins the Channel fleet—Is ordered to

Portsmouth—Arrival there • • • • • Page 392


Nelson reappointed to command the Mediterranean fleet, sails
in the Victory—Writes to Collingwood—Arrives off Cape
St. Mary's — Arrangements — Departure of Rear-admiral
Louis and five sail of the line for Gibraltar—Junction of five
others from England—Sir Robert Calder parts company
for England—The combined fleets in Cadiz appear to be
coming out—Preparations to receive them—The British fleet
steers for the Straits of Gibraltar—Last interview between
Nelson and Collingwood—The 21st of October—Forces of
the contending fleets—Error which induced Villeneuve to
sail—Nelson's order of attack—His appearance on deck,
dress, and decorations—Prayer—Preparatory arrangements—
The immortal signal, " England expects," &c.—The com-
bined fleet veer at a quarter before eight o'clock—The action
begins by the Royal Sovereign—Slaughter on board the lead-
ing ships, Victory and Temeraire—on board of Redoutable
and Fougeux—Advantage of small arms in tops rejected by
Nelson—He falls wounded—His orders—Last moments and
death—His character—Anecdotes—Redoutable is taken—
View of the conduct of Collingwood in the Royal Sovereign
—Destructive fire on the Santa Anna—She surrenders—The
battle ends with a great victory—Nineteen sail of the line
taken—Dumanoir escapes with four sail of the line—Graviua
runs with the remainder of the fleet into Cadiz—Villeneuve
made prisoner—Reflections on his conduct by French writers
—Observations on his death made by Bonaparte — Gross
falsehoods and publications in French journals—Official and
correct statements by Admiral Collingwood—His public let-
ters—List of killed and wounded—Names of flag-officers of
the enemy — Anecdotes relative to the action and its suc-
ceeding events—Sequel to the battle of Trafalgar—Distin-
guished conduct of Captain Malcolm of the Donegal—Cap-
ture of El Rayo—Situation of Admiral Collingwood—Extract
from Gibraltar Chronicle—Sinking of the Santissima Trini-
dad—Junction of Admiral Louis's squadron—Loss of the

Donegal's officers and men in the Rayo—Conduct of Admiral

Alava—Collingwood's letter to him—Letter of Captain Hal-

lowell to Captain Infernet—The Victory joins the fleet and

proceeds to Spithead—Funeral of Nelson—Honours and re-

wards to Collingwood and his officers—Grant of money in

compensation for prizes—Patriotic fund—Capture of Du-

manoir and his squadron by Sir Richard Strachan—Particulars

—Public letters, and official returns -Page 436


North America.—Action between Cleopatra and Ville de Milan

—Capture and recapture of the Cleopatra, and capture of the

Milan by the Leander—Lieutenant Pigot, of the Cambrian,

enters the river St. Mary's, and takes merchantmen.

West Indies—Action between Curieux and Dame Emouf—

Action between Renard and General Emouf—Capture of the

Blanche by a French squadron—Capture of two of that

squadron by the Goliath.

Cape of Good Hope.—Second reduction of that colony by the

British forces, under the command of Captain Sir Home Pop-

ham and Major- general Sir David Baird Page 506


Desperate effort of Napoleon in the West Indies with the

Rochefort squadron—Keats and the Superb—Sir John Duck-

worth sails for and arrives off Cadiz—Hears of the Rochefort

squadron, and goes in pursuit of it—List of ships which ac-

companied him—He falls in with it, chases, and is compelled

to quit, and rejoin his own ships—Sends home despatches—

Orders the Powerful to the East Indies, and steers for Bar-

Wloes—Arrives there—Goes to St. Kitt's—Joins Sir A.

Cochrane and hears of the enemy—Activity and zeal of Cap-

tain N. D. Cochrane—Sir J. Duckworth goes in pursuit and

falls in with the enemy—Battle of St. Domingo—Capture of

three ships of the line—Destruction of two others—Letter of

Sir J. Duckworth—Official returns—Remarks—Rewards to

the officers—Conclusion Page 519

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